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  1. K

    97 Ford Explorer w/Premium JBL - Need Wiring Harness Help.

    The problem with the early second gen JBL systems is that the radio amp and tuner are integrated, but located in the rear cargo area behind the plastic side panel. along with that is the separate amp for the subwoofer. The head unit in the dash is literally just that, it just controls the radio...
  2. K

    O/D off, 4Hi, 4Lo all flashing

    Sounds like it may be stuck in 4 low, or somewhere in between due to the infamous transfer case issues. The input and output speeds aren't what the computer expects so it then flashes the lights as a warning. At least, that's what mine did. Try shifting the transfer case again and see if it will...
  3. K

    You can never trust what someone tells you

    If the crank sensor isn't working for whatever reason (wiring or sensor) the CEL should stay on when cranking. A quick indication that it might be the issue.
  4. K

    Alternator pigtail info.

    It may put out more amps. The first one I looked up was only 110, but anyways. The Escape alternator looks to be a 6g, the Explorer alt is a 3g. I couldn't find anything that conclusive on wiring it, except that the wiring should be pretty much the same but with a different plug.
  5. K

    Brakes, she's a leaker!

    A blown line over the rear axle is a feature on these it seems. At some point Ford put better lines in (01 or so), but there is a bracket right on the top of the pumpkin and holds the line. They rust through and break there first, generally.
  6. K

    Headlight Out - no power to headlight - Little Help?

    Very likely the lamp out module that is attached to the inside of the center console. If you're lucky you can repair the broken solder joints. If you're unlucky it'll melt and smoke up the interior like mine did. If you pull the cup holders and message center out it's a small black box on the...
  7. K

    4x4 Low transfer case weird clunk

    Nope. You need the 4405 transfer case fixes from Omega Machine. If you don't want to spend the cash (probably $4-500 all totalled) you can take the transfer case apart and put the range collar in the right place to engage 4wd high/auto. Then, don't put it in 4low again or you'll have the same...
  8. K

    Brake Shopping Dilema. Do I have 2.6 height. Dahhh after a decade

    Odd that they asked about distance. After looking up the rotors on autozone's website, they seem to show the rotor hat diameter for the rear, and the hub bore for the front (2.6"), but the rotors are also clearly listed as front and rear on the product pages. Not sure why they had such a...
  9. K

    Rear LiftGate on Gen 1 Mounteer and Gen 2 Explorer the Same?

    The 98-01 wiper motors suck. They seem to get stuck after a while and not work.
  10. K

    Rear LiftGate on Gen 1 Mounteer and Gen 2 Explorer the Same?

    If you have a 99, you want a 99-01 rear hatch. 98 would also work but doesn't have the holes for the trim across the bottom. There really are 4 different hatches: 91-94, 95-97, 98, 99-01. Then the later model sports got a different design yet again.
  11. K

    Pull Motor/Trans Together or Separate?

    I don't think so. If I recall, the output shaft needs to be changed as well, and it's one of the first things to go in when the transmission is put together. I could be wrong though. I don't think the trans will come out with the engine anyways, not with the body on.
  12. K

    What Is The Transfer Case Weight For?

    x2 on Harmonics. I've seen some 4405 transfer cases that don't have them at all.
  13. K

    Considering engine swap from 4.0 SOHC...

    As said, with all of the changes you have to make to swap to a different engine, it's easier to fix or replace what you have. If you had an entire donor vehicle, that's one thing, but considering most second gen Explorers are selling well under $3000, it's far simpler to just sell yours and buy...
  14. K

    Transfer case. Good or bad?

    I've got to pull my transfer case as well... Has any one else had issues getting the rear driveshaft to T/C flange bolts out? I have the parking brake set, and am putting enough torque on the bolts to over power that. Granted, the parking brake has never been strong enough to hold the Explorer...
  15. K

    Good quality replacement steering rack?

    What's bad on your rack? I got a reman from NAPA 3 years ago that's been fine, but it doesn't have a ton of miles on it.
  16. K

    Accessing the J3 port on the EEC-V

    I think you'll have to pull the PCM out to install the tweecer.
  17. K

    And it's dead

    Chain may have broken as well, I'm assuming that's a picture of the valve cover.
  18. K

    Lost all gears while offroad, transfer case or shift motor?

