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    Fog lights

    It is a real simple mod. I did it a while ago and i think all it takes is a wire splice and a 12" piece of wire. The box you have to mod it below the air intake on the v8 models.
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    Racing Seats

    I think you guys should see if recaro(i think thats who made them) will produce more xp8 seats. That would look clean and be a nice upgrade. probably expensive though.
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    98 Explorer 2WD --- Can it be lowered?

    what you will need is to do a reverse torsion twist and lowering blocks for the rear.... its a pretty simple process
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    Suggestions for SLIM Electric Fan

    I remember seeing people putting taurus SHO fans and shrouds in. They pull well and can be cheap if you get them from a junkyard. Something to consider before you spend lots on a new fa.
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    optima yellow tops have been know to last that long on a regular basis. i have seen them last up to 10. HOw would i check the alternator?
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    hey guys i have been messing around with audio install and headlights and stuff and ive noticed that i cant turn my radio up to as loud as i used to. When at the max before shutting off the lights on the stereo flicker. I can only assume that its not getting enough juice. Ive had a optima...
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    97 Mountaineer is in the shop for paint.

    haha i want some more pics.... but of that nice 2003/2004 cobra in your garage : ). Truck looks nice. wht are those saleen wheels off of?
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    Billet Grill on a 97 XLT?

    if you have a spare 4 wheeler choke cable you can hook it up to the top part of the latch and route the cable to a more accessible place.
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    Cruise Control LED Conversion (Pics)

    you can just use the stock + and - hookups on the board. IMO it was easier. I used a ranger forum to do this mod and it turned out great. I also put in 2 LED's.
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    i dont really know if you could do that with the stock lights. if you have another pair of spot lights you could easily wire them so that they come on when you select the high beams. I just did this last weekend with some new custom made headlights. This is a good write up that todd made that...
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    Advanced HID Install: Write-up

    it turns out i didn't have my dimmer plugged in all the way ..... just took me 3 hours to figure that out. Well now my truck is finally back to looking like a truck after having no grille for 4 weeks.
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    Advanced HID Install: Write-up

    I need some help guys . I made the seperate harness and I hooked it all up, but I just realized that none of my dash lights light up anymore. It is also telling me that I should check my headlights . I need help
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    95-01 Projector headlights, Part 2

    i installed my new projector headlights yesterday. I absolutely love the light output, even with halogen bulbs. however i did run into the a couple more problems then anyone else here had seemed to mention. this could have been due to the fact that i ordered mine from EBAY (racer union)...
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    chrome bulbs

    a cheap way to change the color of the bulbs is to use a high temp silver engine paint and lightly coat the amber bulbs.
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    95-01 Projector headlights, Part 2

    Celly i went back to the thread about cutting off one of the prongs on the foglight relay and they said it only worked for the 1999-2001 models = (. guess i will just have to wire it the 1997 way
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    95-01 Projector headlights, Part 2

    ahhh yes i did see someone who did that on the other thread, i guess it was you. A lot of people were opposed to doing that though because they would have to buy a new relay to change it back again. sorry for all the questions. Do your fogs then turn off with the ignition ? do you have to...
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    Advanced HID Install: Write-up

    hey todd i got a question for yah. I just ordered a pair of the projector/reflector 1 piece lights that just had a group buy on and was wanting to make it into a quad beam. Could i just use your same harness but have the output that you had set to the daylighters go to the reflectors?
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    95-01 Projector headlights, Part 2

    yeah i have come across that thread and all it requires is like a 4" piece of wire and some connetors. How has that been working out for you? what wattaage fogs do you have on there cause the forum had some concern about blowing the relay? ( it didnt really make sense to me, but i thought i...
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    MyDe-Chromeification begins

    i know that my ex doesn;t have that chrome piece there. I have a 1997 eddie bauer ex. you might be able to locate that piece in a junkyard
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    95-01 Projector headlights, Part 2

    SO basically the kit that allows you to have both the projectors and the reflectors on when the "high beams" are turned on is just a relay and some wires? Has anyone done this before AND had on two 55w fog lights on aswell. I am looking to turn night into day when my new lights come in and...
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    Steering Wheel Lights (Gone?)

    if you really wanted to you can do an led swap fairly easy... i forgot where i had found the forum but its on here somewhere. if i remember correctly the guy had a ranger and did it . IF YOU do do an led swp make sure that you put in two , or else only one of the controls will light up...
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    95-01 Projector headlights, Part 2

    i knew i should have ordered them before i left for the weekend.... well i guess i will just have to pay the full price
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    95-01 Projector headlights, Part 2

    where do i sign up for the group buy? i am in for a set of clear ones without the HID kit
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    95-01 Projector headlights, Part 2

