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    Duner's 6" Lift Kit Group Buy Thread

    I reached out to the person who claimed to have bought the files, including in an explorer group. He deleted the posts about having the files, blocked me on Facebook and left all the explorer groups. I simply asked about the file and if he would sell and that was the response I got. After doing...
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    Duner's 6" Lift Kit Group Buy Thread

    So I have a semi update. I’ve found someone on Facebook that has supposedly bought and produced the CAD file. I have reached out to him with no response so far. Fingers crossed
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    Duner's 6" Lift Kit Group Buy Thread

    Every time someone bumps these threads i have a glimmer of hope Duner has come back and is ready to make some money and sell these things. Then my hope is crushed when I see a newbie has bumped a 7 year old thread.
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    4.6l with supercharger (pics only)

    Do the AU Market vehicles have an extra bulb in the headlight housing?
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    4.0 timing tool set

    I walked in to local shops, ended up renting it for the cost of coffee and donuts.
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    Ranger vs. Explorer FRONT Bumper

    I have been wondering this for a long time, as everyone says that the ranger body lift bumper brackets work. But that also raises the question of when it does bolt up will the modifications needed to make it fit the grille/headlights/wheel wells make it more cost effective to just build from...
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    BWM Brown Wire Mod 3rd Gen

    Instead of tearing apart the interior and creating another whole wiring harness has anyone put these on the #17 and #18 fuses?
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    4.0 timing tool set

    Does anyone have a set they would like to sell or rent? The only places that have them in stock are $400 plus, I am trying to do this myself without breaking the bank, budget is tight.
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    For Sale Bi-Xenon Retrofit 3rd gen

    I'll take them, let me know what shipping will be to 01952.
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    I always make sure to turn overdrive off when towing and change my trans fluid every spring. I tow pretty frequently with my explorer spring through fall and have never had any issues. A 17' four winns, a couple utility trailers and a camper 2 times a year.
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    Pics 4" lift!!!

    ..... Did you look at the dates of this post
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    Wanted Windshield visor

    Sorry to bump a 2 year old thread but I am still searching high and low for one of these, anybody have one they want to get rid of?
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    For Sale Bi-Xenon Retrofit 3rd gen

    I'm Very interested, if those are a bi-xenon does that mean the factory high beam area is none functional?
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    Rim machining

    Even if they do not fit a heavy grit flapper wheel will take care of the .3 mm with ease.
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    Dual exhaust with a Flowmaster?

    Best bet is single in single out. Put a Y after it goes over the axel as the space, as far as I can tell, is limited.
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    Rear Hatch Swap

    I busted out my rear window and bought one from a wrecking yard. Turns out 02 was different then the rest so now the window has no struts. I'm curious to know also
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    my offroad 2002 x with winch and snorkel setup

    The winch is absolutely killing your approach and departure angles. You need to find a way to move it up
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    Rear Alignment Issues (Lifted 2.25/1.75)

    I don't have any input on your problem, mine aligned arrow straight after the lift. But I am very curious about your control arms. Do you have a thread somewhere about how you did them?
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    My halo project.

    These are Flashtechs for the dodge magnum because I already had them But they do produce explorer ones.
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    My halo project.

    Saturday night I was bored and it was cold and rainy. So I pulled the headlights off to reseal them. 12 years and 115,000 miles they were clean but starting to condensate on wet mornings. As soon as I pulled them apart and started looking I got an idea. Went out to the garage, and found my...
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    any one know of a possible twin turbo for and 03 explorer xlt 4.0

    Anything is possible with deep pockets. I think you need to take a step back and check your budget and your goals. Then figure out if an explorer is a good starting point as a base for your project.
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    any one know of a possible twin turbo for and 03 explorer xlt 4.0

    There are no kits. There is a company that offers a supercharger kit, moddbox I believe.
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    33x12.50r20 os -12 with btf spacers?

    Find a junk socket and a 5 lb sledge. Slam it on and viola, locking lug comes off.
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    RAPTOR Grill for Explorers? I've been looking at these for a bit. When money isn't so tight I will be buying these and a mesh grille to put them on.
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    Where could I get a cheap brush guard? $250 off ebay
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    New England Explorers - Still Active?

    I'm in northeast mass near seacoast nh, can't believe there's only 4 members in New England
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    33x12.50r20 os -12 with btf spacers?

    Quick google searh shows 34 lbs each.
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    33x12.50r20 os -12 with btf spacers?

    Where are the pictures?
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    33x12.50r20 os -12 with btf spacers?

    Pretty excited to see how this turns out
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    33x12.50r20 os -12 with btf spacers?

    Glad your stepping up and trying it out. I'm interested to see how this combo looks.
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    2003 XLT with Cooper Discoverer ATP 265/75/16

    Got mine from discount tire last year for $500 shipped plus $100 mail in rebate. For what I paid I can't complain. I do a lot of highway driving . As far as wear goes I would give them a 10/10. In the snow if say eh 6/10. And they are louder then expected but not bad. Overall I'd say I got a...
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    M/Ts for a stock 2005 with 17'' wheels

    I'm running 265/75 16 with btf lift and I rub at lock. I'm going to 235/85 16 Saturday. 1/10th an inch larger in diameter and 1.20 inches narrower. I'm looking for no rub and better snow traction. Not worried about the tall narrow look because I am going to swap out aftermarket wheels and 33"...
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    Possible 4.0 K&N for 3rd gens?

    Volant makes a bolt in kit for 2002-03 I believe Edited link in
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    Wheel Spacers What Brand?

    I ran 2.25" wheel spacers on my widened factory wheels on my last vehicle. Drag strip passes, daily driving, running down the highway, left them on with factory wheels with snow tires. Never had an issue and I can promise you I didn't die, nor did they ever make an attempt on my life. I say go...
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    Explorer Down Pipes and Corsa Exhaust Exclusively from Livernois Motorsports

    I had a corsa xtreme on my hemi magnum before trading it in. Before that I had slp system a magnaflow system and a flow master. The comparison is apples to oranges. The corsa was twice the money. But it was all stainless, dead silent at a cruise, amazing tone at idle and when you put your foot...
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    SCT SF3 tire size question

    So in my wifes EX the door sticker says it came with 235/75-16s. It now has 265/75-16s. I used a tire size calculator that said the factory size tire rotates or revs 675 times a mile and the new tire size is 637 revs or rotations per mile. So I used the SF3 and plugged in 635 revs per mile as it...
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    BTF Fabrication Explorer Lift Coil Spacer discussions

    So I ordered the BTF spacers for my wifes ex 32 days ago, sent the paypal as requested. Done deal right? Ehhhh. Called a few times, got nothing. Finally got through and he said he was out of the shop and would call me back. Never did. Any reason I should be worried other then the fact I am out...
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    Wanted BTF spacers

    Seeing if I can save a few bucks buying a used set. Looking for a set of BTF spacers for the better halves 2002 explorer. I would the max Brandon sells. I believe it is 2.25" & 1.75". Correct me if I am wrong. I don't have much down time so I am not on here much. If you have a set please shoot...
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    still want lift spacers?

    So when are you going to start taking orders on these?
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    New member

    Hi all, my fiance and I purchased an 02 explorer xlt last night. After driving a few we found one we both really liked and traded in her mustang on it. Since its her vehicle I wont be doing a ton to it. Looking for a grille guard and some different wheels/tires for before winter. I have also...