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    If your name is dot and you like them, then you must approve of them...:rolleyes: All joking aside I do not believe that they are anymore... I haven't wheeled them yet, but before the locks I used to run 14psi, I changed my tire deflators down to 8psi and will go from there... No there...
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    I didn't know where to put this, so I figure why not here... So It only took me 3 months to get them finished and installed...after many frustrating hours, hundreds of bolts, plenty of welding....they are finally done! Bad Pics, but none the less... Ta DA!!! BEADLOCKS!
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    New to Denver

    doing you said the 35's do take a toll on ball joints and wheel bearings...never broke a cv yet though
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    New to Denver

    is that the plan now jim...solid axle?
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    Return from Truckhaven OCT 2009

    got my april issue today, nice little 2 page feature on page 74-75... I was just glancing at it and all the sudden I saw a Jurassic park explorer and then I was like wow, even more explores I know
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    A 96 explorer with 35s

    Yes 35's are bigger and will give you more ground clearance, yes they are bigger and will put more stress on parts... You do not need them to go offroading but do they help usually I have been on 35's for over two years now with a 2" body lift, AAL, Shackles, and Torsion twist up front...I did...
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    Winter run/meet amd greet ideas

    may be interested on some run soon
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    Looking for 2nd gen tranny

    Could try RiverSide Truck and Auto in Greeley, ((970) 339-5338‎)...they have a lot of stuff and its all SUV/trucks etc.
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    Looking to do a run November 7th

    Run was good, It ended up being AccordRanger, Myself, and a Toyota... So with only three of us we ran up there and blitzed the trail real quick, only thing to mention really was that where the creek crosses the trail in one part it freezes and as I am driving along I pass it, and then I hear a...
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    Warrior 153 shackles install with pics

    No dumb questions as long as you are actually gaining something form it...and As a matter a fact you can do that, it is called a Spring Over Axle (SOA) the sticky thread right below this one ( shows all about it
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    Colorado Colors Run 09

    I wanted to do this run last year so want to follow it at least for now
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    What has happened to all the CO area people?

    I work in greeley, and live in johnstown, and always down for a good trail run...since I found a 93' on the linked site I am taking it that, that is you with the D44 & D60 setup?
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    show off your LIFTED truck - photo thread

    Thanks.......They are 15x10"s w/ I think 4" I'd have to double check that but I believe thats correct
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    show off your LIFTED truck - photo thread

    Since we shut down shop early today, I decided I would get a lil work done on the X and get some requested pictures... And a few more cause there is some snow left over from last weeks storm... ( From front.....Don't mind the driver side tire lean, I have been driving the stooper duty cause...
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    Glow in the Dark Plug Wire

    JR. Dragsters that are running methanol, Some of those guys add scents...I've smelled everything from grape to apple and all in between...When tearing apart those engines it just leaves that scent all over everything,
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    show off your LIFTED truck - photo thread

    I dont have any pics, right now....I will have to get some though Yes, I did have to trim the front(kinda a hack job IMO and have not got back to cleaning it up yet)....the rear I did not, but I do rub when I am flexing but street driving I do not
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    show off your LIFTED truck - photo thread

    new rollie roundy things as well.... 35x12.50x15 BFG KM2's
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    Goodrich KM2s ? Anybody Opinions

    I just got them on the X, I used to have 35x12.5x15 BFG mt's not a bad tire but not outstanding after getting these... I have had them for about 1,000 miles... One trail run as of now, and they are well worth it in my eyes... One thing I noticed about them is they don't bulge out like the old...
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    2002 Sport Trac SAS finally begins

    price wise?
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    2002 Sport Trac SAS finally begins

    What would you be looking to get out of the front end (all you included)...I would always like to do a SAS as well but no hurt in checking out options... Just pm me thank you...
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    What has happened to all the CO area people?

    aw ARB's for the FJ...sweet!!!
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    What has happened to all the CO area people?

    I don't remember China wall being that off chamber...but then again it was a while ago... Chinamans is pretty fun, used to be doable in a almost stock it is getting to the point where some simple protection and a locker and a little lift is recommended 410 Check out
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    What has happened to all the CO area people?

