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    Trans fluid drain and fill

    The OP is correct. The fill plug is in the center of the drain plug.
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    4.0 Intake Red Vacuum Line Connection Help

    that little line goes to the fuel injector pressure sensor. heres a picture of mine from a few weeks ago.
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    Amp Installation

    Best advice for every vehicle is to follow the stock wiring. All vehicles have wiring that enters the cab. Follow it and you should never need to drill any holes are take unnecessary risks.
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    Interior lights come on while driving

    But did it fix your problem?
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    Battery cable

    You can use your own cable as long as it is the proper gauge and type. Obviously you want to use stranded wire no smaller than 8ga. I prefer overkill so I used 0ga
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    Interior lights come on while driving

    I also have this problem and the fix IS with the ignition. What I do is turn on the vehicle, then turn the key ever so slightly counter clockwise. There is a bit of play. I noticed if the ignition cylinder with the key in it is too far clockwise, the lights come on and stay on. Hopefully I...
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    2007 Firewall access?!?

    best rule of thumb for any vehicle ever made......follow the stock wiring from the stock fuse box under the hood. It isnt wireless technology. Stock wires have to get in the cab too ;)
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    Sorry for the delayed response. I'm just now seeing this. New solenoids were installed at the same time as the valve body. I only wanted to do the job once. Plus new solenoids were included with the kit.
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    Amp Wire Through Firewall?

    Tip for ANY vehicle.....follow the stock wiring. There is a gromit that leads to the engine bay on the left side under the dash where your foot rests. NEVER drill holes if you dont have to.
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    I had the same code. Turned out the transmission valve body needed replacing. Its a messy job, but very easy. Here is my thread about it. I hope it helps SOLVED 2007 xlt drivetrain wrench light help???
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    Do I have enough power for my amp and sub

    It actually can hurt in situations to add a capacitor. If a charging system is struggling to keep up with the demand and showing symptoms (ex. dimming headlights, draining battery, etc), then adding a capacitor is just another item the charging system has to try and keep up with and maintain...
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    Do I have enough power for my amp and sub

    no you dont need a high output alternator.
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    SOLVED 2007 xlt drivetrain wrench light help???

    SOLVED. Turns out it was the transmission valve body. Replaced it and its working like a champ.
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    92' Explorer - Installed new BT deck - Won't start now

    optimas are trash. Dont waste your money. Honestly, just go to Costco and get one of their batteries. Plenty good for daily use. Its all Im using and I have 5 amplifiers. Zero issues.
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    Is there a manufacturer of console vaults for 2006 Eddie Bauer edition Explorers?

    do you have a link to the 2008 version you found? I had looked at this option for my explorer and decided just to go with a more secure option under the rear seat (2 row). The console vaults are convenient, but are by no means a vault. Very easy just to rip them out of the console.
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    Where do I get the aluminium thermostat housing for 07 4.0 ?

    This is the one I purchased a few months ago and it is working perfectly
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    Fuse for subwoofer

    The remote turn on should be wired to either something in the ignition circuit (only receives power when the key is turned to ignition) or a constant 12v on a toggle switch. You would benefit most from replacing the stock radio with a simple aftermarket one and using the remote turn on output...
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    Cloudy beginnings

    Why did you start 3 threads in the same sub forum with the exact same pictures?
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    Led light bar question

    here is my stealthy light bar install. I would have gone with a slightly shorter one if I didnt already have this one laying around.
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    Fog lights headlights

    are you looking for a brighter bulb, or something that actually provides better viability while driving? Those two arent always interchangeable.
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    Chrome Flashing on Grill

    Took it off. Much easier than trying to paint it in place.
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    Speaker help

    I dont see any mention of a budget. Hard to recommend anything without a budget.
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    The 2006 got a few things done today!

    Picture isnt working
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    2007 XLT Custom Audio

    Arc audio XDi 804 found a new home. Sounds awesome!
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    2007 XLT Custom Audio

    well sad news. The PPI amp has some dead outputs, so it will be replaced with an Arc Audio XDi 840
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    2007 XLT Custom Audio

    Worked all day on the wiring and it isnt even that fantastic to look at. At least I have sound again.
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    2007 XLT Custom Audio

    Pretty happy with how the center speaker turned out. Waiting on my vinyl to show up before I can wrap it. Also need to find a paint for the grill and trim ring that matches better.
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    2007 XLT Custom Audio

    still nothing pretty to look at. This build is kicking my ass with minor details. Im feeling pretty defeated but still trucking along. Laser aiming plug
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    2007 XLT Custom Audio

    few more pictures. Nothing pretty yet. Still have lots to do.
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    2007 XLT Custom Audio

    Teaser picture. Big things are happening.
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    Stock Tweeters

    Ian, Ive been working on my exploder this week and was contemplating options for mounting the tweets. I saw the angle you mentioned of the sail panel on the door. Definitely not optimal by any means, but an easy placement. Be sure to check out my thread for updates here and on junkies later...
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    5R55S Solenoid Pack???

    well in case anyone cares in the future,this is what I purchased. 9L2Z-7G234-AA / 9L2Z-7G391-AA I wont be installing it until the first week of october so we shall see how that goes.
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    5R55S Solenoid Pack???

    9L2Z-7G234-AA / 9L2Z-7G391-AA do either of these look correct? is AA the most current version? Thanks!
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    5R55S Solenoid Pack???

    Hi All. 2007 explorer XLT 4.0 4x4 with the 5r55s tranny with 78k miles. I believe I need to replace my solenoid pack but am seeing a lot of different version. Do any of the experts reading this have the most current part number that I should be looking for? Even Rockauto shows 2 different ones...
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    Stock Tweeters

    The links are no longer working. I did take a look at them this morning and thought they looked pretty good. The picture made the tweets look like they are angled downward. I doubt this is the case though since the panel is vertical and not angled. How do they sound?
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    2010 Explorer Front Bumper Rattling Loose at Fenders

    there should also be a screw in the fender well that helps hold the bumper in place
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    SOLVED 2007 xlt drivetrain wrench light help???

    I sure have. It drives perfectly fine when the light is on. I also noticed that there is no change in RPMs before, during and after the wrench light appears. This is why I am thinking it is the solenoid pack and not the torque converter. I could be wrong. There are way too many different...
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    SOLVED 2007 xlt drivetrain wrench light help???

    can any experts out there confirm which solenoid pack I should be purchasing for a 2007 xlt xploder with the 4.0 v6? I am seeing way too many options out there. Thanks
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    Stock Tweeters

    pics or it didnt happen! lol