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    04 XLT cold air intake ideas

    Leave the stock air box and filter alone. Those so called "cold air intakes" are a bunch of snake oil and just allow hot air into your intake which actually reduces power. You only think it makes more power because the intake is louder due to the baffles being removed. The factory intake is...
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    Radio volume control

    You can buy the new or refurbished radio face online and change it yourself or you can have it repaired. the wiper gets worn and causes this.
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    Removed broken fresh air door, question about air inlet

    Terrible way to put a band aid on it. That expanding foam looks really bad. Just do it the right way or repair/rig it under the dash.
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    Best replacement Battery

    Most batteries you'll find at the big box stores and auto part stores are manufactured by Johnson Controls in Mexico. They are just marked differently for the specific store. I always buy the cheapest battery with the best warranty and that always seems to be Walmart. 3 year free replacement...
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    WHOOPing sound...rear left corner.

    UPDATE! My whooping noise wasn't what I thought it was. My A/C compressor locked up, so I ordered a new compressor, accumulator and orifice tube. Vacuumed the system, recharged and the occasional whooping noise is now totally gone! A/C is also quite a bit colder. I'm seeing 38 degrees from the...
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    HID Projector Retrofit

    Still illegal no matter how you look at it.
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    HID Projector Retrofit

    I personally can't stand the look of these conversions, not to mention that green ring is illegal. By painting the reflector surface black, the high beams are now useless for producing usable light. If you like them, that's all that matters.
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    Help with A/C

    Order a sniffer on Ebay. They can be had for $22 with free shipping and work great for the home mechanic. My compressor just failed after 116k. Bought a new compressor, accumulator, orifice tube, expansion valve, pag oil and all o-rings for $158 on Ebay from Pit Stop Auto. Couldn't believe the...
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    2005 Explorer 4.0 SOHC - Engine Shake at Idle

    Good luck, it's a very common issue and even when everything is functioning 100% correctly the idle still is rougher then it should be. Mine isn't very bad, however I don't think it should have any noticeable miss/vibration at idle and it does. After much research and going through everything...
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    Mechanic removed counterweight, claims it's non-essential. Offered to weld it back in.

    I would be absolutely furious! Make him replace it with a new or used OEM part. No welding! Sounds like this guy is a total hack.
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    Transmission Cooler...........which line is the return line?

    I would just do a pan drop and fluid/filter change. If you have high miles or the fluid is burnt then you are opening a can of worms. Make sure to use Mercon V. Doing what you suggested doesn't get rid of any of the crap in the pan or filter.
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    Timing chain tensioner replacement on an 04 Explorer takes all of 30 minutes

    Yes, they are external and they are in fact called timing chain tensioners per Ford.
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    2003 Explorer oil won't drain out

    Sounds like a "funny" to me. There is no way that 8 quarts of oil are inside of the engine and it's not draining out, even with probing the drain hole with a screwdriver. I have to call BS on this one.
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    Rear Monroe Quick Struts Very Bouncy????

    Chances are that if your OEM springs weren't broken and oil wasn't leaking, then they were just fine. Despite what the shock manufacturers and auto parts stores tell you, they don't need to be replaced at 60,000 miles. I've seen 200,000 mile shocks that were fine and rode the same as new...
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    Timing chain tensioner replacement on an 04 Explorer takes all of 30 minutes

    Well I'm glad that some of you agree with me. I have been reading about all of these steps over the years and just didn't understand why some were making it out to be so difficult. Even some of the Youtube videos, man these people just really make things hard for themselves.
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    Timing chain tensioner replacement on an 04 Explorer takes all of 30 minutes

    I read posts about how you have to jack up the vehicle, remove the wheel/tire and use a two foot extension that barely fits, etc. On my 04 Explorer it literately took all of 30 minutes to replace both front and rear tensioners. I drained about 1 gallon of the coolant, 3 bolts to move the...
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    How many miles on your 3ND GEN EX?

    2004 4.0 liter. 111,000 miles. I spoke with a guy a few weeks ago who had an 2003 4.0 liter with 225,000 miles on it and still was going strong. My fingers are crossed!
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    Remanufactured Transmission = $3,800 installed, fix or junk explorer?

