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    1993 exploerer auto transmission problems

    MY friend just bought a 93 ex and I am attempting to help him get it running right. It has the 4.0 liter the 4 speed auto and 4 wheel drive. The trans is making a rotating slapping sound at lower speeds when in over drive.It sounds like a rubber hose attached to the drive shaft and slapping the...
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    1999 ford explorer 4.0 Soch rough idle

    Mine was doing this last year after looking all over for vacuum limes loose changing fuel filter having fuel system flushed. It was the maf the whole time. I cleaned it with the cleaner for it has run good ever since.
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    4x4 question

    I will say my 99 sport all 4 wheels where spinning on the ice when I tried to go over the pile of ice the snow plow guy left in front of me.
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    Got Pulled Over (Kinda) Now I have Some Questions...

    Only two reasons for him to write down information. First as said before he made contact got it for logs. And second if there is a complaint made someone did a hit and run in the lot around that time he has some where to start.Most likely just the first though. The reason he even bothered was to...
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    Engine Overheat Strategy

    I don't know if my 99 sport has this for sure but when the t stat stuck closed I know there was a major loss of power. So I am thinking that must be it.
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    How good is Auto 4wd?

    Where 4wd helps is now you have more points of power allowing a for better chance of forward momentum ( if driving sensibly) allowing you to not spin out. If the back slides but front has traction then you wont spin if you are driving smartly. If you drive like an idiot then be prepared to wreck...
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    How good is Auto 4wd?

    I have only had mine in minor snow but the auto always worked great. I don't expect the 4wd to be the save all in the snow but it did kick out on curves a couple times till the auto wd kicked in really quick to straighten it out.
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    Ford 'Quick Connect' Fuel Lines Suck! Fuel Filter Trouble!

    Either I got lucky or the brake cleaner really cleaned stuff out. It literally took me 5 minutes to change my fuel filter.
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    Fuel Tank Preasure Sensor

    I don't have the part yet so I am going by what I see on line Not even sure this is correct also I was reading another thread and the op said he...
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    Fuel Tank Preasure Sensor

    I have changed gas cap, canister purge valve the vapor canister vent valve, the charcoal canister, the vacuum lines and blew out all the hard lines 3 times. I mean I have literally replaced everything else.
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    Fuel Tank Preasure Sensor

    I have a 99 ex 2 door with 4.0 SOHC auto trans and continuous code 1450. I have replaced everything else so I am left to believe it is the FTP Sensor. So my Questions are. Has anyone done this and do I have to drop the fuel tank? I can put my hand on what I believe is the ftp but not...
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    Battery problem, I think.

    A 4 ir 5 year old bulging battery and not charging could very well be the battery if it is not charging it will use all the alternator's out put and not operate the other electric items, cou;ld also be the alt if not working will not charge battery.
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    Fuse Question.

    I'm guessing you bought it used as your fixig this yourself. I will venture to guess the previous owner may have put the extra fuses in there thinking they needed them, or as a place to store extra fuses.
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    Strange exhaust noise

    Usually my ex 4.0 l sohc has a deep throaty sound to it when I rev the engine or when accelerating, the last 2 days it sounds like a bee in a tin can between 2000 and 300 rpms when accelerating, or driving at highway speed but sounds normal any other time. I first thought it was a loose heat...
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    97 Explorer Idling at 2500 RPM

    I had this issue on my sohc just cleaned the heck out of everything and still had the problem then it got really hot to almost the end of the engine hot. Had to replace the t-stat wouldn't think it was related but it idles right at 750 to 800 now, with no other repairs.
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    Great place for Car Enthusiast

    looks good I think I would do the door handles first or that little trim piece along the bottom, Would make the wheels look even better. Also maybe some smoked lights.
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    How stupid have you been? (speed)

    130 on a bike 160 in my chevelle and 85 in the explorer I don't know the fastest ever it was in an indy lite race car on a track no speedo but it was reved out.
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    Wanted Wood Grain Radio Bezel

    I don't have it my self can get a pic Friday.
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    Wanted Wood Grain Radio Bezel

    if one from a mountaineer would work I know where to get one as long as you don't need the console parts they Re messed up. Probably going to be there Friday. How much are you willong to pay?
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    Short Console Arm Rest

    There are a few in the pick apart yard I go to I might be out that way Friday I belive they get $7 for them if I got the money to get the parts I need would not be a problem to grab one.
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    Here is a question for ya!

