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    98 4x4 sport auto e brake not engaging

    Just an update I replaced the shoes and the e brake works amazing. I had no pad left on ANY of the shoes lol. Also, I found a screw in our garage drawers and it fit perfect. Now my shifter works amazing! Also went and got my coolant washed, and oil changed and it runs so much better. Only thing...
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    98 4x4 sport auto e brake not engaging

    Well mines a 98. And they're located pretty much at the base of the shifter behind the dash. I'm missing aa screw and can see it pivoting.
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    98 4x4 sport auto e brake not engaging

    Alright thanks. And where can I find the torx bolt for the automatic gear shifter bracket, the little gold colored ones. I'm missing one and putting my sport into park is a chore.
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    98 4x4 sport auto e brake not engaging

    I took off the wheels and looked and couldn't see anything. Do I need to remove the rotors to view the shoes?
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    98 4x4 sport auto e brake not engaging

    For some reason the e brake is not engaging when pressed. I crawled under the car and both cables are moving about 1-1.5 inches but the car still rolls. Is there a DIY out there ffor replacement? I have disc brakes btw.
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    01 auto tranny fit in 98?

    Anyone else have any input?
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    01 auto tranny fit in 98?

    I can't get the shifter into 2 or 1. Like it's just phyiscally impossible. I can't always get it to go into lark when I stop either. I have to turn the car off, then jiggle it to get it to go into park, but most of the time this doesn't work and I sturggle for minutes trying to keep it ffrom...
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    01 auto tranny fit in 98?

    I'm having a hard time getting my 230k auto tranny on my explorer sport into park, and it wont even go into 2 or 1. Will a 01 tranny plug and play on my 98?
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    Help!!! Oil drain plug stuck!!!

    just tried it. no go
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    Help!!! Oil drain plug stuck!!!

    First off It's a 2002 F150. I attempted to change my oil today (I'm no novice I've done it a billion times) and when I was tightening the plug back I must have cross threaded it because it would not tighten. Then I tried to back it out and it wouldnt go that way either. It just spins both...
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    No Reverse, terrible grinding sound, 5 speed

    Ok well i got stuck in the snow yesterday so i put the truck in reverse to try to get out and the tires spun and then BANG!!! no reverse. i can literally pull my foot all the way off the clutch and nothing will happen. if i rev it up there is a horrible clanking/ grinding noise that seems to...
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    Problem and solution with bleed clutch.

    ok i cant even figure out how to get the damn black clip off that is on the top of the clutch pedal assembly. please help!
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    Turning off that annoying seats belt chime

    I cant seem to get this to work. after the second set of 9/3 unbucklings the light does not come back on
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    door ajar ding

    i recently replaced the gueges in my 99 sport with some reverse glow gauges from ebay. Since the installation, every time i start up the truck for about a minute straight it repeatedly dings in the same sound that the truck makes when it is running and you open up the door. any body have any...
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    34 inch tires

    Anybody know what the metric equivalent to a 34 inch tire would be with 15 inch wheels? i want to move up in size but 35 is to big and i want to go bigger than 33
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    Which spindles?

    I cant seem to figure out exactly which lift spindles i need. i have a 1999 sport 2wd and the link on the spindle lift thread doesnt show them for my vehicle. help!
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    1st and 3rd gen taillights on 2nd gen?

    hello my fellow enthusiasts, just wondering if anyone knows if i could fit a 1st gen or 3rd gen sport taillight on my 99 sport? or maybe even an early 2nd gen?
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    How to: $32 Spring Over Axle Conversion - SOA

    lol ok. so would any type of welder work?
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    Spindle Lift for '96 newer Explorers

    Anybody know if the procomp spindles will fit my '99 Sport? the jc whitney page says it wont
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    How to: $32 Spring Over Axle Conversion - SOA

    Is there any specific type of welder i would need? Also, how hard would it be because i have no experience with welding
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    How to: $32 Spring Over Axle Conversion - SOA

    quick question dannyboy, is there any welding involved? My bosses friend was willing to help me with this but said i would have to weld on the perches but he wanted me to pay a hefty sum.
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    SOA conversion

    does anyone here know if i could fit 34inch tires with a soa conversion in the back and a 3 inch spindle lift with a tt in the front? and if so would i need to regear? and for anyone who lives nearby who may be willing to help me out with the soa how much would you charge?
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    5.0 convert to manual

    Me and Supraman have been considering converting our 99 and 00 sports to the 5.0. If we do though we would like to keep the same manaual tranny from our ohv's. how much/difficult would it be to convert it to the mazda 5 speed?
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    New Gears

    Not sure we can negotiate. I would like to get around $700 but maybe we can work something out
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    ac not working on high

    well about 2 months ago my ac stopped working but only on high. everything is fine on the first three levels then i turn it up to the 4th one and nothing. it just turns off. anybody know what this could be??
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    New Gears

    ok cool thanks i plan on re gearing eventually but for now i dont have the time/money
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    New Gears

    I am planning on doing the 5 inches of lift for $300 with 33's over christmas break. If i do, do i absolutely have to regear? i know it will be slow until i do and it will probably only be till the summer but how much damage will that do my tranny? Also im selling my 31 inch firestone...
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    U-bolt lift???

    heres the link...
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    U-bolt lift???

    it says it can be used to raise or lower. and if the lift is for the rear than how am i supposed to raise the front? i can only get maybe 2 inches out of a torsion twist
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    U-bolt lift???

    Sooo earlier on i found something interesting. its a 3 inch lift by Superior Automotive and its called a u-bolt lift. Its only 30 dollars and that seems a little cheap for 3 inches. does anybody have any experience with this? and if so does it work with the stock IFS?
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    Post pics of TT and warrior shackles!!!

    Hey guys i am looking to do a lift and some biggler tires but have a small budget. So i was wondering what it would look like with just a torsion twist and the warrior shackles so post your pics!!!!! also i would like some opinions on what would be a better option with the tt and shackles, 31's...
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    91-09 Explorer 5" of lift for under 300.00

    lift kit So Im guessing that the part number PA-883 would work for my 1999 sport 2wd?? the website says its for the Ranger but i just wanted to make sure. BTW great write up on the lift kit ShadowRaven. Im planning on trying it out sometime this summer:D
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    New 31x10.5 15 tires

    Well i have narrowed it down to the Destination mt and the new Goodyear Wrangler Mtr with kevlar. They are in the same price range but both have great reviews so any opinions would help
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    New 31x10.5 15 tires

    I am wanting to upgrade to 31x10.5 15 tires and was looking for suggestions on which ones to go with. i have a 99 sport and would like an aggressive look but considering i have 2wd and spend most of my time on the streets i would like an aggressive looking tire that handles well on the streets...
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    More HP

    Ok so i have a 99 Explorer sport OHV with the Mazda 5 speed manual transmission and im looking for more horsepower and torque. Heres the problem, im only 17 and dont make all that much money so my price tag for mods is limited. ive already talked to my boss about some possibilities but he is...
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    02 Sport Rattling

    Ok, so my buddy and fellow member of explorer forum, supraman, rolled his 02 sport SOHC 5 spd manual last friday. The body is in bad shape but we are trying to see what we can do about getting this thing back on the road. There is minimal damage above the left front tire roof and right side...
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    EGR Valve wont come off

    alright thanks guys, i went ahead and replaced the sensor and hose and used hose clamps to avoid this in the future. CEL finally off and ready for inspection!!!
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    EGR Valve wont come off

    Hey guys, well my dpfe sensor and hoses are melting and i am suspecting the egr valve but the problem is i cant get the egr nut off. any suggestions?