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    IPOD with a converter for my 98?

    It should plug in on the back of the h/u. I had an Aux/Pod and it just plugged into the back between the harness and the H/u. I then took power and ground off the cigarette lighter since it was handy. I recently upgraded to an aftermarket h/u, So if you want, I'll sell the Aux/pod to you. It...
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    Yet another weird idea

    I agree with you. I decided on the 10in because... well... I'm compensating. :) It was the biggest one they sold so that was the one I wanted without thinking how it would look. I like the looks of the 8 better. thanks for the help. Ray
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    Yet another weird idea

    ok, 8in it is. More backspacing makes the wheel stick out more from car right? or does it fit in the fender more?
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    Yet another weird idea

    I've decided that I want to go with a vintage theme for the Explorer (I didn't plan it that way. It just seems every cosmetic piece I've ordered is from older trucks. Ford emblem from a 30's truck. V8 emblems from a 40's ect.) So I was thinking reproduction wheels and decided on Magnum 500s like...
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    Build me a pursuit vehicle (AWD V8)

    Has anyone tried swapping the supercharged V8 from a Lightning? It would make a good persuit vehicle out of an Explorer. And in general a really cool project.
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    35's on stock ex!!!!!!

    Actually, the tractor puller look might be kinda cool. Remember back in the 80's when people would raise the back end of their cars and put huge wheels in back. It would kinda look like that. Get some pics up. lets see it!
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    Would these work?

    By the way, thanks for the info.
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    Would these work?

    I know, that's why I wanted them. Oh well. it was worth a shot. I think they would have looked cool on a second gen.
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    Would these work?

    Ok, I know they are rough, but picture them polished with dark grey or flat black on the low spots. The reason I'm asking if they will work on my Explorer is because he gives a really weird measurement for the lug size. Thanks for your help, and if they don't fit, does anyone know if...
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    are silverstars white or blue?

    As far as installing them, its pretty simple. just unplug and remove the plastic "retaining cap" around the bulb (it unscrews) and remove the old light. Install the new light in reverse and your set. Whatever you do, DON'T TOUCH THE BULB!!! The oils from your hands will get on the glass and...
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    How to Adjust Bumper Angle?

    Instead of cutting up things, could you just put a "wedge" style spacer behind the bumper to correct the angle? It would be an easy fix and wouldn't involve cutting that couldn't be undone.
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    are silverstars white or blue?

    I installed mine about a month ago and I am very happy with them. I can't see any blue in the light housing when on, or in the light cast on the road. The lights didn't seem to be much brighter than stock, but what impressed me was the clarity and detail that they show. They seem to show...
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    Expedition running boards

    Thats what I was thinking. Oh well. Thanks anyway.
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    my semi show ex

    I like the exhaust! It's cool to see something different and unexpected on a vehicle. Hopefully in the next month or so I'll be ordering a billet grill and I'm looking for a unique looking antique Ford emblem to put on it. Like his exhaust, it will be different, but it will look cool and not...
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    SOB Sombody will die

    I understand scratching paint. (I think it should be punishable by a scarlet letter I V tattooed on their forehead for "Idiot Vandal") But how would someone scratch the glass? I always thought it would just break. Anyway, sounds to me like you have a coward that isn't happy with you. It pisses...
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    Expedition running boards

    I like the looks of Explorer Express' lighted, Expedition-style running boards and I think that's what I'll go with. My question is. could I put the boards from an Expedition on an Explorer. A lot of times aftermarket items fit a variety of applications so direct replacement boards on an...
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    Explorer tank swap?

    I have a mind like a steel trap as well: Rusty and illegal in some states. :)
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    Exhaust cut-outs

    410's right. I started this thread to see what everyone thought about the cut-outs. After posting this thread I heard a 5.0 mustang with cutouts installed (screw-on type, not electric) And liked the sound. It was a little loud but the system I thought of will remedy that. Each of us has our own...
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    Spark Plugs

    Instead of fighting a bunch off extensions and universal joints. Try getting a plug socket with the wrench lugs on the end. (ours is a 3/8 in. drive Snap-on but I'm sure other's make them.) Put a ratcheting wrench with a flexible head on the socket to get at the plugs with the weird angles. We...
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    Explorer tank swap?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I searched for three month's on the web and this site for extended-range tanks and found nothing that would fit an Explorer.
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    Exhaust cut-outs

    Good input everyone. I thought about the fumes and exhaust leaking and figure running the glasspack and pipe will eliminate a lot of that. I may try it anyway just to play around but I doubt I'll get better results. Thanks for the input. Now I just hope I don't make my truck sound like some...
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    Exhaust cut-outs

    Good point... Since it will be basically a custom install couldn't I put the smallest glasspack they make (shortest) to even out the tone? It would still be switchable from loud to stock and I could probably hang it right along side the original muffler. That would technically solve the legality...
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    Exhaust cut-outs

    I have been looking for a muffler to make my Explorer sound better. The problem was that I don't like the freeway drone that comes with a louder muffler. Then I was watching Trucks and saw the electric exhaust cut-outs on the "Copperhead" truck and started doing research. These seem perfect...
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    Explorer tank swap?

