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    98 Explorer A/C Clutch problems

    I have a 98 Explorer and at times my clutch won't engage when I turn my a/c on. If I tap the clutch lightly with a hammer it will engage and work....sometimes for the whole duration I'm driving my car and other times it stops after a few seconds. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing...
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    Question About Instrument Lighting

    Thank you gentlemen! Yeah it does seem like a bit of work to do an LED conversion but I'm actually pretty good with soldering small things like that. I did forget to mention the cruise control switches...the right side lights up while the left doesn't. Since I do have a Radio Shack by me and...
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    Question About Instrument Lighting

    I bought a 95 Explorer XLT second hand and it has a lot of issues. At night a lot of the instruments that I would think should light up, don't. I found a few reference pics on the internet and circled the ones I am talking about....the switch for the lights, rear defroster, rear wiper, and fog...
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    In need of help identifying Explorer

    I'm trying to identify the sub-model of my Explorer. I did run a vin check on it and it listed my Explorer as a XL. The problem was the check also said that it was a 5 speed manual transmission. Mine happens to be a 4 speed automatic. All of the other information that came up was correct...
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    In need of help identifying Explorer

    I just bought an Explorer the other day from a private party. Unfortunately the seller didn't know much about it aside from it being a '95, 4 door, and 2WD. After checking it out I know that it is a V6, 4.0L EFi, and a 4 speed automatic. I have tried doing VIN checks and using Google and the...
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    Power Mirror stopped working on one side

    I just bought a 95 Explorer and the power mirror on the passanger side works fine. On the drivers side the mirror only moves to the left and right. The inside control won't move it up or down. Would that possibly be a loose/damaged/broken wire as well? I also have a lot of interior lights...