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    warn hubs

    Where do you get the jeep hub? Well I blew out my aut hub today and want to go manual. I would love to get these jeep hubs (pt#37780). But they only seem to be part of a conversion kit. So where do you ght just the hub?
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    Problem with my hypertech module

    Well it looks like my good ebay deal is not one. I have a 91 4.0 5 speed california emmisions explorer. And got a hypertech module for a 93 4.0 5 speed federal emmisions from ebay. Well as you guessed its not working. I call Hypertech and they wont help me except to sell me a new module. I was...
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    If you could take any other vehicle offroad excluding an X, what would it be?

    A beast I would like to offroad my old 28 International Scout II. She is as heavy as they come and the 345 had more low end power then any motor I know of.
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    radius arm bracket

    Well I found where my clunk sound is coming from. My radius bushings are good but the bracket is shot. It seems that the bushings were changed by the previous owner. But they used the wrong size and type of bushing. The ones they used were too small and have a steel cover on the bushing. So the...
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    speedometer calibration

    I have just added 31s to my 91 4x4 ex with the manual 5 speed. I have found that the speedo is 10 MPH off. when going 65 I am acutualy going 72. My odometer is also off by allmost 1 tenth per mile. This my not be a problem for some. But I dont want a ticket and use my ex for work and charge mileage.
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    Used X parts in S. Calif. ???

    Try looking for rangers. I have been to the "Picked a part" in Fontana, San Bernardino and Adalanto. No explores at all, but 3 rangers in Fontana and one with good seats in Adalanto. The seats on rangers are the same. As well as the dash, chassy and engine parts. Hope this helps.