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    Voltage Meter in dash bouncing

    Well, had my mechanic check it out, and he confirmed it was a bad voltage regulator, in combination with a bad battery wire, and a bad battery cell. Replaced all of them, and it's fine now. Thanks for the suggestions on the V.R. And yes, AutoZone still carries them. $100 though.
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    Parking/Running lights short?

    I would NEVER recommend this to ANYONE for ANY reason! It is INCREDIBLY dangerous, and could very easily cause a fire. DO NOT take this advice. Nothing personal, but being an electrician, I cannot in good faith let this stay posted without a disclaimer. If it's temporary, sure...
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    Voltage Meter in dash bouncing

    Greetings all! First off, I have a 1992 Explorer EB edition, 4X4 with automatic. My voltage meter on the dash bounces. I mean, it goes from anywhere in the middle, to almost 18 volts, and my lights dim. All of them. I hooked my voltage meter up to the battery, to the starter...
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    92 EB EXP Problems

    I had this problem on my 1988 Ford Tempo (First car, HATED IT!) What I did is took my pressure washer, and washed the engine compartment out with degreaser. (Make sure you don't spray high pressure water onto the coil packs, or the plugs. Next, find a nice flat place to park your...
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    2003 Explorer dies but starts right back up

    Does it also happen when you idle? I was having similar problems, and it was the Idle air control valve. Not sure if it's the same engine as mine, but it sounds like it's the same problem.