    Another bump. Got mine to go back into 4 low with a nice thunk. It seems to be stuck in there despite what the dash indicator says. Also got a flashing O/D light after driving a short distance, possible trans overheat due to being stuck in 4 high. I'm going to check operation of the shift...
  19. K

    Any options for a taller driver's headrest?

    Seats from a Limited model will have the closest to what you're looking for. They're less of a bucket seat, but they do have an adjustable headrest. I haven't found a set in good enough condition here, but you may have better luck.
  20. K

    Lost all gears while offroad, transfer case or shift motor?

    Pretty sure I just had this happen...bumping it back to the top. I'm not sure if there is a sticky thread on it.
  21. K

    eBay: $8.63 shipped Moog K700542 endlink

    I didn't get these quite that cheap but I have used them....install was quite easy, I was happy about that. We'll see about the longevity of them though.
  22. K

    99 Ranger Repaint

    Came out great. How much money did you have in paint and prep materials?
  23. K

    2000 Ford Explorer won't stop honking?

    Is the hood closed all of the way?
  24. K

    Virginia beach meet

    Probably. Lavender Ln?
  25. K

    Virginia beach meet

    The lifted Sport Trac that he has? Yes.
  26. K

    Virginia beach meet

    Haha, only a little. I wanted to convert it to 2wd and have some fun with it.
  27. K

    Virginia beach meet

    kevinspann? I'm down for a meet up. I know a guy in the area with a lifted Sport Trac too, he might be in depending on the day. I wonder if I should still be mad at Explorinitup for buying the supercharged 5.0 early last year before I could get to it!
  28. K

    Parts interchangeable between 1999 and 2001 Sports?

    01+ are going to have 12" front brakes too, which are a good upgrade if you feel like changing knuckles. You keep your caliper which means you don't even need to bleed the brakes if you upgrade.
  29. K

    SOHC Engine Swap: Lessons Learned

    I'd do a 4.0 SOHC again before doing a 5.0 again. On both, I removed the intakes to get to the bellhousing bolts. I had trouble getting the AC compressor out and ended up disconnecting it. I wish I hadn't, but lessons learned.
  30. K

    99 V8 turns over but won't start after sitting 9 months

    Crank sensor is where I would look first. Hopefully nothing chewed through the wiring going to it.
  31. K

    5.0 Exhaust Manifold Bolt Size and Alternatives?

    Did they break a bolt where the manifold bolts to the engine? Or one of the bolts that attaches the rest of the exhaust?
  32. K

    Please help ID this lower trim piece

    I've seen them on EB up though 97, but more common on the 95 and 96. I don't recall seeing any 98+. I don't think the rockers from any other trim level will fit with the flares.
  33. K

    97 Explorer 4.0 SOHC - Misfire on 4 cyliders.

    Either a coil, or it jumped time.
  34. K

    headlight swap

    No, that won't work at all.
  35. K

    Breather valve went while offroading 2000 5.0L V8 AWD

    It's good to get different opinions. And yes, some gear oils say they already contain limited slip additive, which is great. But if it's still chattering when turning, it sounds like it needs more. You can add it yourself... Obviously you don't need to drain what's in there, you just need...
  36. K

    Breather valve went while offroading 2000 5.0L V8 AWD

    I would change the fluid again soon, and add friction modifier, as it should have a limited slip rear differential with clutches that require it. If you can't get a straight story from the person who borrowed you car, consider changing all of the fluids, as you won't know where else water got in.
  37. K

    explorer broken into, have ?

    Rangers (or at least the one that I opened up that had been left running all night) seem to have a lot more open space than the Explorers for this. But man, it opened right up. I couldn't believe it was that easy. As far as the alarm goes - if you opened the door in the way described by his...
  38. K

    1997 Explorer goes forward in Reverse and Neutral

    Forward clutches melted together? Or something is stuck and applying them at all times.
  39. K

    Need Tires, 255/70/16 or 245/75/16

    Hell, I wonder if these are still on sale. I'd buy them. Someone put 235/70/16s on mine years ago, so these would still be an 'upgrade' of sorts.
  40. K

    AWD to 2WD

    I wouldn't. The only thing holding that hub on is a press fit inside the bearing. You should be able to separate the CVs.