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    Sirius Tuner Installation Help

    OK.... I've got everything installed, except for making the electrical connections. I'm still confused as to what wires to use. All of the wire harness diagrams I've seen don't match up to what's in my truck. I'd love to be able to splice into the trip computer's wire harness.... But not...
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    Sirius Tuner Installation Help

    Thanks for the reply.... Did you tap into the cigarette lighter in the dash next to the headunit, or the "accessory plug" near the front passanger's foot well? And you only attached the negative wire and the "switched" positive, correct? Bob
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    Sirius Tuner Installation Help

    A newbe question for you... I'm looking to install this in my 2000 Eddie Bauer and attach it to my factory headunit (MACH Audio): It the SIRIUS SC-FM1 Starbase unit. Anybody install one of these...