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    02 explorer, more problems than its worth?

    How many miles? V6 or V8? What was the code #? Has fuel filter ever been replaced? If not/don't know, check out: Also, I'd check PCV valve and associated vacuum lines (if you haven't already)...
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    Trans problem 300 miles away from home

    What is this "allen-bolt on the side". Is it on the side of the pan, or the body of the transmission? My 2002 XLT 5r55w (v8) has drain/fill plug on bottom of drain pan; to add fluid you pump it up into the pan, until it just starts to drip back out. That's about 2" deep in the pan (with the...
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    Abs scan tool

    My 2 cents: you say that now you need a scan tool for ABS, is the ABS check light on? If not, you're better off not messing with the ABS at all. What does "the ABS always comes on below 5mph" mean? Some of the conventional scanners/code readers (like my Equus-3160, ~ $200) can read and...
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    2002 Eddie Bauer V8 Swishing noise on acceleration

    Turning up the radio usually helps this problem. Seriously though, many folks have reported this noise, sometimes associated with cold winter temps. I've experienced it on-off for several years. You could try cleaning the IAC valve, as shown here...
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    2002 Sport Check Engine Light/Rough Idle

    9 replies and no one ragged on you about totally skipping out of regular/preventative maintenance? Pretty mellow crowd.... Basically you should have already spent at least a few hundred on required maintenance. At 161k you're playing the odds with what's the next thing to go. Not trying to...
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    How to: 2nd Gen NO AC ( or heat) FROM VENTS!!! A "How to" what to look for thread

    2002 XLT V8, fix to vacuum heater valve My 3rd-gen XLT had the heater control valve burst about 2 years ago, I replaced it but couldn't figure out why the new one wouldn't open/close when it should. I finally got around to it yesterday after reading this thread. I'm sure that for even more...
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    Loud noise screech

    On my '02 XLT with the V8, the oil filter screws into a mounting plate which also has coolant flowing through it. The gasket for that mounting plate (or whatever it's called) is known to leak in old age; can leak either oil or coolant. Have ur mechanic put it up on a lift and get a good look...
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    Another Brake Controller Question 08 Mountaineer Premier

    The brake controller plug on my 2002 Exp XLT v8 w/towing package is on passenger-side; tucked up behind glove box, next to blend-door vacuum valves.... the vehicle-specific adapter cable I bought with the controller (from was plenty long enough for me to mount the controller under...
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    OD light flashing - 03 xlt - options?

    Count yourself pretty lucky, everything I've read says not to completely remove (not even loosen too far) the OD band tension adjuster, since parts may indeed fall off inside, necessitating dropping the transmission. There's a forum dedicated to just transmission stuff here...
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    AC Clutch noise when turned OFF

    OK, so I got a bottle of R-134 and tested the low-side pressure (with the built-in gauge), it was a little low according to the scale on the bottle's gauge. Note this is the first time it's ever been checked/re-charged in it's 170K life. I charged it from the bottle, it took about 1/2, maybe 9...
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    AC Clutch noise when turned OFF

    AC system just started to make this grinding, winding-down noise when I turn off the engine. No abnormal noises when running/engaged. I have a 2002 Explorer V8, leave it set to Max-AC (fan on low) almost 100% of the time, for past 9 years. (170K miles, no AC probs other than blend-door...
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    Stinks while towing

    How about road-kill? Have a good look up and around for where some critter may have got stuck or decided to build a nest..... it's hard to troubleshoot odors, esp when you've already checked out the usual suspects....
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    Question about those "Explorer" and "XLT" body badges on a 2002 XLT.

    I was just gassing up my 2002 XLT, and my daughter pointed to the "V8" symbol on the rear hatch, and asked if it meant I had a V8. She barely touched it and it just fell right off! No holes, just worn-out tape/glue of some sort.
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    antifreeze drip on my driveway, under drivers floor area

    Sure it's coolant? I thinks there's some sort of drain-pipe under the chassis in that area; I noticed that I had some rust only in one spot of the transmission pan; saw that there was a rectangular drain pipe which allowed water (A/C condensation? rain water?) to drain in that area; right onto...
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    Can I pull travel trailer?

    Just to be sure I'd check the weight #'s as posted on the sticker on the driver's side door. Sometimes people install aftermarket Class III/IV tow-hitches onto vehicles not built with all the tow-package options. And remember that water is 8lbs/gallon; i wouldn't be filling that reservoir up...
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    2004 Sport Trac. Towing problems.

    Does the trailer have brakes? If so, try it without the trailer plug connected; it may be that the trailer's brakes are locking up when connected to the vehicle's electrical system for some reason.
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    Towing a boat with my Explorer?

