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  1. J

    Front Blend Door problem??

    I have an '02 EB with DATC that when set to A/C it blows cold on the passenger vents but blows normal vent air out of the driver side. Am I right in assuming this is a blend door actuator problem?
  2. J

    MPG problem

    You have assumed correctly Clarks about the battery. MPG seems to be OK and it is running great with no leaks or hesitation. Haven't yet had it on the freeway longer than a couple of miles but I assume the MPG will creep up to 22+ when I do. Thanks.
  3. J

    clips that hold the temp sensor in the T-Stat housing!!

    I haven't seen a parts staore carry this either. NAPA may have it or the stealership too. I would pull one out of a junkyard. The clip gets put in from left to right standing in front of the engine, The housing has two open slots and each leg of the clip slides into one of these and then secures...
  4. J

    MPG problem

    I have a problem/question about the MPG display on the instrumet cluster. Yetserday, I replaced the valve cover and intake manifold gaskets, rebuilt the injectors, and changed out the entire thermostat housing. Got it back together and she started and runs great. Driving it around I noticed the...
  5. J

    Dead transmission cost to repair too high?

    Evidently my 94 Explorer's tranny pump died causing major damage to the transmission, modulator, etc. The repair shop wants 2400 bucks to replace the pump, tranny, modulator, etc with 2yr warranty. Does this seem too high or good to go?
  6. J

    Rear growling noise

    It made it through Katrina unscathed except for a pine tree falling on it and cracking the windshield while we were evacuating. Bought it in TX from a dealer used with 60K miles on it already. Fixing one little thing after another plus I'm making extra sure it is ready to move to CA. Thanks to...
  7. J

    Rear growling noise

    Upon further inspection last night, I was able to locate the rumble coming from the rear differential and not from the wheel bearings. I believe the pinion bearing and crush seal are bad. When I pushed up on the driveshaft/U-joints at the differential connection there was some definite...
  8. J

    Upper balljoints-> replace entire arm or just the balljoint?

    I pressed out my upper balljoints on my '02 two weeks ago. Fairly easy as long as you get the balljoint press "loaner tool" from AutoZone for around a 100 bucks that they will refund once you bring it back. IMO the contol arms are strong but the balljoints have a problem with the seals cracking...
  9. J

    Rear growling noise

    My 02 EB 2WD with auto tranny has developed a rear end growling noise that is noticeable when the RPMs go above 1200. The noise is only present when I'm on the accelerator and it does not happen when I let off the gas. It does not happen/increase when I turn left/right either. I haven't been...
  10. J

    module problem???

    ALL PROBLEMS FIXED!! To sum everything up here is what was done to fix my symptoms: 1. No power seats, no power pedals, no seat belt chime were fixed by finding a bad ground connection using the pinpoint tests from the service manual CD ROM provided by "rrgone". 2. Correcting the ground...
  11. J

    module problem???

    Thanks to some pinpoint repair info from rrgone, I found a bad ground connection under my center console. This fixed my power seat, power pedal, and seat belt warning chime problems. It also made the airbag light flash code 34 at start up instead of continuously being on. From other posts this...
  12. J

    glowing airbag and abs light

    My airbag light used to flicker (not flash) on cold mornings as well and the seats would not move until the temp got warmer. Turned out to be a poor ground connection under the center console.
  13. J

    module problem???

    Restraints Control Module from Ford is roughly 185 bucks so I will replace this IAW proper deactivation/reactivation procedures for the airbags and see if this gets rid of my constant airbag light. What I thought was a GEM module under the driver's seat is actually labeled a Global Seat Module...
  14. J

    A/C not engaging

    Problem fixed! It happened to be the low pressure switch being bad. Quick replacement for 12 bucks and it works fine.
  15. J

    Occasional Starting problem

    If the fuel pump is working try your crankshaft position sensor located on the bottom of the engine. My 94 had the same symptoms as yours. It is a 15.00 part and easy to replace.
  16. J

    A/C not engaging

    Refrigerant level good to go...roughly 45 psi at max A/C. Disconnected the connector going to the A/C low pressure switch and shorted it out temporarily to see if the A/C clutch would engage. It did engage so I removed the short and re-connected it. The A/C continued to work like normal for the...
  17. J

    Power Windows

    Before replacing the regulator, have you checked to see if the rubber bushings inside the window motor are bad? Very common problem and cheap to fix!
  18. J

    Where is the Restraints Control Module located?

