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    For Sale 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac XLT V8, NAV

    Great truck, always garaged.
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    400hp Supercharged

    If I keep the V8 ST as many of you may remember, I've been considering supercharging assuming the gearbox would cope. In Boca Raton Florida, I was researching Mustang specialists (as I want to build a track mustang) and came across this: So of...
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    2006 Explorer 6 speed transmission shifting issue - update

    Let me recommend a regular gearbox flush (every 30k or so) it made the world of difference to mine and if your lucky they might do the TSB as part of the flush.
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    Heater control bulb replacement for blue LED

    With one of the bulbs gone on the heater control on my 07 Sport-trac XLT, I thought I'd take advantage of the situation and replace them with blue LED. Can anyone confirm what type of bulb it is? I'm thinking a 194 but don't want to pull the dash just to check the bulb. I'll probably go...
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    How do you remove the light switch

    Hi guys I want to take off the light switch on my 07 Sport Trac so I can re-wire it so the lights come on with the ignition. The drivers here in Houston are so bad, I'm hoping having all my lights on my help get noticed a little more. I made the mistake of driving home past a school at home...
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    Installing 8" subs in doors as per Mustang Saker 500

    Oh yeah!!! No seriously, I was hoping someone knew from memory before I had to do that.
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    Installing 8" subs in doors as per Mustang Saker 500

    I'm consider buying some kicker 8" subs to mount in the doors, just below the arm rest. So directly next to your kidneys!!!! :D My idea is to create a system a little (but better) like the Shaker on the GT and utilising the Mustang sub grilles they'll match the tan interior trim I have...
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    Saw the 2011 Explorer today - "naked"

    When we got our 07 Explorer the other option we were considering was the Land Rover LR3. This looks like the new Explorer has taken some of the LR3 gadgets and thus could be very capable off road. We'll have to see. Why did I bye the Explorer over the LR3? 30,000 or 57,000 made the decision easy.
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    Odd noise from dash

    No it's is still there ac or no ac.
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    Jerky gear change

    Not beef Jerky!!! I've always heard of the gear issues on the V8 and only had one slight issue when it was new. But this current problem doesn't seem to be the same as most peoples!!!??? The gear change is really jerky. It used to be so smooth but as the miles build it seems to be getting...
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    Odd noise from dash

    I have a very odd tapping noise from behind the speedometer/rev counter. Doesn't matter if the car is moving or not, in fact I hear it better when stopped. But it sounds like an annoying child constantly tapping and I have a temp fix that works the same for both cases...... turn up the radio...
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    Do Explorer and Expedition get the same mpg?

    my 4.6 V8 07 Explorer get 16-17 around town and over 20 on road trips...... maybe I'm a grandpa of a driver but I've never had mpg in the low teens!!!!! Agree above about the exped, it is a really big SUV and although it would be great for road trips with the olds, how often do you do that and...
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    2011 Explorer gets ECOboost twinturbo V6?

    Wonders if the new Mustang 5.0 will make it's way into the 2011 Explorer??? That would be great, especially with the lighter weight!!! Bit of a shame the sport trac has to go, we love not having a truck but not having an SUV either, it ticks all our boxes.
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    Saw the 2011 Explorer today - "naked"

    Do you think the Cow paint will be an option, you can get flowers on a new fiesta, so why not cow prints on the new explorer?
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    What is the thing on the windshield?

    What is the thing on the windshield behind the review mirror? Looks like a sensor of kind, but I don't have auto lights, wipers. Is it some kind of government tracking device???? lol
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    resetting the oil change warning on the computer.

    Could my reset button not be working? What the hell!!!! Everyone has confirmed I am doing all the things as I should but the damn thing won't reset!!!!!! I sure it's not rocket science!!!!
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    Brenspeed Supercharged Sport-trac

    Perhaps before the tow truck arrives? I'm pretty serious about the idea of putting a supercharger on my ST but the other half needs it to be reliable as she drives at very unsocialable hours. Can someone else be the test monkey and try it first!!!! lol
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    Brenspeed Supercharged Sport-trac

    Has anyone got any experience of these guys? In the road test (closed road!!! lol) the gear change sounded a little odd!!!! They claim 500hp but I wonder if the gearbox can cope with that?
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    resetting the oil change warning on the computer.