    I am not a official member but I do visit there often... I how ever am part of a forum/club w.e. you want to call it Rock Mountain Ford Truck Club ( and wheel with some people from there... I have wanted to go to moab every year, just haven't committed to it yet.... And RMFTC we...
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    What has happened to all the CO area people?

    I'm still here...(says the tiny voice) I don't know if many people know me or not....I have not been as active around here as I used to be. Got into a new job last year so just been busy trying to make sure that is good. Got out a couple times last year, not as much as I'd like but hey...
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    Project "Flatlander" 2002 Mounty Build-up to 450+rwhp

    Instead of him saying 550 on the stock bottom end is definitely not a problem, I believe that he is saying rebuilding the bottom end is definitely not a problem...
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    How to: Convert V8 AWD to BW 4406 Manual Shift- A how to thread

    I found some out at a junkyard by my work and this was because I was just looking for the linage for mine, and he was asking $350 for the manual, then like 450 or 500 something like that for the electronic...cant member wasn't really interested in those I happened to come across one that at a...
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    I Want More! Add a Leaf?

    A common setup that some people from the forum run is powerslot rotors and hawk performance pads, but it seems you have your brake pads all ready picked...
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    I Want More! Add a Leaf?

    I have a 2in Bl and it is not needed for that...if you go to a 3in BL then you do need it it is simple...when you do the bl just undo the bolt that holds the steering shaft together and then you just put in the spacer... very simple once you see it... idk if you just want the brake lines...
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    I Want More! Add a Leaf?

    A body lift seems like a big task, but its really not once you get into to takes a bit of time not because it is hard and you need lots of tools and knowledge...but because it is just a lot of little things that add up "easy work just lots of it" If you have a socket set, a jack or...
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    weird noise at start up?

    I am going to guess that you have the 4.0L is a very common problem to have the timing chain tensioner on those engines go, which could be the cause of the problem, yes replacing it or having someone do it is not the cheapest, but if your timing goes can go down hill quickly...
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    can u lift awd

    if the question was directed towards me, well no I have not had any overheated once right after I got the 33's and the Body lift on I was to excited and forgot to move the fan shroud up so the fan was hitting it and therefore it overheated...but that was all my fault and a simple fix
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    can u lift awd

    .......:mad: not very pleased jon, not one bit.... lol, I thought I saw a post of you asking about it but doesn't hurt to ask anyways Can't believe it...low and not so slow....dont believe it.... High and ready to fly or something
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    can u lift awd

    Getting a bit SASsy are we? anything planned for the old superlift yet?
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    can u lift awd

    Here is mine..also not AWD any more...switched over to the BW-4406 T-case is still a gen 2 ( mine a 99) 4 door Explorer with the 302 IFS up front I have 2" of body lift, almost 2"s of torsion twist, and warrior-153 shackles, and the pro comp add-a-leaf...and on 35x12.5x15 BFG MT's
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    Photos *Official* Return from CCR08 - Ouray Colorado Pics and Trip Reports

    Jon, I was only born a year after burns...not sure Im helping here but hey! thats what we are all make you feel even worse when you are feeling down...:p: jk
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    Finally got my rims...22s almost done

    I am not one really for the rims and keeping the car clean "mines always dirty" but I do have to say that it is a clean looking X Good job on it!
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    Torsion/Coilover Conversion

    Thank you so much, I may begin my swap here shortly...just need to work out all the little details... 750 or 800...10in or 12in...all that but your word has given me lot better view of things.... I am one of the few gen II like you running 35's with no actual lift kit or anything major like...
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    Photos *Official* Return from CCR08 - Ouray Colorado Pics and Trip Reports

    Sounds amazing...I wish I could have made it just to much stuff going on at the time.... I was really curious to see how ur sport would wheel Jenni...Im just glad that the body didn't fall off the frame...I mean considering brett, jim and I put the BL on...thats scary!!!:p: and also Jon...