    For $3,800 bucks I'd say good buy to it. I've seen rebuilt units for around $1,000 with a core. I would find a wrecked Explorer, pull the trans and swap it out myself to keep the price low. We don't have any rust here though...
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    Throttle body cleaning messed up Expo

    There's a lot of bad info in the thread. Although using carb cleaner may not be ideal to clean the TB, it will NOT cause any issues by "washing the grime into the cylinders" it will simply burn up in the cylinder during the combustion process. Also, moving the TB butterfly manually shouldn't...
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    Transmission Cooler

    I'm pretty sure that your explorer should have an aluminum stand alone transmission cooler from the factory. The 02-05 4.0 liter uses a stand alone unit that is a good sized, I would assume that the same years of the 4.6 would use the same?
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    Timing chain replacement and balance shaft delete

    Aftermarket parts are fine for some repairs but I would get OEM Ford parts when it comes to something that is either really hard to get at such as this repair. The extra money and piece of mind is worth it.
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    blinkers not working...both sides

    Thanks for the info. Good to know it's still a separate replaceable part. Since I posted about the turn signal it has been working since...
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    Like the stock low beams but not the high beams

    The factory low beams and high beams on my 04 are by far the best lights of any vehicle I've had. The driving/fog lights also work terrific. I thought about HID's but they just aren't needed. The entire highway is light up just as it is.
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    blinkers not working...both sides

    2004 here, Mine just recently started to stop flashing intermediately. Light will just stay lit up but sometimes won't flash. Haven't looked into but I'm assuming there isn't a flasher and it's probably located in the body control module???
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    anyone use oil stabilizer?

    Just use regular engine oil with a new filter, there's absolutely no need for any additive. Change the oil when it needs changed and you will be ahead of the game. Either conventional or synthetic oil is perfectly fine. Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, etc.... don't recommend anything except the oil...
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    Reliability of V8 drivetrain

    I have 170k on my 2000 Expedition 5.4, The trans has held up incredibly well and never had an issue. I tow around 3,500 pounds in the mountains when we go camping. Super reliable drive train and Expeditions of this era are very cheap to buy. I wouldn't play around with an Explorer for towing 5k...
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    Knock at idle

    Is it louder at start up and then quiet down some after a minute or so? If so check for an exhaust manifold leak from a broken stud. Sometimes this sound will fool people. As far as the post about the 4.6 being prone to spun main bearings, Yes it could be a bearing but just so you know, the...
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    5R55W transmission fluid flush idea

    Not a good idea, Just pull the pan and clean it, replace filter and fill back up with Mercon V. Use a suction gun or gear oil pump, There's a write up on here somewhere. I listed the parts you would need. If you start trying to flush things then you could open a can of worms.
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    More Power!!

    Drive it respectfully so it will last, otherwise you are just asking for trouble with the known trans issues, wheel bearings, rear diff, etc. Get a sports car instead.
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    Inside Of Transmission Pan, Good or Bad?

    Yep, that's how a healthy pan should look. Did you fill it up the correct way with a pump while the engine was running and so on?
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    Horn upgrade on 04 Explorer

    Not even sure how to change the pic sizes. I just send from my phone and select reduce size to 75% lol. Not sure about the Navi compressor but I know the Caddy compressors can be modified to build 175 psi. They are small and slow but they are built well. I used to mad the Caddy compressors...
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    Ummmm what is this "bag" underneath my intake manifold?

    Mine's an 04, don't have this heat shield baggy thing. Plastic intakes, valve covers, thermostat housings, radiator end caps, etc all SUCK!
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    Ummmm what is this "bag" underneath my intake manifold?

    Don't think that bag has anything to do with the damp musty smell of your A/C. That would be something in your evaporative coil housing. Probably mildew, condensation, etc.
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    Horn upgrade on 04 Explorer

    The Explorer needed a louder horn. I usually install air horns from for other people but since I'm a cheap ass I tossed this system together for my Explorer. The hadley air horns have a great sound that will wake you up with a quickness, they are used on many OEM semi trucks and...
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    Wire Over Thermostat Housing

    I agree, that wire is not an issue. Changing that housing is a 10 minute job, actually very easy considering it's a Ford. LOL
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    How to: Replace Front Blend Door Actuator in 3rd Gen Ex.

    "With such a grueling process that takes a long time" There is no grueling process that takes a long time. It's a 1.5 hour job at most guys. Some people just make it much more difficult than it really needs to be.:scratch:
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    WHOOPing sound...rear left corner.

    It's in the rear HVAC. I have the same noise from time to time but since it doesn't effect the performance of the A/C I just don't let it bother me anymore. Before I knew what it was I was worried LOL. Search it on youtube, there's a video about it somewhere.
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    Differential oil question

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    Warning To All Ford Ecoboost Owners!

    How about just adding a water/alcohol injection kit? Wouldn't this keep the valves clean? What about the old timers solution to removing carbon deposits? inducing a little bit of regular water into the intake, it will steam the carbon off and shouldn't hurt anything. A little water at a time...