    I know your pain finding steps for the 2 door sport seams impossible ebay always gives sport trac bars.
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    Jackstands or ramps? What do you use while working under your vehicle?

    I have and use both depending on what I am doing. Always make sure your stands are sitting square and level before getting under the car. I have had them move when I lifted the opposute corner and seen them sitting on one corner.
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    If you have carpeted stairs, go look and report back :)

    What cortney did would be how I would fix your basement stairs. Or place another trim board on top of the stringer. If your looking for quick inexpensive options. If your thinking hard wood they have these new retro treads that work pretty good just glue them down to the contractor grade pine...
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    Please Help: Dented wheel hubs on '01 Sport 2wd? (pics)

    Either got agrressive with channel locks or a screw driver and a hammer. If they stay on your fine, but they can be replaced for $10 or less.
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    If you have carpeted stairs, go look and report back :)

    20 years building and remodling houses I don't think I have ever seen it wrapped all the way up like that. I have seen the stringers carpeted up the side but never over the top too, Like on the lower part. I think if the carpet is flush with the top trim (as it looks in the picture) then you...
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    Sticky white smoke out tailpipe

    White smoke is mosture as is the water. This is pretty normal on cold start, and with a temp of 37. Sticky I can't help haven't heard that one before, best guess is it is from the additive you used.
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    What did you do to your Ex/Mounty/RBV today?

    Rotated the tires finally fixed the 1450 code (at least for now ) repaired the console lid and a replacement cross member for the roof rack.
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    I don't intend to argue but some products might give you some mpg increase, but the tornado goes against eveything I know about efficiansy and power for an internal combustion engine. Other as I said might but is it worth the money spent verses the mileage saved? If enviromental reasons are...
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    I don't have a problem with the 18 mpg (mixed driving) I am getting. It is a step up from the 17 I was getting in my sonoma with a 4 cylinder, so I am happy. Granted more would be better but I am driving a heavy box on wheels with a v6 over mountains everyday.
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    If you don't drive fast have a smooth road and drive 98% on the highway are on flat or down hill with little or no wind I could belive 26. We once got 41 in our carolla on a tank which previously best we saw was 33 but it was perfect driving conditions for milelage and never reproduced that. I...
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    Fuel Tank vaccum unable to vent

    A few more things to check if we don't get the blizzard tonight. If we do I will have to wait till it thaws. Thanks you all.
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    Fuel Tank vaccum unable to vent

    I did remove the gas cap the first 2 times dose not seam to be any preasure. definatly not excessive. Maybe possible the guts of the canister are getting sucked into the system and plugging it up. When you clean the lines is there stuff in it? Also, you should be able to take the hoses off...
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    Fuel Tank vaccum unable to vent

    Ok I looked at that did the whole blow out the lines. Cleared the code bought a gas cap because alot of poeple on other sites and the other guy said it helped, and because mine seamed loose even when I tightened it as much as I could. 2 weeks later it came back code 1450 so I cleared the lines...
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    Anyone tried a Tornado?

    Dosen't the tonado make the air swirl as it goes into the enigine? Or at least what it is suppose to do? I ask because I always undertood it is better to have smoooth air flow in and out of the enigine to make hp and mpg. Don't know if it would hurt but know it won't help.
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    Mojave Desert Trail and Exploring March 25-27 2013

    Unfortunately I am in Maryland now and couldn't get the time off. but wish I could should be fun.
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    Mojave Desert Trail and Exploring March 25-27 2013

    Wish I could go. I've been to all of those places in the past having lived in the area all my live until 2002 should be a great time.
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    Source for Brembo rotors

    I found some on ebay they say will work, througheropean and asian parts specialists Ford Explorer Ranger Mazda B Series 2WD Front Slotted BREMBO Brake Rotors Discs
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    2000 Ford Explorer won't start

    have you checked the starter solinoid? thats what makes the fast clicking sound when you try to start on a low battery also what runs power to ingnition opperated electronics. Thats where I would start. Follow the positive battery cable frm the battery to locate it.
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    oil on dipstick

    Please elaborate, Is it showing as to much oil or is there oil farther up the dipstick when you first remove it? If to much, is it more then before? and is it correct color? Oil should be checked after starting but not while running, basically you want oil all through the enigine but not moving...
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    Source for Brembo rotors

    sorry I missed the 2wd part I didn't find anything for 2wd from brembo not even on their site.