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  1. J

    I sent Ford this frustrated Email!!

    Back when I was fixing the blend door on my '97 Mountaineer, I remember sending some sort of e-mail complaining about the blend door, quality, etc., and someone called me back from Ford Customer Service. That was pretty weird. Of course, that was 3 years ago. Anyway, a few years ago I also...
  2. J

    Titanvs F150

    Considering that I work for one of the parts suppiers for the Titan/Armada/QX56, and I know about the people in Mississippi since I live in Mississippi, I'm still a little too scared to buy a Canton, MS-made vehicle for now. I know too many people at the other suppliers and at the Nissan-Canton...
  3. J

    I suck at skeet and traps

    I went to a Central MS DU shooting event today, and I wasn't quite as bad at traps as I was with skeets. Either way I suck, but then again this is the 2nd time for me to shoot skeets, and the first time to shoot sporting clays. I scored a 5 out of 50 on the skeets and a 14 out of 50 on the...
  4. J

    What's unique about where you live?

    General William T. Sherman torched us (Jackson, MS) on his way to Vicksburg, hence Jackson is nicknamed "Chimneyville." We also have a Nissan plant (Canton, MS), which launched 5 vehicles (Quest, Armada, Titan, Infiniti QX56, and Altima) in the first year of production.
  5. J

    sxc website

    I was wondering that myself. If it's over, it was fine while it lasted.
  6. J

    I need a camera

    If you want to move into the $250 or less range, I bought a Kodak EasyShare DX 6440 last week at Sam's. I'd been eyeing it for a while, and I just couldn't resist at that price. It's 4MP with a 4x optical zoom. I was thinking about a Canon, but they use to have a problem with the pictures...
  7. J

    Home Theater Receivers

    Onkyo, Denon, H/K are all nice, as well as Marantz. I have a H/K that sits in my computer room, but when I bought my house, it included the Marantz 5.1 receiver that is a few years old that the previous owner left in the wall. It blows away my H/K 5.1 receiver, and it is a couple of years...
  8. J

    blend door or not???

    You can always do a search for Blend Door Fix to see how to fix it. You will see my pictures on my thread and know why it took me 2 days to fix.
  9. J

    22MPG. I couldn't believe it.

    I've gotten 22 mpg on several occasions driving to and from college with my '97 Mountainer, and it has a V8. I could never get past 20 mpg with the '94 Explorer that I had prior to the Mountaineer. Both had the two package with 3.73 LS rear end as well.
  10. J

    The Only One?

    my '91 XLT had the rear wiper. It usually worked great as long as the wiper was in good condition, but I usually put the better of my two front wipers when I changed the front ones out. I of course chopped it down to size.
  11. J

    What did you think was the most difficult class in college?

    I've been told that the hardest class at Mississippi State University is Electromagnetic Fields I, which I can definitely say was a challenge. Looking back, Signals and Systems was also a toughy, but I did have to take Differential Equations I twice.
  12. J

    Explorer or Mountaineer

    Late '96 and '97, the Mountaineer is available in either 2wd or AWD with the V8 only. From '98-2001 the Mountaineer was availabe in 2wd or AWD with the V8 or 2wd or 4wd with the SOHC V6. I think in '99 or '00 the Monterrey trim line was added as a higher level trim package compared to the...
  13. J

    We may be getting a new Ford :D

    Yep, my auto insurance would still be about $700+ every 6 months since I'm still 24 years old if I still didn't keep the Mounty on my dad's insurance plan and titled under his name, and my homeowner's policy is with the same company. As for the Mustang, do it. They like getting flogged.
  14. J

    Taking off FMS headers.

    I don't see how getting the headers ceramic coated could hurt. While most people have noticed a slight loss of low end torque with the FMS headers, I still noticed it, but the underhood temps are a lot lower now. I also noticed with my Apten 87 performance program turned on that I don't seem...
  15. J

    Show off your home theatre

    I wish that I even had that much TV. I'm hoping to get lucky and find a used 27" or 32" for cheap to hold me off until around next Christmas so that I can get a widescreen HDTV since my refrigerator will be paid off around that time. Since I'm not home that much due to plant startup and all...
  16. J

    will U-haul rent to a montaineer??

    I wouldn't try to switch vehicles, although I have done it once on a trailer rental since his 5-speed 4-cylinder Ranger was having a hard time with the trailer, so I hooked it up the Mountaineer since the '97's only engine is a V8. Try reserving one online with a Mountaineer. The last time...
  17. J

    Keeping up with your finances

    I've been using Quicken since I first started college in 1997. Since I actually take the time to itemize my expenses and the parts of my paychecks, doing my income taxes with Turbo Tax is a cinch since it will read everything in Quicken into it. I think that Turbo Tax will read MS Money files...
  18. J

    High-pitched screeching coming from front wheels and SCREW UHAUL.

    Possible screaching is the brake pads. Does it happen when coasting or driving (foot not on brake pedal) or when the foot is on the brake pedal. Brake pads are not hard to change out since you have disc brakes, and a good set at the auto parts store is about $30-35. If the pads aren't worn...
  19. J

    Totalled My Truck most likely

    That sucks dude! Well, just collect your thoughts, get home, concentrate on school a little, then you will be back to normal, relatively speaking, and you will be able to decide on a vehicle.
  20. J


    You can't pull a trailer because of the stupid people driving SUV's and trucks rather than a little Honda who don't realized that trucks and SUV's handle differently, plus aren't very good drivers either. :mad: Enough of that little rant. I've been in a situation or two where I should have...
  21. J

    Nice Brakes!!

