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    Water coming out of exhaust. 98 SOHC

    I I know right I have the same problem and it's because I spray carburetor cleaner inside the house on the pcv valve go in 2 and after I crank it start to do that but it's run like new now after 2050000 miles on it
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    Ac acting

    Why my AC doesn't cool much in the afternoon?? When is hot!
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    Found especially when That photo whit the oil pan is about exactly what I found out when I open to change the gasket
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    Found especially when

    Thaks for reply This is rely serous I can't sleep thinking about itso thear it no way that the previous owner change it and left it?? 193270 actual milles on it I don't think this is the original timing chain :mad:
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    Found pices orange plastic and pises metal on oil pan

    00 explorer sport 4.1 SOHC 18700 miles on it CAR DRIVE fine I don't know how I can check
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    Found especially when

    Today decide to replace oil pan gasket and found metal an plastic dervis on the pan, can somebody tell me what is it?? And if is serious problem thanks 1/2" by 2" stainless steel 1/32",, 2 pices and 2 small orange pisec plastic
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    Belt length causing tensioner rattle

    Had the same issue and I taken care then problem with flat head end hammer cut little bit of the tantioner filing point problem solved ;)
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    How does one know a power steering pump is bad?

    Need 2 know My 2000 Ford explorer sport AWD the PS pullye have little play back and front 1/16" .it's that normal????
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    Hello people

    I am going to have lots of questions for you guys
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    Glad I finally got to register

    I have 2000 ford explorer sport AWD I im been owned for like 2 years now I im been fixing it all the time always is suiting new ,it have 187 k miles on it my question is I im thinking to replace the upper gasket it hurt to leak from the last bolt the oil drip on top of the katal and have me...
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    Glad I finally got to register

    Hello from Tampa florida