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    Opposite door ajar problem

    I have a 2005 explorer and I had the door ajar light on problem. Checked all the wires, they were fine. Replaced the door warning switch, and now the door ajar light goes off when the door is open, but comes on when closed. If I turn off the car with the door open, the radio stays on and then...
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    Bad bearings help

    Not yet, hoping to not have to worry about that for another 20k
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    Bad bearings help

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    Bad bearings help

    Thanks for the replies, turns out it was both power steering pump and water pump bearings. Power steering pump bearings we're beginning to go out, and had that defining wheeze/whine. And the water pump bearings we're shot but the pump seemed fine, no leaks at the weep hole or overheating...
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    Bad bearings help

    First time posting here, wanted to thank everyone for their awesome input. I have a 2005 4.0l v6 that's just started squealing again. I've replaced idler pulley, tensioner, and the harmonic balancer when it separated about 4 months ago, and it has a new continental elite belt (similar to...