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    How to: 5R55E Valve Body Rebuild Diary

    So which kit is the best? As far as upgrade wise I have a small flare and it will randomly say check transmission!... when it says that it kicks real hard into 3rd ...
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    Got dimming, Big 3 already done, next step = new battery?

    what amp do you have?? also do you have a amp for the doors and one for the sub???
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    4.6L Head swap?

    the stock rockers work perfect... just take the heads off or order a set from cushman motorsports... he has some of the best heads out there..
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    Lowering kit? which one lowers the most???

    anyone ever cut a coil off the GF ones??? id hate to waste 400 dollar springs... for that price might as well have a set of custom ones made...
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    Factory sub enclosure

    sub box??? i have one for sale... its in my 2004 that im taking it out and going to a fiberglass setup and 2 12" subs... PM me if you're interested in the sub and amp...
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    anyone in texas??? trade?

    anyone want to trade my 3rd row for their none third row? i have a 04 EB... and i dont want the third row...
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    4.6L Head swap?

    you can use the heads from the f150 but its just a rocker.. why not just replace them? if you swap heads you will need to use the valve covers from the f150 and the 2 top bolts on the front timing cover...
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    Got a little ahead of myself with 02' eddie bauer edition stereo wiring

    you need the metra 70-5519 thats the one i used in my EB 04...
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    Anyone looking for sub system 2004?

    I am taking out the stock sub woofer system and amp from my 2004 explorer... and before i post it to ebay figured id ask here... stock 8 and box...
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    Finally got my 5.4... getting ready to drop it into my 04 Mountaineer

    the amount of trouble you have encountered on this is ridiculous..
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    Tork tech supercharger?

    that GS340 will hold some power... on a BAP they hold 700whp on DSMs and 4cyl turbo cars... those heads are alittle over kill i think for this build.. did you port the blower and fill silencer holes??
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    Lowering kit? which one lowers the most???

    and arent you a 2wd? or 4wd? belltech says their kit doesnt work with 4x4
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    GRINDING Front left wheel...

    well I replaced both... but broke the bolt that goes onto the uca... so I wont know if its fixed... all the teeth on the stock axle look fine... no signs of it jumping... the bearing looked rough...
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    Lowering kit? which one lowers the most???

    I have decided that its best if I lower my explorer... being up in the air as it is makes me want to just run **** over everywhere... so who makes a lowering kit that will lower a 4x4 the most??? belltech seems to say only rwd but its a 2/2.5 and then ground force is 1.6/1.6 I'd like the...
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    GRINDING Front left wheel...

    So I just became the owner of a 2004 EB 4X4 with a 4.6... it has 173k on it... now to the issue at hand... whenever im turning left there is a grinding coming from the front left wheel... doesn't do it when it turns right.. and every so often when making a uturn left of course the...