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    Check AdvanceTrac message and ABS problem

    '03 4.6l Eddie Bauer. Had a christmas tree lighting ceremony on my dashboard the other day. Normal driving and no issues and had Check AdvanceTrac message in my console, ABS light came on, traction control light came on, and 4x4 High light would flash a few times and then turn off only to...
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    Thanks. Also looking for the best place to get an owners manual. Mine, of course, came without one. I would have never found my brake wiring harness w/o this forum. Who puts things like that behind the glovebox? :)
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    Traded in my 99 XLT for an 03 Eddie Bauer 4.6l V8 with the tow package. Actually planning on towing with it and looking around for info on the best mode to tow decent weight on the highway between the auto, low, and high 4x4 options. Never had an answer and my 99 was AWD only so I never...