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    Car transport Question

    Have any of you guys shipped your X's across the country? I might be selling mine to a buyer in CA and im in NY i was just wondering what it costs and if you have any recomnedations on a specific company to go with.
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    lookin at gettin an explorer.......

    I just happen to have a 93 4dr with 2wd and a 5spd. Email me if your interested maybe we can work something out.
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    5 speed manual trannies - How many of you were lucky enough to get one?

    I've got one in my 4-door '93. Love it i can't imagine it with an auto and at the time it was a great find but I couldn't sell it to save my life.
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    5.0 Swap question

    I have been reading up on the 5.0 swaps some of you guys have been doing and I've noticed that everyone is going with an AOD tranny. I am considering doing the swap myself but I really want to keep the 5spd in mine, has anyone done the swap and kept the 5spd or for that matter is the manual even...
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    axle question

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    axle question

    from what I've read they are all 31 spline untill 2002
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    axle question

    Im looking at getting a locker for my 93 XLT but i wasn't sure if it was a 31 spline 3/4" shaft or a 31 spline 7/8" shaft
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    Will 20's fit

    Sorry i have decided against putting outragously large expensive wheels on my X but instead have turned my attention towards doing a 5.0 enigne swap....