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    Replacing outside rearview mirror

    Thanks, guys. Any special tools required to get the door panel off?
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    Replacing outside rearview mirror

    The glass (with plastic back and connectors) fell out of the driver's side mirror on my 1996. The little plastic dowel that holds it to the base and allows up/down movement broke and is gone. It is remote controlled but not heated. Dealer wants $162 for the assembly plus $70 for labor...
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    If CEL goes off, is the code cleared?

    My check engine light came on and Autozone pulled P0133 (bank1, sensor1 O2 sensor) and P0420 (catalyst below threshold) codes. About a week later, while driving the CEL light went out and hasn't come on again. Question: are the codes still in the computer? Another question: is bank 1 the...
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    Check engine light codes

    Several months ago the CEL went on in my 1996 V6. Autozone pulled the codes which were P0133 (O2 sensor) and P0420 (catalytic converter efficiency low). The light went out by itself after 2-3 weeks. Two weeks ago it came back on. This time the only code was P0420. Should I infer from this...
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    Shocks on a 4WD

    Try one of the shock maker's site that will tell you the part numbers. My guess is that the fronts are not the same.
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    Life of factory shocks?

    Shock replacement Hey Curtis, did you use an impact wrench on the nuts or just hand tools? Any tips? I haven't done my own shocks in a long time.
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    Life of factory shocks?

    Recommended replacement shocks? OK, it appears my shocks are getting close to the end of their useful like. What's a recommended replacement? Won't be off-roading so primary interest is good ride.
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    Life of factory shocks?

    Got a '96 which has never been off-road in its 60,000 miles. Shocks seem fine. Just wondering what the typical life is for on-road use only.
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    Got the codes, now what?

    Went to Autozone with my 1996 V6 to get the codes read. The CEL has been on for about 2 weeks. He pulled two codes: 133: O2 sensor slow response, bank 1, sensor 1 420: catalyst system efficiency below threshhold He said if the catalyst was plugged, that could cause the O2 sensor code...
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    Front end squeak

    My stock 1996 with 60K miles just developed a very annoying front end squeak. It's coming from the right side and squeaks anytime the front end dives (braking) or hits a bump. I can't tell where it's coming from. Whaddya think? Bushings, ball joints, shock? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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    Which cleaner for which part?

    Been reading the posts of cleaning intake/fuel system parts. My '96 has new plugs and wires but doesn't idle as smoothly as I think it should. Never had the TB or anything else cleaned or replaced. I seem to recall the shop manual saying don't use solvents to clean the TB. I see some posts...
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    How much have you been paying for gas?

    Today in northern Indiana it's $1.08 for regular. Two days ago it was $.95. Speedway is the price setter in this area and every 2-3 weeks they raise the price about $.15/gal then let it drift down about $.05 a week before they jack it back up again. Every other station follows suit.
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    Emergency Brake Pad Replacement

    Drum-in-hat The Explorer (and most other American cars with rear disc brakes) uses what is called a "drum-in-hat" parking brake. It's a very small drum brake that uses the rotor "hat" section for the drum. Works similar to a regular drum brake in that when the parking brake lever is pushed...
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    Cycling Temperature

    Another data point The replacement thermostat in my 1996 does the same thing (cycles the gauge constantly between 1/4 and 1/2 of the normal range. Neither of my other cars does this, nor did the OEM thermostat before it stuck open. Doesn't bother me but I may try a new cap to see if it...
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    Expobronc is on the right track. If all 4 calipers are sticking you must not be releasing pressure. There's really nothing in the master cylinder that would prevent it from returning completely. OTOH, if the brake booster (or pedal) is not returning completely, it will keep the master...
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    What is a ABS Acceleration Switch

    Do you have traction control? Never heard of an acceleration switch for ABS but it sounds like something that might be part of a traction control system.
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    Calipers reversable?

    Calipers are typically not reversible Almost all calipers are "handed," i.e., left and right are mirror images.
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    94 Explorer, temp always low

    Same problem on my '96. Ran cool all the time. Replaced the thermostat and everything is fine. The serpentine belt has to come off to get at it, so replace that at the same time. Anyway, with a functioning thermostat, you can watch the gage up move and down as it opens and closes...
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    Bleeding ABS brakes?

    You shouldn't have any trouble getting the air out with normal bleeding procedures. I just did a brake job on my 1996 and had to remove a rear caliper to get the damn pads out. Several ounces drained out while i fiddled with it. I bled with a helper pushing and releasing the pedal while I...
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    O2 Sensors

    Mine went bad on my Plymouth minivan. Although the check engine light never came on (a normal symptom), the car idled rough and began stalling. The dealer mechanic said the bad oxygen sensor screws up the engine computer, hence the rough idle and stalling.
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    What to replace for tuneup?

    The tranny fluid and coolant was changed at 31K. I was wondering about engine stuff beyond the obvious plugs & wires. What about the transfer case? The manual recommends changing that fluid at 30K also but my dealer didn't do it when they changed the tranny fluid.
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    What to replace for tuneup?

    My wife's 96 V-6 has 53K miles. Replaced the fuel and air filter at about 31K. Other than spark plugs and wires, anything else need to be replaced for a tune-up? I'll probably do the air filter again but hold off on the fuel filter until about 60K. My Chrysler dealer always wants to clean...
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    K&N air injection kit

    BBK throttle body DocVijay, did you install the BBK at the same time as the K&N? If you did them separately, was there a noticeable performance boost from each?
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    Repair or replace factory CD changer ?

    96 vs. 99 wiring harness According to info I've seen, the 95-97 changers use a 16 pin connector and the 98-01 use a 20 pin connector so your '99 won't plug into my '96 harness.
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    Repair or replace factory CD changer ?

    The factor CD changer in my wife's 1996 died recently. Radio & cassette work fine but CD player skips erratically on good discs. Need recommendation on 1) viability of repair or 2) drop in replacement. Don't want to spend a fortune. Thanks