    Can someone please tell me where the Restraints Control Module is located on my 2002 Ex with a build date of 07/02? Some say it is either under the dash, in the pillar, or under the center console storage bin. Ford says mine is bad and I want to verify where it is before I go tearing the...
  19. J

    Fuse For Rear Seat Power Port 2004

    There is definitely a fuse for each one. I can't remember if it is is the fuse box under the dash or in the power distribution box under the hood. I believe it is labeled in the manual as power port 2? I'll check my manual tonight and make sure.
  20. J

    Hidden Wire in Center Console

    My '02 has two connectors in this position that look similar. One is connected to the cigarette lighter (behing the two cupholders - pic above does not show) and the other is not connected to anything.
  21. J

    front brake job

    The front wheel bearings on my '02 2WD Ex cannot be repacked. It is a sealed unit and sold as an entire hub assembly. Just pull the caliper and shoes and the rotor can then be removed to get it resurfaced.
  22. J

    A/C not engaging

    Thanks for the pointers guys. I'll check the refrigerant level first and go from there. I'll let ya'll know what I find.
  23. J

    A/C not engaging

    Would being need to be recharged keep the A/C from enaging and cause the relay to continuously click? I will connect some test gauges to the ports to see the freon level and go from there.
  24. J

    A/C not engaging

    My 94 XLT A/C is not engaging all of a sudden. The A/C light by the console switch lights up and the blower fan is working. The A/C-WOT relay in the power distribution box keeps clicking or cycling. I replaced it with another relay but it did not fix it. Could it be the clutch, or switch? Any ideas?
  25. J

    module problem???

    Went to Ford and had them perform a diagnostic check. They wanted $80 each to diagnose the ABS light problem, airbag light problem, power pedal problem, and another 80 to diagnose the power seat problem for a total of 350.00!! Just to hook it to the scanner!! I said they were out of their mind...
  26. J

    module problem???

    I saw on other posts that my Ex (build date 7/02) does not have a GEM located behind the dash because the instrument IC controls it now. I do have a GEM (actually labeled that) under each seat that various plugs are connected to!
  27. J

    module problem???

    Not sure! Is that the black box under the seat that has the yellow, green, and gray connections? If so, I have cleaned the connections but what else could be checked?
  28. J

    module problem???

    The ABS contol module attached to the hydraulic pump was replaced about six months ago which I guess is where the VIN mismatch is coming from. All of the fuses, relays, and links under the dash and in the power distribution box are good to go. I'm going to take it to Ford and see what they say...
  29. J

    glowing airbag and abs light

    Exrange, did you ever find the problem?
  30. J

    Air Bag Light comes on Briefly?

    Has anyone found any resolution on this problem? What is the resistance value supposed to be in the plug?
  31. J

    module problem???

    I have a 02 Ex EB 4.0 V6 with 125K miles that I think has a bad module or something disconnected. I do not have a warranty anymore. My symptoms are: 1. No seatbelt chime ever 2. Airbag light constantly lit (never blinks at start up) 3. Power seats (driver side) and pedals do not move 4...
  32. J

    Upper ball joint replacement

    My upper ball joints were able to be replaced. My X was built in July 2002. Advance Auto parts sold me upper ball joints for $33.00 each and I had to go to Autozone to get one of their ball joint press "loaner" tool kits. The replacement job was pretty easy and straightforward per the Haynes...
  33. J

    high oil pressure

    Turned out to be a bad ring and cracked piston head. Installed an engine from a junkyard with less miles than mine and it is running just fine.
  34. J

    92 Explorer needs front end work before alignment

    I would replace both sides since your going to have the disassembled anyway. The radius arm bushings are a real pain to replace because the arm is riveted in. You need some good tools and research "radius arm bushing replacement" first.
  35. J

    94 Explorer wont start

    If your fuel pump works like discussed above try replacing the 12 dollar crankshaft position sensor on the bottom of the engine behind the belt pulley. It has two wires going to it and you can see it from underneath easily. Mine was doing the same as yours - sometimes starts and sometimes it...
  36. J

    Need Help 94 XLT overheating problem

    Has the thermostat been replaced or checked? This could cause it to overheat. Check your oil to see if there it looks like chocolate milk. This would be a good indication of a bad head gasket.
  37. J

    DTC C0101 , B2900, and P07E5

    Had the vehicle scanned by a local mechanic's thousand dollar scanner because my Acton scanner wasn't revealing any codes even though the ABS and Airbag warning lights are continuously on. He came up with the following codes: B2900 - VIN mismatch P07E5 - he said was a dealer code??? C0101 -...
  38. J

    '02 electrical problems

    My X is an '02 EB with the following glitches: 1. AirBag and ABS light on constantly - never flashes even at startup. 2. Power seats do not adjust at all. 3. Power gas/brake pedals do not move. 4. Seat heaters do not work. No codes register in my OBDII scanner at all. I'm wondering if...
  39. J

    "Brake fluid Data error"

    Bled all four brakes and the error message has gone away.
  40. J

    high oil pressure

    I do have an aftermarket gauge setup reading 30 psi at idle and around 60 psi when I step on the gas and get the RPMs over 2K. I have the correct oil amount too. I probably have two seperate problems with high oil pressure and blowby popping the PCV valve. I'm more concerned with the excessive...