    Are these non hid bulbs??? I am really considering this mod, but i am just not understanding this fully. i have a few questions. 1. how does the wiring harness hookup considering there is only one driving light output on the stock headlilghts? 2. when the high beams are on, are both the...
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    mustang rims on 98x

    i have 1997 cobra rims on my 97x..... they are 17" and i can fit a 265/65/17 destination a/t with a little bit of rubbing but they are fine. Does anyone know if i could put the 2005+ rouch racing rims on an explorer??? I havent seen it done but i absolutely love those wheels...
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    Inexpensive Mods are the Best.

    your truck looks very similar to mine. If i didnt have the eddie bauer kit i probably would have painted the bumped like you have done.. looks great
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    added fog lights IN TO a steel 95-98 front bumper

    did you ever get around to painting the bulbs? if you did could you post a pic of the front end again?
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    added fog lights IN TO a steel 95-98 front bumper

    the reason why i said to just paint them with silver high temp paint is because it is cheap... and imo better then the silverstar bulbs.
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    added fog lights IN TO a steel 95-98 front bumper

    looks great.... a simple thing that might make the front end look a tad better ..... paint those disgusting turn signal bulbs. Take a light coat of silver 500 degree engine paint to them and it will eliminate that yellow glare they give off when the lights are off. they will still flash yellow...
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    1999-2001 grille

    thats basically the look i am going for but i am buying perferated aluminum sheet and then i plan on mounting the lights in the grille. but i am still trying to figure out if the 3 piece grille from the 1999-2001 explorers fits into the 1997 model.
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    1999-2001 grille

    i am working on customizing my grille, but in the process i broke it. Does anyone know if te 1999-2001 grille will fit into a 1997 explorer. They look identical, but the only difference is that the 1999-2001 grill is a 1 piece instead of a 3 piece. thanks
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    new color in dash

    i am playing around with an extra cluster right now, and it is possible to sand off the color backing on the gauges. after doing this sometimes people buy colored scotch tape and put a layer of it behind where they wanted it to show(especially on the needles). I was also under the impression...
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    (MPGs) Hydro 4000 / Fitch fuel catalyst. Truth or hype?

    Yes, i understand the whole whole dumping in more fuel theory to account for the extra oxygen. Howeve it isn't just O2 that is going into the engine. you have to remember that H2 is also going into the engine, which acts as fuel. And in the process of electrolysis of water you get for every...
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    (MPGs) Hydro 4000 / Fitch fuel catalyst. Truth or hype?

    Not in my car, but like i said earlier i have experimented with them on weedwacker and edger motors. The only thing that i would maybe be worried about would be a hotter burn, since the added oxygen and leaner burn. If you search HHO cars on youtube or something like that you can see a bunch...
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    Pics of my Explorer... and a thanks.

    Like the lowered look. IMO it look tenfold better with a set of 97 cora wheels and some 265-45-17's . Oh yeah and some paint on the back driver side piller. However looks good.
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    (MPGs) Hydro 4000 / Fitch fuel catalyst. Truth or hype?

    The system does not produce enough water liquid to hurt your engine. It filters the gas out throught a bubbler so only the gaseous O2 and H2 are put into your cyliners. It functions the same as nitrous, but without the pressure and amount injected. It is alot slower and produces more...
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    Caliper Color?

    hey i have used the g2 kit from ebay. Mine seem to be holding up just fine. No to expensive and fairly easy. I didn't even take the calipers off.
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    Will these Mustang wheels fit?

    yo just get a set of 97 cobra wheels and some tires. What color is your ex? There is a little bit of rubbing with 265/65/17's but you could always but 255/70/17's on them. Oh wait you are lowered. well 265/45/17's then maybe
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    (MPGs) Hydro 4000 / Fitch fuel catalyst. Truth or hype?

    yeah, i didn't say there weren't negatives, but that is pretty sweet. I think the welder can cut through 1/2" plate, i thought i saw that on the website also, but i might be wrong.
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    (MPGs) Hydro 4000 / Fitch fuel catalyst. Truth or hype?

    HHO is the next revolution. It has been around for a while, but oil companies don't want to show you the real alternatives. Ethanol is a piece of C***, it is more expensive to make and is less efficient. HOwever biodiesel is another good alternative, but i have yet to see a powerstroke in an...