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  1. Z

    maxxis creepy crawlers

    Anybody running the Maxxis Creepy crawlers? I found some pictures of these and really like the look. I just am looking for some input from somebody running them. Also i anyone know of a website saleing them so i can get some prices. thanks alot .
  2. Z

    need help unistalling onboard graphics

    i need to uninstall onbard graphics (intel 810) i have a compaq 7596 with celeron. i want to install a ati radeon 7500 graphics card so i can have a video out. any help would be great . thanks. any other hints would be helpfull too!
  3. Z

    New 33s and finished interior

    i dont know exactly how many cans it took . i did the interior in pieces at different times i would say prob about 10 -15 cans. I painted the bumper trim with regular spray paint. Also its not a FX4 sticker i remade the sticker and had it made to say EX4. i have the sticker on the...
  4. Z

    need legal advise

    thanks for the advice. one of my roomates decided to stay living in the house and today i found two people two take over the two open spots. so my landlord will lose no money. i asked about my deposit and he said he is still keeping it. He said he is still keeping it no matter what. He said...
  5. Z

    need legal advise

    well my roomate told my landlord three months ago, us two would be out at the end of april. and the other roomate was staying.
  6. Z

    need legal advise

    need legal advice Need some legal advice dealing with my rent deposit. My lease ended on april 15, but i paid my landlord for all of april not to have to figure a half month and cause i will be finished with school by then. He was cool with me and my roomates doing this. Well about two...
  7. Z

    any red light up gauges?

    looking for some gauges but insead of indiglow blue or green i want some red ones. Any one every seen any? Found these while looking regular reverse indigo till you hit the switch and you get moving flames(voice controled). what will they think of next! These are alittle too much show fo me...
  8. Z

    New 33s and finished interior

    the rims are American Racing eight holes. I got a good deal from a friend selling his jeep. He decided to take all his stuff off of it before selling it. He wanted to sell the stuff quick, so i good a good deal. i have three inch procomp spindles in the front with the torsion bars up about...
  9. Z

    I got ticketed for my lockright..

    Here in Louisiana if you get a speeding ticket and have recently upgraped to bigger tires with out changing the speedo, you can get out of the ticket by getting your speedo recalibrated. So i am sure if you get some proof of why you lockright chirps the tires they should let it go.
  10. Z

    New 33s and finished interior

    i pulled all the moldings but left the dash in. i just used a lot of tape and newspaper and covered everything. I figured it would be a real pain to pull it out and i am happy with how it turned out with just covering everything up. One bad thing about the black is dust.
  11. Z

    New 33s and finished interior

    hartman: I used molecubond on the bash. Got it from walmart. All they had was gloss black. I used it anyway because it held better than some of the others i tryed. i was planning on trying to keep my tires tucked under my truck when i got new rims, but i could not pass the deal on these rims...
  12. Z

    New 33s and finished interior

    Got a good deal on 5 savero mts on some eight hole rims. Also finished up painting the interior just need to get some seat covers now.
  13. Z

    Fun on an icy bridge

    yeah the light guy then walks over and tries to sneak changing the light the other way. lol too bad he was on video. and he thought he was sneaky. lol
  14. Z

    Fun on an icy bridge

    wow that is crazy! lol i think those people need to move their cars to the side of the road. I wouldn't want to be any wheres near there.
  15. Z

    i need a new hat

    would be better after being broken in and old looking. from ebay Dead Link Removed
  16. Z

    Envelope Stuffing for Cash????

    I figured it was a scam. just checking it out and Seeing if anyone has done this. I would never invest unless in this, unleast i knew like 20 people that had tired it and made alot of money.
  17. Z

    Envelope Stuffing for Cash????

    Has anybody tired this. I checked the website, and i am sure there is a catch but can't find one :rolleyes: . Anybody been scamed by this before. Would be a good way to make money, yet seems to good to be true. I know there are different websites, just used this one for an example...
  18. Z

    The New Music Thread!

    Talking about new music, one of my friends finally got a record deal and is just getting started up. His website is It has some songs to listen to. He sings a blues, alturn type mix of music. He is very good. He has been performing alot on the east coast. Anybody near one...
  19. Z

    How many college students????

