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    Re-Did Rocker Panels

    I cannot find any replacements for Sports, only 4-doors. If you know where I can find rocker panels/doglegs for a Sport, please let me know.
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    Re-Did Rocker Panels

    Anyone have any helpful hints or suggestions? I know it's a lot different on a sport due to the shape of the dogleg. What's the best way to cut out the rocker and make to get all of the rust?
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    Re-Did Rocker Panels

    Good job. I'm getting ready to try this on a 92 Sport. Any suggestions? How did you cut out the rocker panel? I'm new to body work but want to try and do it myself. Any help would be apprecaited. Thanks
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    XBOX what you play.

    Gamer tag; Breakyorself and I play Halo 100% of the time. It's the only Xbox game to have!
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    Owwwwwwww!!! (Part Deux)

    It's nothing to download, it's just a website.
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    UFC - Ultimate Fighter Champion

    HOLY **** what a fight between Forrest and Bonnar. They just beat each other to death. And Diego just beat the piss out of Kenny. Not to mention there is still another fight.
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    UFC - Ultimate Fighter Champion

    I'll be watching, or DVRing it if I'm not home. How often do you get to see 3 good fights for free?
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    Supra blows motor racing bike

    HAHA, he said it was the block. First of all what the hell can break on the block? "I hope it's not the heads and it's just the block." HAHA
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    Front dana 35 solid axle?

    How in the hell would you go about doing that? Not a bad idea I guess if you don't care about your D35. Where no shock mounts and where would the coil springs go??
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    Ever rebuild an engine?

    No, it's not mine but it's my buddy's and yes it's in a Viper. He got is Heffner supercharger today, I'll try to get pics of it later this week.
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    Ever rebuild an engine?

    92 Toyota Tercel 4 banger 98 Dodge Viper V10, going to be doing it again this summer for a blower :eek:
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    My "laptop replacement" Worklog

    Very nice Robb, very nice. How big is that keyboard? Where did you get it?
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    my semi show ex

    Nice minus the fart cans
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    Tilt trailer is $600 a good price?

    $600 seems really low for something to haul a vehicle. Seems like something for a 4-wheeler to me.
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    EF Graphic Contest

    You fawkers are good with this. I'm enjoying just looking at all of these.
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    66 EB D44 axle length?

    Thanks guys, I just found that out myself from WildHorses. I guess I'm getting some wrong info them.
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    66 EB D44 axle length?

    Edited, I guess you were referring to the 65. It's a 66, sorry.
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    66 EB D44 axle length?

    I'm looking into an 66 EB Dana 44 for a SAS but I'm not all that familiar with them. First off does anything know the length of it? I was thinking I saw somewhere that the EB 44s were about the same length as the 8.8. Also if there is anything I need to look for in one to make sure it's...
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    EF Graphic Contest

    Some of you are freakin bad@ss at this stuff. I think they would be good w/out graphics because of the film strip but I'm loving both of those GIJOE.
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    Napoleon dead

    Freakin idiot!
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    headunit suggestions for 150 bucks

    I've got a Sony I'm going to sell. I bought it new for $170 and I'm going to sell it for $120. I don't have the exact model but I know I've seen it at CircuitCity for $149. PM me if you're interested.
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    Does anything have experience in powdercoating?

    Yeah that's what I was thinking of doing. Just buying an old oven and keeping it in the garage. I think my buddy and I are going to both pitch in on this to make it cheaper and we woudl both use it. Thanks for the replies guys. Anyone else?
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    Does anything have experience in powdercoating?

    I'm looking into doing some powdercoating (maybe) in the future and I was jut curious if anyone has ever done any? HarbourFreight has a cheap powdercoating systems and I thought about giving it a try. One thing I had a question about was the oven. I know they make oven for powdercoating but I...
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    Installing XP Pro - Can't boot from CD, no floppy drive

    When turning the computer on, hit F2 or delete (depending on what kind of computer it is) to get to the BIOS Setup. Goto boot options and change it to boot to from CD ROM. Hope this helps.
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    Tellico: Nov 19th - 21st

    Josh, I'll send you a gmail invitation. It's got 1GB of space.
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    Need a photoshop favor, experts please!

    I've got a couple of pictures that I want the part of the background faded out in and the flash in the eyes taken out. I'm not good at all with graphics and such so if someone could help me out I would appreciate it. I don't want to post of the pictures so if you think you can help me out give...
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    How to remove diff from TTB D35?

    Thanks, I believe that will do me!
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    How to remove diff from TTB D35?

    TTT, anyone?
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    How to remove diff from TTB D35?

    I just purchased a locker for my D35 but I'm not quite sure how to remove the diff to install it. It looks like the diff has to come out from the rear but I'm not sure. Any help and/or tricks to doing it would be appreciated. Thanks Travis
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    Fixing a leaky Windshield seal (pictures)

    Nice job. I know this is off the subject but did you or do you have any rust on your rocker panels and/or dog legs? Since you hate rust. How did you repair them? I can't find 2 door dog legs anywhere.
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    Here are two new videos i made today Oct16,04

    Pretty good, what kind of camera and software are you using? If it's not a digital camera what are you using it hook it to your computer?
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    You might be a Floridian if ....

    Al, I did not see you are from Flordia, sorry.
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    You might be a Floridian if ....

    And that's funny to make fun of Flordia because they're getting devistated by hurricanes? I didn't find it humerous at all.
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    Project: (Insert Name) 's Nursery

    That's what I was wondering....
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    Gmail invites

    sweet, got it....thanks. I've been waiting for a while now for an invite from my friend but never got one. Thanks!
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    Gmail invites please
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    Explorerforum Wallpaper

    JoshC and Me
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    Clutch is not disengaging

    Fixed it, it just needed some fluid and it's shifting as good as new. Thanks!!
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    Robb Has More Stupid Computer Questions :D

    As B94 stated a router is what you need. A hub is "stupid" in that it is just there to plug a cable into, it has to brains. A router actually assigns an IP address to each machine it has plugged into it. Since you only have one IP address from your ISP you can only plug one machine to it...
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    Clutch is not disengaging

    I'm thinking it's the fluid, I'll try to add some and see if that helps. I'll let you know if that helps. Thanks!