    Does anyone know if the Explorer uses the same tank as the F-250? Or if an F-250 tank would fit on an Ex. I couldn't find an extended range tank for the Ex. but found one for the F-250, so I thought if it would fit (with moderate modification to tank mounts ect.) I would try it.
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    5.0 upper intake cleaning

    Are they painted? Mine looks like unpolished aluminum. (and even a slightly rough casting.) Yeah, I love my boys. I'm glad I got rid of the wife when I did. I'm MUCH happier now and my kids seem to be happier now that they only have to see mom as a babysitter and playmate. (she sees them m-f...
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    5.0 upper intake cleaning

    Has anyone had any luck cleaning/detailing the upper intake on the 5.0? Mine is a dull grey and seems to have a permanent coating of brown/black dirt in all the pores in the aluminum that I can't seem to get out. I don't want to polish it, I was just hoping to make it look a little cleaner...
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    tire codes

    Cool, thanks everyone. I think I'm going with hi-tech retreading's mud tire with spacer. (jagged tread line down center of tire.) I wanted to make sure before I ordered them that I wasn't overlooking any other tires available on the site that were 33's but in code. Thanks again.
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    tire codes

    I know this has to have been covered before but I searched and couldn't find anything. Heres the question: Most tires have a code for its size. (p255-90210 R15 ect.) But then you have 33's that are 33x12.50R15 (The size I'm looking at buying.) and so on. My question is, is there a tire code for...
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    Official Tool thread...

    And a Cell phone and car charger... Or comfortable walking shoes. ;)
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    First post on Boards, Want oppions for insane system

    Do the system as planned, but install an older than dirt Kraco or Audiovox 8-track player in the dash... hooked to power so it lights up. then run the real HU hidden elsewhere out of sight. People will see this killer system with amps and subs that pounds enough to make the neighbors wet the bed...
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    Metal stealth box

    thanks, I have some spare 1/8 in. sheet lying around some where so I may make a small box for an 8 in. woofer I have, just to see the difference from wood. I'll make a wood box the same size. That way, if it sounds terrible I won't have invested a lot of money into it. All scrap and maybe a can...
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    girl backs-up into me

    Now, I would neeeeever advocate filing a false police report just for the sake of revenge... BUT... what if the police were called and toled that it was an act of vandalism or even bullying. Lets face it. theres no way you could know what she was thinking at the time she "DELIBERATELY rammed...
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    Metal stealth box

    Ok, I've done a bit of wiring but haven't done much in the way of making boxes. The boxes I've made have always been made to the size of the car and not tuned or made specially for any speaker. I saw on here a guy who made a stealth box that filled the whole back right pannel to get more space...
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    Shackles or blocks?

    ok, so that was dumb question. I should have known it wouldn't work when nobody did it. of course actually looking under the truck would have helped. :) so, how much lift would an SOA give me?
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    Shackles or blocks?

    I thought I had my Explorer all planned out but I'm wondering about the best (read, cheapest and still safe) way to lift the back end. I'm going to do a "TT lift" on the front for about two inches of lift and was planning on using lift shackles in the rear, probably WAR153's. The problem is...
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    I do have an alarm!

    I installed a toolbox in my Explorer and have it bolted to tapped plates under the floor for safety and easy removal when I want the space. (I'm gonna use the mounts to install a rear facing seat in the back when needed, but thats another issue.) Anyway, I had taken the tool box out and was...
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    Explain your Login name!!!

    First names Ray, last initial is L. On another forum somebody posted a video of a woman that was about 500lb's doing exercises. That forum doesn't have dedicated names, anyone can use any name they want including your name and some idiot was posting in peoples names just to make trouble. The...
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    Suggestions for newbie?

    I'm a diehard Fosgate fan, so I would recommend a pair of 6x8 separates for your doors from them. If you want to go with a less expensive speaker than any 6x8 will fit your doors. As for a sub, I would check e-bay first. do a search for stealth sub on e-bay and google and you'll find what you want.
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    Dash-mounted DVD players of death...

    I understand if your waiting for the 'ol lady to find "the pertect pair of jeans/shoes/dress...ect" you might want something to pass the time. But while your driving its just another distraction thats not needed. Its at least better than they do on "pimp my ride" "Were gonna put 15 screens and...
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    Out door speakers

    I don't think it looks bad. There was a movie back in the 80's with Christian Slater called either "pump up the volume" or "terminal volume" or something like that. Anyway it was about this kid in high school that started an amateur radio station in his room and gets chased by the FCC and ends...