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  1. J

    how do I know if I have a 4.6 windsor eng in my 02 limited

    You are doing this for preventative maintenance? I have not ever heard of chains failing. Just my 2 cents, but I would replace the guides and tensioners, but leave the chains alone. Your engine is of the Romeo design with Romeo heads.
  2. J

    5.4 SOHC swap completed

    Pictures would be awesome if we could see pictures of steps throughout the swap. Did you use any knock sensors? Would a custom tune need a/f measurements from a dyno?
  3. J

    How to change intake on 4.6L V8

    Excellent post with great pictures. I chose to go with the OEM intake, as I read a lot of bad things about the Dorman intake on several other forums, not sure if I'm allowed to mention which. I got it for $184 at this link:
  4. J

    Replace Cat Converter on 03 Mountaineer

    I would like to answer the original question. I have some thoughts. STAY AWAY from that direct-fit kit from Eastern Catalytic, especially on Rock Auto. I bought it on Rock Auto and it was a big mistake. In the past, I have been employed by a fab shop, and I have worked around many different...
  5. J

    Finally got my 5.4... getting ready to drop it into my 04 Mountaineer

    Did you finish or did you run into a roadblock and start working on something else? What's happening?
  6. J

    Advice? 02 V8 w/ 164k asking $4,000?

    Whatever you do, use a non-blended fully synthetic 5w-20 oil and Motorcraft oil filter. The rod bearings have a history of failing on these engines. With nothing but Mobil 1 and FL-820s, the aluminum modular will run forever. It would also be a good idea to drain and refill differential...
  7. J

    Engine Upgrade

    It would probably be better to just look for one with the 4.6L already in it from the factory to replace yours. Out of all the engine swap upgrades out there, this one would probably not rank well in regards to the effort/outcome ratio.
  8. J

    4.6L Head swap?

    The Explorer uses Romeo heads. The Triton engines use Windsor heads. Your best bet is heads from 01-04 Mustang GT, as they are the exact same. You can be safe by counting the valve cover bolts. Check out these links for info on 4.6L and which models had engines from which factory...
  9. J

    is it possible to drop a 5r55 transmission while lying on my back in the driveway?

    This thing makes it a lot easier:
  10. J

    Intake Manifold gasket questions 4.8L V8

    Change out the fuel vapor hoses and make sure the egr tube is not starting to build up with any gunk.
  11. J

    Finally got my 5.4... getting ready to drop it into my 04 Mountaineer

    I do not see the raised bosses in the valley of the 5.4L block for the knock sensors. Do you have a plan for the knock sensors or will it be tuned out?
  12. J

    knock sensor eliminator?

    The golden information I have been looking for. THANKS!
  13. J

    Blown head gasket - repair head or replace engine?

    It would probably be better to start a new thread for your issue and just reference back to this old thread. How did the warranty company find sealant in the coolant? Did they request a sample or something? Almost sounds like a scam.
  14. J

    How do you get the starter out?

    Brian is correct. Loosening a motor mount bolt or whatever else is unnecessary. This bolt is commonly referred to as the B*TCH BOLT. Some folks leave the bolt out when they put everything back together. I always put it back in myself. I use one of these to help me...
  15. J

    Engine/transmission mating issue

    How important is it that the flexplate holes go back on the lined up with exact same torque converter studs as it came off? I tried to get the red marks lined back up when putting the engine in, but it looks like I got it off by one hole during the wrestling match to get it in.
  16. J

    knock sensor eliminator?

    Subscribing. I will be trying to figure this out soon myself, as I have swapped a Mustang 4.6L cast iron engine from a 2003 model into my 2002 Explorer. The cast iron block does not have the raised bosses for the knock sensor, only the one in the center. I had considered stacking the two...
  17. J

    Ghost Rider - back from the dead

    Congratulations on all of your hard work. I really hope that I get the same kind of results on mine.
  18. J

    Replaced front wheel bearing, but still have a noise.. your opinion?

    I have done the exact same thing. I replaced the one on the right side, noise did not go away. So I took the one I thought was bad and swapped it with the one on the left, and viola! Problem solved.
  19. J

    4.6 Timing Chain repair - 1st time/Newbie Mechanic SUPPORT NEEDED!

    I didn't realize that. I can confirm however, that 2wd does not require pulling the engine to drop the pan. Yes get new valve cover gaskets. The crank pulley bolts are so cheap, why not replace? I've heard stories both ways, some say it is fine to reuse, and some say they have seen them...
  20. J

    pull motor to clean oil pickup or no?

