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  1. J

    Heater control valve installation help is needed.

    It installs in the outer most (closest to fender) hose with the arrow pointing away from the firewall. The vacuum port should be furthest away from the firewall. No, it's not a check valve but it does flow better in one direction than the other, hence the arrow.
  2. J

    1997 Explorer heater problems.

    I'm having the same problem as you warm but not hot air... Blower motor blows fine, coolant full, blend door works. I checked my heater control valve and that also seems fine. To check it, depress the middle of it (the rubber top) with the engine running and warm.. if you reach your other...
  3. J

    Gauge & driving lights not working

    I have a 96 ford explorer and recently lost my instrument lights & driving lights. (headlights, brake lights, turn signals, radio and instruments all work, just no illumination). I checked all fuses, fuses and relays in the power control boxes, and headlight switch. funny thing happens with the...
  4. J

    O2 sensors on '97 5.0

    Hey everyone. I've (wife's actually) got a '97 XLT V8 5.0 and need to replace the O2 sensor(s). Can someone tell me how many and where are they located.Part #'s would be cool also. I did a search on these forums and found info on the V6 but nothing for the my V8. Thanks alot..... Jamie