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    how do you change a window motor in the rear door?

    Did you get it worked out? Once you do one it is not too bad. There is a great thread on here that gives great information.
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    Driver Window Acting Up after repair

    Mehedgec, I did grease the gear like I had done on the back ones. I did not lube the track and even just before the window stopped going up and down it would be slow at the top and then speed up to what I consider normal as it got to the bottom. Does this indicate the track?
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    Driver Window Acting Up after repair

    On a 93 XLT I just replaced the window motor gear plugs on both back windows and the driver window and a couple of days after doing the driver window it is now acting up some. When bringing it down it kind of stutters at first and then once half down goes fine. Bringing it back up there seems...
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    New Member Introduction

    Hello Explorer's! I am new here, but wish I had known about this years ago. I have a 93 XLT 4X4 with almost 298,000 miles on her! Right now I am considering upgrading and possibly to a newer Explorer year. I am my exteneded family mechanic and so I also include a 2003 XLT which...