    Junior @ Louisiana State University Two more years and i will be a petroleum engineer.
  20. Z

    Bravada Torsion Twist..HELP!!!!

    lol yellow = performance changing the yellow to black would make a world of difference.
  21. Z

    i need a new hat

    Speaking of hats, does any body know anything about the hats they where wearing doing the super bowl ( the players)? The looked like old mesh throwback hats. The backs had stripes. I think both teams were wearing them. Any info would be great.
  22. Z

    Some things just don't belong on the ramp...

    lol Looks like the vw needs some trimming. Its just plastic anyway.
  23. Z

    Any good 10s for under 60$ each

    i plan on buying name brand! just found that one up there and just put it up there just for any one who is so in to there explorer that they want x plore subs. AudioBahn 15" Excursion Subwoofer 600 Watts RMS i found this for 69$. bigger than i wanted, but seems to be a good deal. Dead...
  24. Z

    Any good 10s for under 60$ each

    Anyone have( or heard) a good, decent sounding 10 inch sub for under 60 dollars. I just recently sold my two 12s, thinking i could just be happy listening to my factory radio. Wrong! Its just not the same with out any bass. Any help would be great. While looking on ebay i found this. Seems...
  25. Z

    New halfway black interior

    I painted them myself. I started with the Dupli color vinyl paint on the back panels. I went to pick up some more of it (walmart) when i noticed Molecubond it was about twice as expensive with less in the can. I used the Molecubond on the doors. Gonna have to wait a while and see which one...
  26. Z

    New halfway black interior

    Here are some pics of the back half of the interior in black. The front was suppose to be done but it has been to humid outside. I am also ordering a new carpet kit and red & black neoprene seat covers.
  27. Z

    What color carpet?

    I started redoing my interior black. Doing most of the panels black. Getting a good deal on some black and red neoprene seat covers (red exterior ). I ripped out all the cargo area carpet . Gonna herc the cargo area black. I think i am gonna leave the headliner gray (for now at least). I...
  28. Z

    74 bronco Buy it? ( 3 big pics)

    Over here they are kind of hard to find. Here for 2 grand the best you can get is a bronco needing just about everything (not driveable). Most nice early bronco restored almost fully run about 12500.
  29. Z

    74 bronco Buy it? ( 3 big pics)

    This bronco is for sale. I have been debating on buying one for a while (but whould have to sell the Ex.:(.:(. ). It is really close to where i live. The guy is asking $6500 for it (so i can prob talk him down).The first email i sent him asking questions i got this response...
  30. Z

    Today's BRAIN TEASER...

    like morrisey0 said the two shapes are not perfect triangles. The dark green triangle goes 5 blocks up 2 blocks The red is 8 blocks up 3 when you set a common rise say six 8:3 becomes 16:6 5:2 becomes 15:6 showing they have different slopes so the bottom figure being...
  31. Z

    The ULTIMATE wheelin vehicle!

    Too bad those are ground hawgs and not boggers. IF the guy cant even get the tires right, i wonder if he put the right gears and engine in the describition. The builder should have just put a recliner on the frame. would look a lot better
  32. Z


    i threw my together quick the other day i need to update it with some newer pics
  33. Z

    Lifted truck law suit!!!

    In the article they say the tires, the body, and the sups. lift caused the truck to be too high. So they decide to just pick one out to get the money. Cause they surely not gonna get 3.3 million from a guy in jail. Won't surprize me if they would also have blamed the alcohol company or the...
  34. Z

    3" spindle lift w/shock question

    the spindles do not affect your shocks . Maybe just lower you bars about an inch .
  35. Z


    Check out Interco's (makers of swamper) website Most of there 32 inch tires are almost 33 inches (for example the 32inch SSR's are really like 32.8 and they come in 11.5 width).
  36. Z

    Body Lift bolt problem

    I started my body lift. Everything was easy till i ran in to one bolt on the passenger side. Problem is got it to turn but the bushing is also turning. Didn't have much time to mess with it. i tried a few things with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Its the bolt right behind the back...
  37. Z

    Please help, I need to make order in two days

    red96camaro: i am about to order this kit and was wondering if you ran in to any trouble with the bolts using this kit. after searching the site i have read a few posts saying this. any help would be great
  38. Z


    i dont think thornbirds come in a 33x10.5 they normally are wider. I have heard of them in a 31x13.5 and the grips on them make them look really wide.
  39. Z

    I wanna paint my interior.

    brandon One of my best friends also drives a fixed up explorer. i might be able to try to get a few people from around here.
  40. Z

    I wanna paint my interior.

    hey what department is that paint (at walmart) in? I looked but didnt see it the other day. Thanks