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  1. J

    Anyone Tried This?

    sell them for a few hundred, than buy black wheels, it will look better and you will be making money!
  2. J

    can anyone find my gears

    did the clutch go?
  3. J

    91 Explorer Need help with 2 problems....

    snow in santa rosa?
  4. J

    Hard Decisions: Dodge Ram 1500 or X?

    i think the smart thing to do is to keep the ex. you know it will alst you till you graduate and after that buy the other need to go into debt casue u WANT bigger and better...wait till you have the money
  5. J

    Looking for an Engineering job in DC/VA area

    go to and click the area you want to search. after that there is a scroll down thing and click jobs and type in what you want...good luck
  6. J

    Kids speeding ticket Rant

    i think since spindlecone pays for everything for his daughter she has to live under his rules reguardless of how old she is......PERIOD!!!!!!!
  7. J

    Kids speeding ticket Rant

    ill be your pool boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. J

    Camp Jeep, what a joke

    isnt that show sponsored by toyota?
  9. J

    can i put a 33x12.50x16 tire on a 15x8 rim?

    didnt think so
  10. J

    4 Runner vs. Explorer

    like me on my tacoma...
  11. J

    hiridin's dana 30 sas

    how old are you?
  12. J

    Best bone stock wheelin' vehicle??

    toyota tacoma 4x4 trd. with locker. in other words....what i have
  13. J

    what to do...?

    ummmm, u cant have a car sit for more than a week, and if you look at the picks you will know what im talking about, she has an empty driveway and is doing this to harras us
  14. J

    what to do...?

    parents :(
  15. J

    what to do...?

    my neighbor is pissing me off, she left this car (her dads car, her dad isnt here he just drove it down and left) here for over 3 weeks,and 2 of those weeks she was on a cruise. you guys might say...she had to park there...she has a 3 car garage with 2 cars, and a completeely empty drivewya, you...
  16. J

    all mechanical engineers

    thanks for the replies guys. the reason i am thinking about doing this is becasue i like to solve problems,a nd invent things, im always thinkang about how to make things better and the pros and cons of everyting. but if i was going to go to school for this i want to make good money, if the...
  17. J

    all mechanical engineers

    i am thinking about becomming an engineer. i like inveting things and solving problems. anyone a mechanical engine neer and what do you do all day for work??? also how much do u get paind yearly (this is very important to me, becasu ei want to make the right decision and money is improtant)...
  18. J

    4WheelParts is screwing me!

    thanks rick, i just emailed him with my concern
  19. J

    Wish I could give myself a raise like them!

    im just saying,t hey get a hell of allot more money/benifits than we will ever know
  20. J

    What vehicle to get my new 16 year old?

    get her nothing...make her buy her own, thats what my parents made me do , and it is obne of the best things they taught me. my friends dad just bought him a 04 tacoma trd 4x4, loaded, and he has already gotten in 2 accidents, doesnt lidtento his parents and wheels it all the time not giving a...
  21. J

    Wish I could give myself a raise like them!

    keep in mind, im sure these people make some money on the side doing "favors" for some large compaines
  22. J

    Wish I could give myself a raise like them!

    if i were u id be driving a lambo right now :D
  23. J

    4WheelParts is screwing me!

    when u guys order from a 4WP store and they dont have the product in stock do they charge you shipping to get it to their store???? they try to do it to me everytime, but i just say let me tlak to the magager and they let it much bull is that?
  24. J

    Strange Neighbor

    haha, i love this thread....this is why i stay on this fourm even tho i dont have my ex anymore (brother bought it from me) u guys rock!
  25. J

    Strange Neighbor

    haha, it must be a san jose thing, my neighbor hates us parking ON THE STREET in front of her house, so i was parked there and sehe called me and said MOVE UR TRUCK , WE HAVE TO PARK THERE. i find out later that night that she left foa 2 week vacation that night and she parked there just so we...
  26. J

    serious problem......

    the threadson the old one looked screwed up
  27. J

    I would like to invite all of yall.....

    i joined, there is NO one there
  28. J

    Painted Garage Floor

    is that shelf wood or a rubber band?
  29. J

    How bikers dump their girlfriends

    getting ur spleen taken out makes u sick?!?!?! im so lucky than i was this - close to having mine taken out after i crashed mtn biking. :eek:
  30. J

    Gmail invites ive been trying to get one forever!
  31. J

    for everyone that knows anyhting about painting

    dang, i should try to find someone with a black tacoma and a green tailgate and just switch. i wisdh things were that easy. i feel bad repaining this tailgate casue the black paint is PERFECT! and about the drying time, i have another tailgate that i can throw on, or i dont even need one.
  32. J

    Gmail invites

    id appreciate one.... jajlouny1 at earthlink dot net thanks
  33. J

    for everyone that knows anyhting about painting

    where do you get paint from?? the dealer? if so i might be able to get it for less
  34. J

    for everyone that knows anyhting about painting

    so ur saying it should cost that much even though i do all the prep??? these shops werent even quality shops, i couldnt even get ahold of the main one...and whats with maacos 300?
  35. J

    for everyone that knows anyhting about painting

    i have a 98 taocma now and i just got a new tailgate for it which is black. my truck is dark green. how much should it cost to paint it dark green with me doing all the prep work?? the lowest i could get any shop is 200 , is this right??? i thought it would be under 100, its east to paint a...
  36. J

    Black Box in your car, WTF

    that idea is sooo stupid. they say that they coul have found out if the driver hit the gas instead of the break...but guess what...what would that do if they did find out???? would they warn everyone to make sure they har hitting the brake???? the people are already dead, its not like its gunna...
  37. J

    Running marked gas....

    whats marked gas?
  38. J

    Think I need to wash my girl's car...........

    svo, is that really her car...if so, its already on another board... lol
  39. J

    2001 XLT D44-SAS

    holy crap!!!!!!! thats a beast!! what size tires are you gunna run????/ 44s?