    Check out: and Above links are for 2003, but they are the same as 2002. EB is listed as 4-door Explorer. The 1 1/4" hitch is a Class II; the 2" hitch is the Class III/IV. But...
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    5R55W Solenoid Block Replacement

    Thx for the info.. yeah I need to bite the bullet and buy new one from the dealer... trying to talk myself into doing the valve body/gasket at the same time.
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    5R55W Solenoid Block Replacement

    inhinyero_ako, do you have the 5r55w transmission? That's what I have in my 2002 V8 XLT; been looking to replace the solenoid pack, but new from dealer is $300, not sure of "rebuilt" ones.... lots of new 9L2Z's available, but I haven't been able to find out if they will work in my 5r55w. I...
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    Travel Trailer

    pjw you might want to look into an add-on transmission cooler; when I tow ~3200lbs with my 02 4.6L (w/towing package) the trans temp rarely gets over 180 (and that's going up a long big hill when i've forgotten to turn off OD). It usually runs 130-150. There are charts showing how temp...
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    Suspension overhaul on 02 X

    make sure to check the rear sway bar bushings; mine had rotted out by 160K miles... and the front and rear stabilizer bar link bushings, one of my fronts was completely gone, others cracked/dried out.... Goldsboring...yuk yuk that's good.... I grew up on Seymour Johnson AFB long ago...
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    Ignition problem?

    My 2002 V8 XLT doesn't have traditional spark plug wires, it has "coil-over-plug", individual coil on top of each plug. there's a pair of wires going to a connector on each plug. Careful with those connectors, by the time I figured out where/how to press on the plastic release-latch, I had...
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    Battery Charging issues.

    I just replaced the alternator on my 2002 4.6L v8; have over 14 vdc when running (measured across battery terminals); over 12 when engine off. The fact that it jump-starts doesn't tell you anything about the alternator. Since it's a brand-new battery; take it back where you got it and...
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    Request: 02 explorer radio wiring diagram

    NCRanchero, updated.... Thx
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    How do you reset ABS light

    Some ABS systems conduct an additional self-test after vehicle is moving, to confirm proper input from wheel/speed sensors; could be that it won't clear until successful movement with good sensors/bearings mounted on vehicle. Did you change bearing because of ABS problem, or were the bearing...
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    Request: 02 explorer radio wiring diagram

    Hey NCRanchero, I'd like to see that diagram as well... can you post it here, or a link?
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    Spark Plugs....

    That "extra part" belongs on the underside of the engine cover (or whatever they call it); look at the underside of the cover you'll see the other three washers still in place.
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    How do you add a Brake Controller to a '03 XLT with a towing package?

    Check out the Towing section of this forum at: There's a sticky for brake controller info. Since you've got the Towing package, you should have a 7-pin connector already installed by the hitch. The cable to attach to the brake...
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    1/2 ton??

    Yeah, I thought that the "1 ton", "1/2 ton" etc referred to the max tongue weight; so that my 2002 XLT can handle 500lb tongue-weight (1/4 ton), and an F350 can handle 1 ton tongue weight.
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    how to check if my car has limited slip differential

    Check the driver's door label for axle code; then see look-up table at: Hope this helps.
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    Additional or Better Transmission Cooler

    Check out the Towing section on this forum for lots of good info on towing: I have an '02 XLT 4.6L w/towing package, installed a transmission temp gauge and saw that when towing in hills, temp would go up from normal 130F to 180F...
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    Installing underhood LED's

    :rolleyes:They need all that mercury for the squiggly bulbs....
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    Air conditioner stops blowing while accelerating... What gives???

    Does the air keep blowing, but just gets warm, or does it start to blow out the defrost vents vice the console vents? If it changes vents, it could be a vacuum leak, where vacuum is strong enough to move the vent door actuator, until you mash on the gas, vacuum goes down, and then the actuator...
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    Vibration / pulsation when towing

    P.S. I'm knocking on wood as I type this: I've got 165K on my original shocks, doesn't seem to be anything wrong with them. I have also looked at the rear springs and they don't have any of the cracks that I've heard about, either. But it wouldn't hurt to look....
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    Vibration / pulsation when towing

    Just an idea in a different direction: I have a 2002 XLT 4.6L RWD w/towing package (165K miles); just recently began frequent towing. Prior to that, no complaints. While towing, noticed vibrations in steering and strange "feeling" from rear of vehicle. Short story is I ended up replacing the...
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    99 ex tow issues

    I did some long-distance towing recently, and got 12 mpg in rolling hills/mountains vice 15 mpg flat highway. What really kills the mpg is speed. My problem is I can't help but mentally calculate how much time I'll save going 75 vice 65. (We could be set up and cooking before dark!) The...
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    Part # for 5r55w solenoid pack

    Thanks for the bump! it was feeling lonely out there. I've concluded that I will buy the 1L2Z-7G391-AG. This is not based on "conclusive" evidence, but rather that that number is buried under the "Buyer Info" tab on the site. I'm sure that that p/n is good for some of the...
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    Im stumped, terrible gas mileage

    You have a tachometer, right? What rpm is it idling at? Sure sounds like the fan clutch; did you swap it with a new one, or a previously-used one? I'd take it for a drive, turn off the engine, open the hood and try to rotate the fan by hand. Should be fairly easy to turn. I have a 2002 XLT...
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    Towing with a 3rd Gen v8?

    Lots of info on towing in the Towing section of this site: If you're towing something that heavy, you should look for an Explorer model with the factory towing package installed. You'll want to install a brake controller, and maybe...
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    Part # for 5r55w solenoid pack

    I am planning to replace the transmission solenoid pack on my 2002 Explorer XLT, 4.6L, 5r55w, with Towing package/LS 3.73 differential. Can anyone tell me which part numbers will work in my transmission? I see various p/n's available from aftermarket/remans, new-in-box on E-Bay, etc. for...