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    Pulsating ABS With Normal Braking On Dry Surface

    I thought I'd add my 2-cents.... I just solved the exact problem being discussed here. To recap the issue....while applying normal, steady brake pressure on dry pavement, the ABS appears to "kick-in" and scare the daylights out of ya....possibly missing a stop sign or intersection stop light...
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    Fuel door

    I have the same problem. The fuel door functions properly and when I come to a stop, the fuel door swings right open. I'm leaning towards a "quick-fix" that involves some velcro on the back of the door.....that should keep it from swinging out whilst stopping.
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    What psi?

    The GoodYears I have say max of 44psi and I have been running 36psi with no issues...just better mileage :)
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    Welcome to the site!
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    New member in Western WA

    Howdy from the east side.
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    Newb Here, Hello

    Welcome to the forum! Search and you should find all that you need to deck out your ST!
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    Youtube trick Worm

    Thanks for the heads-up!
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    Spare tire wire and ....

    Ah, the ole "spare is stuck" bit.... I had the same thing happen about one month ago. I went to drop the spare and it moved two or three inches and stopped. I read on this forum to pull on it and possibly try to gain leverage to coax it down. Unfortunately, that did not work for me...
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    What To Do Next

    Yes!!! CAI=Cold air intake!!! Using the conical style air filter and such.... look around, there are deals to be had. :) I am slowly edging up the mod ladder.... I started with Rancho shocks, then the CAI, and I await the arrival of the 'mighty' XCalII flash programmer (sold to me from...
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    Frustrated Explorer

    Welcome to the forum!!! Sorry to hear about your woes:( If there are any other Xplorers with that problem, it should be found here. My recommendation would be to post this in the Stock Forum for your appropriate year and see if you get more views/bites.... Good Luck!
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    MountaineerGreen's Front Suspension Rehab / Diff Swap

    Lifetime is lifetime!!! Stick it to 'em!!!
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    New to the forum

    Welcome! Got any pictures to share?
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    Hello All

    Explorers and camping=much fun!!! Welcome to the forum!
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    new guy

    :( Pictures not showing
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    new guy

    Show us pictures! Welcome to the forum!
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    96 explorer remote entry and other questions

    You might check E-bay for a Ford FOB. I scored one for $12 delivered to my door.
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    What To Do Next

    What other mods (if any) have you done? I put my vote in for a CAI! Easy and not too terribly expensive.
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    LOW WD and HIGH WD warning lights

    I think somewhere on the forum is the cipher for the blinking lights.... there have been numerous situations just like yours. Happy searching! :)
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    Rear Seat Headrests

    I'm thinking a long pry bar to get 'em out..... then some sort of spray lube to help the up and down motion. Mine have also stiffened up over the years. I just leave 'em all the way in/down so I can drop the rear seats. Good Luck!
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    New to the forum

    Welcome to the forum! Keep us posted on your progress.
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    You're in the right place to learn....Welcome!
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    New Memeber

    Welcome to the forum! Show us some pictures!:)
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    Soprano's final episode

    THE OFFICE RULZ!!! Dwight Schrute is my hero! To get a taste of their brand of comedy, check 'em out on YouTube.
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    1996 ford explorer eddie bauer

    Welcome to the forum! IAC, BINGO!
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forum! Buckeye fan?
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    1999 expl. sport body lift

    Welcome to the forum! Search and yea shall find what your looking for....
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    HELP!! 00 SPORT NEED Lift

    Definitely search the site for the SOA. Also, consider going to a multi-pack leaf pack and possibly lift shackles in the rear. It all depends on how high you want to be..... lifted that is.... :)
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    hello all

    Welcome to the forum! Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!
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    Soprano's final episode

    Rick.... I have watched The Sopranos since the first episode back in the Spring of 1999..... could the last episode have been better? Sure. Personally, I was hoping for a shoot-out between Tony and the New Yorker side. But let us look at the cool parts of the final episode.... I especially...
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    Hello, I'm new

    CAI= cold air intake KKM, K&N, and many others out there XCalII= the computer programmer that can unleash the a price, of course. These will help you gain a little extra horse power and MPGs! If you want some fun reading, check out Aldive's mileage monster in his ongoing...
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    Hello, I'm new

    Perhaps a CAI, a catback exhaust, and an XCalII.... all will help with performance. For looks, an air dam, tinted windows, and tons of electronics up front. I guess it all depends on budget, time, and diaper changes:)
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    93 explorer Dead 4wd!

    I believe the electronic shift control module is located up under the left, rear wheel trim panel, working from inside the vehicle....and that's for 91-94 models. Take a peek and let us know if it's there!
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    Hello, I'm new

    Welcome to the forum! Got any pics?
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    Welcome to the forum!!!
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    check your jack before your next trip!

    Good catch! If I may add to your post..... be sure to crank down the spare tire down every now and again.... I found my spare tire stuck in the up position because the winch had apparently reached it's service life!
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    First time Explorer owner

    Welcome aboard!
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    hello from jersey

    Welcome Craigb3!
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    shakey/vibrating power steering

    I had a somewhat similar occurrence on my Sport. I read somewhere on the forum to start it up in the driveway and then turn the steering wheel full travel, both directions, a couple of times(like three or four). If my memory serves me correctly, it had something to do with turning the steering...
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    98 4.0 SOHC 2 door fuel?

    Are you sure that you are talking sternly enough to it? You want to project "you better start!" as opposed to "please start for me." Remember, speak from the diaphragm:) And the drama continues..... so let's back up to where you left off.... the last check you did was the injectors with the...