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    Change of plan check this out

    I'm buying 15" black rims, and i want to know whats the largest size tire i should put on it considering its not a 4x4, i want to put a good size tire and im getting BFG Mud Terrain, im thinking 31's but give me some opinions
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    Wheel (Hub) Spacers Question

    not getting any help here, guess i should just find a custom wheel shop
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    Wheel (Hub) Spacers Question

    Does anyone know a quick Pay with credit card place to buy 5x4.5 wheel spacers, i need 45mm.
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    WD-40 Tire Inflation

    Good stuff, works well too
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    Wheel (Hub) Spacers Question

    1997 Explorer Sport 2WD.... I have some 17x9 American Eagle Alloys... Well they fit on, bolt up, Did some research i need 45mm spacers, where can i buy them with a credit card?
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    Can i put 20" rims on 1997 explorer sport?

    I wonder, can i put 20" rims on my 97' Sport 2WD ofcourse, but if i put low prof tires on it, will it fit? i cant seem to find much info on the web about this, do i need a lift too? let me know guys
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    Aftermarket Stereo Help me

    Ok well i bought the wrong kit for the wiring kit for custom stereo, i cut the little square wire set off ( which is the one for the speakers) , well none of the color wires match up, i dunno which color wires go to which speakers, here are my colors, maybe someone can have a look at there wires...
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    What's the maximum wheel & tire size for a stock '97 Explorer Sport?

    Im looking around trying to find out max size rims and tires i can put on my stock '97 2WD Sport for looks basically, i have a set of 17x9 chrome eagle alloys but they hit my sway bar (too wide) not quite sure what i need to use, i know theres some people out there who has some custom wheels...