    I'm not sure of PA's inspection laws, but I know that in Mississippi I've gone to get my inspection sticker on more than one occasion without doing anything more than pulling in, pulling out my wallet and handing the dude $5 for the sticker, which costs $5. Either way, we don't do anymore than...
  22. J

    How to: My take on the blend door fix for 95+ Explorers (several pics)

    I'm sure that when I said that certain A/C components didn't need to be removed, I forgot to mention that I am 5'10", 145 lbs., and wear a medium glove, although the Mechanix gloves that I just bought are a large this time.
  23. J


    The last time I checked, their hitches were made by Draw-tite, but then again this was back in '98 or '99 when I was shopping. Draw-tite, Sure-Pull, Hidden Hitch, etc. they all seem to be pretty good. For some reason, Draw-tite was sending me free stuff for a little while back a few years...
  24. J

    10w30 instead of 5w30

    Although 5W-30 is recommended in the manual, 10W-30 is ok to use in warm climates.
  25. J

    Black-eyed peas.and hog jowls

    Of course I'm having black-eyed peas and hog jowls. I live in the south, don't I? I'm also having a smoked goose that I brought back with me from my trip to Idaho earlier in December.
  26. J

    post your phone #

    I must be going crazy...601-919-9798.
  27. J


    I just went to U-haul's site, and they would allow a Mercury Mountaineer under the vehicle selector, but not a Ford Explorer. I wonder if I were to make a reservation if they would either give me a call to either confirm or deny my reservation or if I would have to wait until I go to get it...
  28. J

    Electric or Mechanical gauge?

    I went electric on mine since I didn't want hot fluids in my passenger compartment, as Alec mentioned. Sure a mechanical is more accurate and doesn't get influenced by have connections like an electrical would, but my electrical problems would leave my guage fully pegged or complete off, so a...
  29. J

    BFG Mud Terrain on Stock '96 sport?

    Stock tire for stock tire will fit fine. I have two sets of Mountaineer wheels, the first set for my Bridgestone Dueler AT Revos and the 2nd set for my Mud Kings. Mud Kings are supposed to be similar to the BFG Mud Terrains, so they are probably just as noisy, but it didn't bother my in town...
  30. J

    Show off your home theatre

    Mine's not all that impressive, but I might actually post pics when I get access to a digital camera. My setup consists of an Apex 20" TV, an RCA Direct TV receiver, a Marantz multi-room A/V receiver, a Panamax rack-mountable surge suppressor, a Marantz DVD player, a Marantz CD changer, a JVC...
  31. J

    Pinnacle Studio

    Depending on how old the DVD player is, it may not read a CD-R. Now, some that are not designed to read recordable media can successfully read a CD-RW. My Proscan Divx player was like this, but my JVC and my Marantz DVD players work with CD-R's with no problem. Just a thought.
  32. J

    5 liter header install (rant)

    After about a year from the day of purchase, I finally installed my FMS headers on the Mountaineer. Talk about a pain in the ass. If it wasn't for the fact that I got a bonus a work this week, I'd be hurting from the $300 in tools that bought to make the job easier and actually possible in...
  33. J

    MPG way down when I turn the heat on.

    Or, your thermostat could have "blown up" or corroded itself apart like mine, acting like a stuck-open thermostat. My thermostat
  34. J

    Christmas time must not bother some people

    Hey, this sounds a little like my neighborhood. It's mainly retired people or young couples under 30. I'm one of the exceptions being single and 24, but we have only two families with children in school--one family at the end of the cul-de-sac with two kids in elementary or junior high and the...
  35. J

    December Ride of the month

    Thanks, I've been busy working 7 days a week plus doing a little duck hunting since I've been on vacation since Tuesday.
  36. J

    Explorer Chassis same as Ranger?

    The front clip of the Explorer and Ranger frames of the same vintage might have been "similar," but while both frames are made by the same company, the Explorer frame was made by Tower Autmotive in Corydon, IN while the Ranger frame was made at one of the Tower Automotive plants in Milwaukee...
  37. J

    Anyone use a 115v wire feed welder?

    What you want to do can be done with a 115V Mig welder, but I think that you'd be much happier with a 220V, and you would use it a lot more because you will be happier with your results. I was comtemplating whether to get the Millermatic 135 or 175, and I opted for the 175 since it's more...
  38. J

    The ongoing war...BFG A/T KO's vs. Bridgeston Dueler A/T Revo's

    I opted for the Revos back around Thanksgiving, and it's been a good buy so far, paying around $480 including installation and taxes at my local Firestone while getting my lifetime alignment done. I liked the fact that they seems very stable in driving rains and a 30 mph crosswind while...
  39. J

    Nebraska FB coach Solich fired after 9-3 year

    It's pretty bad that college athletics are so focused on winning so much that 9-3 is no longer acceptable. Mississippi State's Jackie Sherrill was forced to retire after 13 years, with the last 3 years being 2 3-win and a 2 win seasons. His overall record at State is 75-75-2, and is the...
  40. J

    Fall meet '03

    So, did anything happen in November. I've been really busy at work, working between 65-70 hours a week. In fact, when I check the Forum once every 1 or 2 weeks, I end up wading through 60 pages of new posts. Anyway, any plans for December?