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    Been Hard at Work On My X

    Nice pipes! Kinda kills your clearance though. I would be woried to bang them up on something.. This is my first post in 1.5 years. lol.
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    Fun Hump Day Movies

    That was Very Cool!
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    has anyone???

    I've got one. Just look at my link. Good luck.
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    How to check a shift motor?

    I've gotta ship it back. Im in the process of doing that still.
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    How to check a shift motor?

    WOW Im VERY impressed! Thank You for your time. I will let you know what the outcome is.
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    How to check a shift motor?

    Yes it is. But it's a totally different question. Im pretty sure it's the transfer case that has gone bad. The part where the shift motor connects to, is that suppost to spin non stop or is it suppost to stop at some point??
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    How to check a shift motor?

    Just as the title says. How do you check a shift motor? I have a 4405. I've searched but could only find how to rebuild one. Please help.
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    NO Park or anything/new transfer case

    I just installed a rebuilt transfer case on my truck. I drove it for about 2 miles. I brought it home and i was gonna take the truck out again and it drove about 2 feet and just reved. I went to go put it in park and it rolled. I have installed a new shifter cable aswell. Does anybody know what...
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    What type of T Case do i have?

    Thanks guys!! 98 it's cool, Thanks man.
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    What type of T Case do i have?

    I dont mean to be a smart ass because im looking for help, but you've just told me absolutely nothing. Maybe you can make it clear as to what part of my info is the type of t case i have? Because that IS what i'm looking to find out.
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    What type of T Case do i have?

    So i blew my T case and im trying to figure out what kind i have. General info on my truck 97 Explorer XLT/4x4/ OHV I looked at the T case and got this off of it 7GA 44-05-000-08 Borg Warner Automotive F77A-7A195-GA Also on the outside of the case it said AZ91D
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    ok. lets see some pics of price less mods

    My friend and i woke up one day and said lets build a bumper.... So we did.
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    SapoGmxr's New Tube Bumper

    Thanks for the compliments guys! As for pics of the frame mount i dont have any. But i can tell you what we did.. we cut the ears off the frame and boxed it out. I'll get better pictures for you guys latter. As of right now im going to the Bahamas. TTYL!!!
  14. DSCN0011


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    SapoGmxr's New Tube Bumper

    My friend and i have made a new bumper for my X. It comes with a 12,000lb mile marker winch attached to it. Next is sliders and a rear bumper. Took it wheeln yesterday and got 4 pulls out of it.. Worked Great! Let me know what you guys think.
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    3" BL complete

    that looks good. Definetly get some shackles and TT.. Look at mine
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    my used to be black in color Ex

    Lets not turn this into a competion...
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    my used to be black in color Ex

    Nice plate, i got the same one.
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    show off your LIFTED truck - photo thread

    Nice Truck. Just be careful jumpin it, these trucks arent ment for that.. But the pic does look cool!!
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    Big changes

    great lookin truck man!!
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    pictures of my 2 favorite things.

    umm. sounds wrong to say.. but your wife is HOTT!! Lucky Man.. Make her a Milf
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    What is your Ex worth to you?

    thanks but your in canada. :(
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    What is your Ex worth to you?

    $4500. Got all goodies in it. Including my brand new engine. That alone cost about 3g's. I think i'd take $4000. Goes with TV, PS2, Custom Radio, Snorkel,Everything...
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    Domestic pet wolves?

    LOL. Yea i would never break into someones house if they had one of those in there.. I Heard theyve bone known to kill
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    Domestic pet wolves?

    Rapper Busta Rhymes lives in my town and he has a wolf that sits in his front yard all night long. It is very well trained and will scare away anybody. He leaves his driveway gates open and the wolf never leaves the property. It is kept in by an electric perimeter fence, just in case. The first...
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    bad bad bad fuel mileage

    500!! is that a mistype? That is some serious milage!!!
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    Happy B-day Buddy! (pwsx4)

    Dont know you but happy birthday.. The ocean is awsome!
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    Alarm going off- why; disable? 2002

    try tightening down your battery cables.. That might do the trick
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    show off your LIFTED truck - photo thread

    wow jake great camera.. Those pics came out really nice!
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    awsome H1 RTI roll video

    what a dumbass.. What the hell was he thinking?
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    dont drink and drive

    OMG!! That's a horrible accident.. Lucky for you and your girlfriend cause most drunk drivers never die in accidents; they usually kill everyone else..How old was the driver?
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    Something Doesn't Look Right... *several pics*

    how are your tires doing? seems like that would throw your alignment off pretty bad..
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    They Do Roll!! I Don't Know How I Survived...

    I was in shock when i read the title.. Glad that everyones ok.. Feel better Ron..
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    2" lift.... :)

    LOL.. Car of the month!
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    Career Crisis, Calling all Cops and Firefighters

    NSA-National Security.. They deal with gadgets.. You could be useful there.