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    transmission swapping

    It will bolt up but you wont have the overdrive
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    swapped auto to manual trans now like to have ecm or pcm for manual

    Hello ive tried to search with no luck, using a tablet it not allowing me to search. Ive swapped out my 5r55e transmission to a manual transmission. Its working good but I have the check engine light on with codes shift selenoid x4. The engine runs fine but occasionally idles or revs up...
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    Battery Terminals ???

    Other than having baking powder over the posts, using a dielectric grease generously, I have had good luck with both, I think reason for the corrosion build up is from types of metal with the acid release from charging Goid luck
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    Muffler replacement?? What type?

    Alot to do but then it depends on the budget, I have a Flowmaster 2.5 , 1 in 2 out infront of pass side tire, sounds very good I think. Glass pack sounds good on a 8 cly dual, but to me on a single pipe in a 6 cly not that good of a sound but thats me.
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    radio stations dont come in and staticy

    I have a 00 ex had that problem, I got on ebay and bought a another, install on the indside of windshield. still have stations fade out
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    Help me figure this one out

    the oil is worth the try, sounds like a main is going bad
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    vibrations losing patients

    the u-joints can have one good side and one bad. to check they have to both be removed and checked by hand, just shaking while still may not do it. it be a hassle but at least a piece of mind knowing
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    Tranny swap advice

    the seal in the front and back of tranny also
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    A known good source for 5-speed manual trans?

    is it the clutch or is the transmission bad?
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    Only starts when towed 93 manual

    have you checked the intake cause if it has a leak it will not allow it to run. I had to put jb weld over mine cause it was coming apart at the seams on top
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    HELP! What is this?

    joe dirt said it before me HA thats what I would do
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    No Reverse but feel it engage

    I agree, but double check your fluid level
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    Any advice would help a ton!!

    Sounds like oil pump starting to fail and the rings maybe going. the transmission may e over heating causing the burn smell.
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    HELP! What is this?

    sounds like transmission not going into overdrive
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    4.0 sohc overheats when idling,fine with speed.

    If not the heads, check the fan is moving enough air thru the radiator maybe clog with debris, burping could help if air is in the motor
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    Need HELP with DIY EXPLORER!!!

    I had a 91 ex with a 4.0 and drove it for 6 years, and sold it, he drove it for all most 2 and fly wheel wore out. I changed the oil every 3k miles. just dont hot rod it.
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    Check engine light bad fuel mileage

    Hello Every one I have a 2000 Ex XL with the 4.0 OHV auto, the upper and lower intake has been replaced. I have replaced the EGR valve. Now the fog horn sounds come form the motor when its cold ut goes away in about 20-30 seconds. My research has found the the Idle control air control is what...
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    Only starts when towed 93 manual

    sounds like because it will not idle that something in the air intake is losing the air the motor needs to idle, vacuum leak, really check intake out and the hoses.
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    4 auto to 4 high?

    why would you want to do this? the auto feature is a back-up like for the 4x4, the front axle is all ways going to turn, there is no way of turning off the front axle. My .02
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    Door Ajar

    you sure its closing correctly?(all the way) other than that i would look into the latch and manual close the latch on both sides
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    Thumping noise from the front end.

    you may want to have the front rear end looked, at the bearing in the pumpkin head may be going out
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    My vehicles doesn't start when it's hot, but will start when it cools down.

    IF that is not it maybe the crank sensor or cam sensor My .02
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    98 Exp 4.0 OHV Coolant Loss/leak, Misfire, Cylinder Head Advice

    nice write up, its not a fun job but one that can be done in the driveway. the exhaust bolts were the fight for me, i had to cut them, then drill them out of the head
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    Please help diagnose idle and cutting out issue

    the injector have to be disconnected, egr removed which is a pain in the A** but if you have the upper intake off look realy close to the top at the seams make sure sure the seam is still togather
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    All Interior/Courtesy Lights "ON ALL THE TIME"

    mine did the same thing, the switch for the lights are on the latch in the doors. you can not spray them due to being onto of the latch, i had to replace to of minenot hard just take your time. or you could get door panel off and spray the switch from the inside to see if that helps
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    No fuel in cold weather - won't start

    Heet is an antifreeze for the gas line and tank may want to try that also
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    Please help diagnose idle and cutting out issue

    double check the intake for leaks mine tried to come apart My 2-cents
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    4wd auto

    brown wire mod???? please give more info
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    Interior Dome light on ALL the Time!!

    the latch in the door has a switch on them all four, one of them is not working correctly, LMC truck had the part for like 45 with shipping, they are a pain to replace but if you take your time its not to bad, also if you just spray lube into the latch it will not touch the switch for the...
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    Thumping noise from the front end.

    mine a 2000 ex does a thump but not in 4x4, garage told me the bearing in the axle next to drive shaft is going bad. The wheel bearing have been replace and the half shafts, front drive shaft feels solid. IDK
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    Explorer 4.0 OHV - system too lean banks 1 & 2 Please HELP!!!

    also check that the intake it self is not leaking, mine did it was like it was comig apart at the seams, jbweld does wonders
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    PLEASEE HELP! Overheating

    Yes thermostats cause weird things, also try to burp the system
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    Quick Question

    that is correct, but to get it home or to the shop, they should fit, the lugs would be the problem. the size of 5x4.5 and 5x114.3 is the same. good luck
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    1999 Ford Explorer Sport seat belt & door ajar alarm keep beeping.

    the door switch is on top of the latch in the door. very hard to spray on outside. the switch could be bad, LMCtruck has them or your local salvage yard, not hard to replace just take your time and remember how it goes back. I had one go bad on my 2000 in the rear pass door it would not turn off...
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    How Dangerous Could This Be?

    the bold is the question, have spare that is the same size as rest of tires
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    Difficult shifting, wheels turn with clutch out?

    I would say the slave cylinder is going bad, not allowing full use. or the clutch system has air in the line. good luck
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    Emissions impossible.

    Is it the OHV? or SOHC? if you have the OHV, the intake is plastic?, make sure it not leaking as well, I had to use epoxy to fill in on mine. runs good now good luck
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    help code code p0171and p0174

    the OHV motor does the same codes, replace the lower and upper intake gaskets, should stop the codes good luck