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    Rpm fluctuation/drop then surge.

    so recently after hitting 200,000 on my 07 EX 4.0. my transmission between 3-4th gear rpms will stay the same,@2000 then drop,1800 then spike up to 3000 then shift into 4th gear, it doesn't do it all the time, and i can drive slow or be "nice to the transmission" it will still lag but not...
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    Mysterious coolant leak

    If it is a head gasket leak more than likely it is dumping into a cylinder, check the bottom of the oil cap for the dye and even the tail pipe, it’s a long shot but it would definitely point O a head gasket leak
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    Mysterious coolant leak

    from my experience this is the first signs of a small head gasket leak now the funny part is the leak may stay this way for the life of the car if it does not over heat or the engine decides it is fine with it. but it could also spread without warning too, I guess if no issues with drivability...
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    Dealer Installed Remote Start not starting

    hey guys, similar problem here, I have a 2007 ford explorer Eddie Bauer, this has the Power code (ford) remote start installed from day one on the car, but when I purchased the car with 75,000 miles on it the dealer did not even know the car had a remote start so WIN on that part now the bad...
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    Help! new plugs etc..

    Yeah, it turns Out that the 4.0 ignition systems are extremely sensitive to begin with, mine was the coil pack was shorted out when the hose blew up, swapped that since it was warranted, good as new!
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    Help! new plugs etc..

    Hey all! so im stumped on this issue. Yesterday I was driving kind of pushing my exp hard while driving, I started her with the remote start 10 min before I left, heat was working awesome, acceleration was great as usual, no misfire or warning codes on the dash. ready for my 40 min drive to...
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    Mysterious coolant leak

    hey OP, I would suggest a head gasket leak, not so much a cracked head.