    Well I've tried and tried all of the above and just can't get the bloody thing to reset. Maybe I'm wearing the wrong colour underpants? :D
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    resetting the oil change warning on the computer.

    Does anybody know the secret combination for resetting the oil change warning on the computer? My last service they forgot to do it AGAIN!!! So I want to know how to clear it as they forget 9 times out of 10. Isn't it: Open the door Open drivers window 7/8 of an inch Roll up one trouser...
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    How To remove and paint your front grille

    I love the headlights, I may have to do that on mine. I was looking to get them smoked but prefer what you've done. A tip for masking hard parts like lettering. (wouldn't work on the ford badge but you may find it handy elsewhere) smear dish dish soap rather than mask, then cut around the...
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    Do I really need and extended warranty?

    We've got the Ford ESP as well, brilliant, and only cost 650-700 for the top notch warranty.
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    How easy is it to fit auto headlights?

    Now that I like!!!! but I wonder how involved the fitting is?
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    How easy is it to fit auto headlights?

    While I'm at it, what about fitting the climate control from the limited? Is it a simple swap on controls?
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    How easy is it to fit auto headlights?

    Is it an easy fix to have auto headlights or even have the lights just stay on whenever the ignition is on? I miss the auto headlights from my last car but do like the safety of having lights on during the day, especially on hot Texas days.
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    Leaning over on flat roads.

    Leaning over on flat roads. Hi guys. I've noticed that my Sport Trac sits lower on the drivers side than it does on the passenger. (no comments on my weight please as I'm a mere 190 Ibs) I suspected it may be tire related and as the tires were due I replaced them hoping it would clear the...
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    KKM Intake -- LUV IT !!!!

    nice I've had mine for a few months now. Pick up and vocals are great and I would say that 0-60 is now better, but I've seen no gain in MPG.
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    In dash DVD / navigation

    yes Mine does yes. Is it linked?
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    In dash DVD / navigation

    good install I changed my factory unit for a Kenwood 6019 back when I got my Sport Trac. The good thing with the Kenwood is it has the Garmin which (IMHO) is the best of the nav systems and it is also double din. It looks factory and has worked great with backup camera, Nav, ipod control and...
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    KKM Intake -- LUV IT !!!!

    oh yeah!!! I've just ordered one for my 07 4.6 sport trac. I'm not overly worried about performance gain as IMHO it is just a truck, but I would like to hear those V8 vocals which everyone loves on the mustangs and the expo really deserves. Has anyone put an exhaust on the V8 yet? Concerned...
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    impressive MPG observed

    Yeah, our stock V8 does really well on the MPG front. We've done many miles of loaded travel (sport trac V8) which include scooters, windsurf gear and mountain bikes and we often pull over 20mpg.
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    2008 explorer v6 vs v8

    V8 The V8 is way faster, I had the V6 as a company car and the V8 as my own and there really is no comparison. The V8 gearbox alone makes for better kick down and accelerate.
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    What do you REALLY think about your '06+????

    yes We use to get 25-27 on our V8 XLT which I thought was amazing!!! Around town it was only 16-18
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    RIP our 07 Sport Trac V8

    Last night an uninsured guy in a Ford Expedition (with a kid in his car) jumped a red light in front of my girlfriend while she was driving our Sport Trac. She ended up t-boning him at a fair speed and I'm amazed the people in the Exp survived the impact. But what really made me feel good is how...
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    Hacking the Navigation System?

    I hated the standard ford Nav system and the fact that it wasn't ipod compatible. So I lost the entire ford sound system and replaced it with a Kenwood 6019 Nav/DVD system with new speakers and ipod dock in the glove compartment. The whole deal cost alot less than $1,000 which makes the ford nav...
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    Help installing aftermarket stereo

    Check the crunchfield website and see that you have all the correct harnesses
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    Valve Ping

    easy Try using premium fuel.
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    Radio Bezel

    nope none on my sport trac XLT, which has the glossy carbon.
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    2006 Explorer 6 speed transmission shifting issue - update

    sorry My mistake the bill actually says 'recal' not recall. Blonde moment!!!! lol