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    How big of a mistake did I make?

    Well picked my camper up Saturday, got the dealership to throw in a new weight distribution hitch and a Sway control, towed the new camper home about 30 minutes away and had no issues. I was pleasantly surprised. With the brake controller that the dealership also installed I could stop with no...
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    How big of a mistake did I make?

    Thanks fellas for all the positive responses... However I think I made a wise decision today. I bought a different receiver for my explorer, it is the 2 in receiver, it hooks below the original equipment.. That set me back 188 bucks should be here Friday. I also purchased a weight distribution...
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    How big of a mistake did I make?

    I just went out and bought a 18 foot hybrid camper. I have a 2003 explorer with the 4x4 and v6. The receiver that I have is the small 1 1/4, and a 4 way plug. Details on the camper, 18 ft long, 3200 lbs, and its a single axle. Will I be ok to tow the camper the way my truck sits? If not...
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    Rack and pinion symptoms

    Mine just got replaced when I bought the truck a few months ago, it was leaking which was the reason for the change.... I drove the truck before they changed it and I couldn't tell a difference from the old to the new...
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    I need 1 Rim, Help

    I just bought a brand new rim off eBay for 123 bucks including shipping.. The guy bought it to fix his a that was in a wreck and they ended up totaling out his so I reeped the benefits!!
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    Put a 03 xlt Flex Fuel Engine into a 02 non-flex fuel Explorer xlt

    I think there are fuses for the fuel pump, if it was me this is what I would do and I am by no means any kind of mech.... I would disconnect the line to the fuel pump and have some try and start it and see if the pump is shooting fuel out... If it shoots fuel out you are going to make a mess...
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    Water in tail light...

    So today a friend of mine pointed out that I had Water in my tail light... I pulled the light off and checked to see where the water was coming from... Was not from around the lense so it had to be from the light bulb plugs them selves... The little rubber grommets looked ok but may have been a...
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    Bad front Bearing?

    To check the bearings jack up the suspected side where the tire is off the ground, put your hands at the 12 o clock and the 6 o clock position and see if you have play ... If there is play it is the bearing/hub... If no play then put your hands at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions and check for...
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    Cracked Tailgate Panel... Not the one you think.

    I would check some salvage yards before I payed for a brand new one...
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    Rear Wipers

    How cold was it? I would say you are right that it is weather related...
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    Rhino 3000 series winch?

    If my girlfriend was an engineer I would make my girlfriend PAY FOR IT! Lol...
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    How long does your heat take

    I believe the 195 is the recommended t stat, I could be wrong thou
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    electric fan mpg

    Thanks and I will keep you in mind when it comes time for me to do the install. Good luck with yours!
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    Need advice on a 2004 explorer

    I really can't say about the v8s, I have just picked up an 03 v6... I would just recommend following the boards here, and you will learn a lot. Some good and some bad... Sme that will pertain to you and some that won't.. I guess one of the bigger issues I have read a lot about would be the 4x4...
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    electric fan mpg

    Do you know what e fan you are going to use... I think that this might be something to try... Also since this is the first that I had read on the subject, how do you plan to wire it up?
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    Major oil leak

    I changed the oil on a truck before and the rubber seal stayed on from the old filter and I did not realize it... When I started the truck all that oil came gushing out! This may be the case for you..
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    upgrade coil packs on 2004 Explorer XLT V8

    Personal opinion here is that msd or accel or what ever you put on there will not be worth the money, unless it is something cosmetically that you like.. The performance part is not really there, yes there is some performance that you will gain but not worth it.... Now I will say that when you...
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    2005 Ford Explorer Loud Noise in 4x4 High

    Abs light sounds like it may be the hub bearings, I would jack it up and see if you get any movement in your tires... If you do a search you will see where there is a sensor hooked to the hub and when the hub goes bad it turns your abs light on because that is what that sensor is... As far as...
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    any pics of 3rd gen wheels on 2nd gen?

    Man looks good, any issues when turning with rubbing?
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    Can not fill the fuel tank

    How much did this purge valve cost you? How much was the labor for them to put it in.. Ad like stated above, thanks for posting your findings! It will help me out in the future and I am sure it will help others as well... Thankyou
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    4x4 high light flashing

    How many times does it flash? Here is why I ask... I too just bought my x and before I picked it up I had the dealership put brand new tires on it... I drove it very little until the first Saturday that I had it... Took it out on the high way.. My light started to flash, it would flash 8 times...
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    AC/ Heater Output

    Did you get you issue resolved?
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    Vavle open

    Is there any damage to the valve seat? There maybe just enough damage there to let some air in... Just a thought...
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    04 explorer steering feels loose

    Glad you got your issue resolved and thanks for letting us know, I am for sure this will come in handy down the road for someone
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    Power seat no workie

    Man keep us updated on this, sounds like a pain and hopefully you get this squared away!
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    Water Leak

    Glad you got your issue resolved, thanks for replying also as I just learned something new! I know what to look for now.. Thank you
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    Replacing a stock rim...

    I sure will, have To wait till payday on the 15th before I can sneak some money away, momma thinks kids need Christmas this year! Lol
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    explorer no start

    Have u looked at your spark plugs? Are they new? And when u say skinned what does that mean? U had the surface milled down?
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    Water Leak

    Sweet! What wasthe issue??
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    Alternator issues

    I would also make sure the mounting points for the alternator are also tight, maybe give them a snug or two.. And like u said I would check the belt, maybe it is slipping just enough for the light to come on..
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    Replacing a stock rim...

    I thought about swapping it out, was not sure if the full size wheel and tire would fit in the factory location.. If it does then that is what I will do..
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    Radio console

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    My Fog Light Bezels Meet Bondo Restore Black

    Order it online, its what I do.... I plan to do it on a certain day, which is at least two weeks away and I order it on line.... I will say thou that I am extremely lazy!
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    explorer no start

    Not saying your eyes are off but from what I have read about timing, it can't be done with the eye.. Honestly that is what I would look at first,
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    Painting Roof Rack

    Sand lightly, clean with paint thinner, several light coats... You could spray a primer on there which would make the paint stick better...
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    Replacing a stock rim...

    I got a new rim for the x because the right rear has been curbed and it took a really big chunk out of the wheel, still holds air but I figure better safe then sorry.. I will say that I don't know if it was already like this or or the dealer did it when they sold/put new tires on it for me...
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    2004 Key stock in ignition

    Interesting... I always thought it was the way the steering wheel was... If you turn the wheel while trying to pull it out that wont release the key?
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    Coolant woes

    And your not blowing white smoke from the exhaust?