    Engine does not have to be pulled to get to the pickup tube, just drop the oil pan. Is it 2wd or 4wd? It is much easier with 2wd. The pickup tube can easily be cleaned from underneath. However, if cam caps were shot, I suspect that isn't your only problem. Before I did anything else, I...
  21. J

    oil pressure gauge keeps droping out

    Any updates on what happened next? Did you try changing out the oil pressure switch? Try one of these: Drain the oil and look for glitter.
  22. J

    wont go faster than 35 mph

    I know that the OP's problem has already been solved, but I just wanted to chime in for anyone else that reads this thread in the future. Do NOT buy Eastern Catalytic direct fit! The savings are just not worth the shoddy work. If I had it to do all over again I would have spent the extra...
  23. J

    Leaking coolant from thermostat housing!

    Thanks for coming back to update what ended up happening. Here is what the gaskets look like, and I have been unable to find a part number to order replacements. I'm thinking that replacement gaskets do not exist.
  24. J

    Seat belt chime stays on for 5 minutes

    I think it is a little premature in the troubleshooting process for the end-all solution of dealer appointment. First, try and see what happens if you buckle the seatbelt before you insert the key and start it up. Then see hat happens when you just unplug the wire.
  25. J

    Low Oil pressure light on Help a newbie

    Was it the oil pressure switch? What ended up happening? I have a feeling that you already know the answer to this question. The low oil pressure light is the "death light."
  26. J

    Differences between Mustang 4.6 and Explorer 4.6?

    Here are the engine builder links that matt0248 speaks of: Another favorite...
  27. J

    5.4 swap 03 Mounty

    You should make a youtube video of it launching and accelerating WOT from both inside and outside the vehicle.
  28. J

    Oil Filter Adapter Housing Gasket

    I think it must be because there are enough people with car problems that don't want to learn how to fix things on there own around here. Didn't realize my part of the world was so different from everywhere else. The way things "should" be are not always reality. It makes a great story, though.
  29. J

    2002 Explorer again????!!

    Bad battery connection? Do you have a lot of corrosion around the battery terminals?
  30. J

    Engine/transmission mating issue

    That is good news. I am glad it got worked out too. I was starting to think that because of this issue, that maybe I should drop my transmission and bolt them together outside the truck and then put them in together. Now that I see it was just TC sliding forward, I will continue on as planned.
  31. J

    will these heads fit?

    1. Shape of the ports 2. Ladder caps Vs. individual cam caps and 3. Drilled holes in the raised bosses on the left side for the high mount power steering pump.
  32. J

    Oil Filter Adapter Housing Gasket

    I have found that most mechanics will charge a minimum of $250 to do anything. They cannot stay in business by doing things for $50 here and there.
  33. J

    Knock sensor

    Yes I am pretty sure that is correct. Left side (driver) gets the short wire, right side gets the long wire.
  34. J

    Will Grand Marquis 4.6 replace Explorer 4.6?? Trouble In Paradise!!!

    Yes, I too am interested if the A/C compressor worked with the Grand Marquis timing cover and accessories. I do not think the Grand Marquis block had raised bosses, so there really isn't anywhere safe to drill for knock sensors. Do the ribs on the power steering pulley line up with the...
  35. J

    will these heads fit?

    No, I'm talking about the bottom end of the 2002 Explorer engine, not the bottom end of the Mustang donor engine with the replacement heads. Do they look the heads from the Explorer engine and the Mustang engine look the same? The differences are really obvious.
  36. J


    check the modified forum instead of the stock forum. There are hundreds of posts about that kind of stuff there. Also, be a little more specific with the title of your message if you actually expect anyone to respond.
  37. J

    will these heads fit?

    Rebuilt in 2001 is definitely confusing. However, the shape of the port holes cannot be mistaken. Do the heads have the cam cages and the same number of valve cover bolts? Windsor engines had cam caps instead of cam cages and 2 less valve cover bolts per side. What do the rods look like...
  38. J

    will these heads fit?

    Also, what you bought was a long block rather than a short block. Short block = engine block, crankshaft balanced with the pistons, rods, oil pump, main caps long block = short block plus heads, cams, timing gear, timing chains If it was sold to you as a short block, then there may be...
  39. J

    will these heads fit?

    Yes they absolutely will fit. The Mustang only use the Windsor style heads for the 1999 and 2000 model years. Starting in 2001 and going through 2004 they used the Romeo heads, which are the same heads as the aluminum Explorer block. Check out these links to learn more about the differences...
  40. J

    Bad Cats and Misfire

    Sounds a lot like the problems I had with mine. I replaced all the cats, plugs & boots, and leaky valve cover gasket, and the problem was still there. Mine was showing misfires on 5&6. Swapping coils didn't change it. I never did get it figured out and about a year later the engine spun a...