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    Anyone here ever wonder WTF they were thinking when they got married?

    agree 100%, even if you can't get anything out of her about something else that is wrong, YOU have to find out for your self, be smart about it, put yourself in her shoes, and as Ru Dawg said, dont be judgemental, that'll only make things worse.
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    MIL eliminators- Wiring help!!

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    MIL eliminators- Wiring help!!

    does electrical experts know what kind/type/size resistors these are?, by the way, i figured this is cheaper than buying a new rear o2 sensor, and worth a shot because if anything i'll know about resistors...again correct me if i'm wrong, but the only purpose for the rear o2 sensor is to tell...
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    MIL eliminators- Wiring help!!

    does anyone know if these work? the're supposed to turn off the CEL of you've taken the catalytic converters off. tell me if i'm wrong but all they do is hook inline with the rear o2 sensor to tell the computer that the exhaust if still clean. this little...
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    car endo (video)

    let me hear the rebel yell!!.....i can pretty much say that was filmed DEEP in the southeastern US. no consideration for the poor dog either.
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    A4ld to 4R55e

    basically its not worth switching.
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    Further Proof That I Really Am Living in Hicksville

    heh, thats from royston, i drive through there a few times a summer to paddle the broad river, and i can say its pretty rough, reminds me of deliverence, kind of scary.
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    Camber Adjusters, Can I do it myself?

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    Purchasing 4" Superlift leaf springs by themselves

    why don't you just do a spring-over in the rear and do some three inch lift spindle's in the front....dont you have 2wd spindles? then 2" with the torsion bars, thats 5 inches for only like $400
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    97 Explorer 2wd...wheel bearings serviceable or not????

    no way that bearings cost $30....maybe like $10/$15 for all four ( inner/outer for both sides) its really easy to do maybe a 30 minute job, if you know what you're doing, just make sure you replace the bearing races also, just get a long punch and a hammer and hit them out.
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    Camber adjusters?

    NAPA carries them, atleast around here they do.
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    Using Air tools

    need a little more information on what type of tools you'll be using. a 1/4" die grinder can use more air than a 1/2" impact gun, so if you're just going to use tools that aren't going to use large volumes of air, then you will not need a compressor with a huge tank. also give a price range
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    down now up

    whats the back spacing on the wheels james?
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    expo5.0 official custom paint thread

    yeah........take his advice?????? just kidding?
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    Jerking hesitation - Sort of urgent

    hartman, i have a 96 4.0 and i have a very similar problem, sometimes it will act up like you've described and sometimes it wont. now i know i have original catalytic converters and i know they need to be replaced after 130k miles. the explorer has been running a little on the hot side and i...
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    Get paid alot and never step foot in a school!

    thats not illegal? should be if it isn't
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    Photos show off your LOWERED truck

    there has to be more than this
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    Photos show off your LOWERED truck

    245/55 is just a tad bit shorter than stock and its a little wider than stock, so its not like a rubber band tire....besides i can get this size for a lot cheaper than a 255/55/18
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    Photos show off your LOWERED truck

    yes, the tire is just 1 centimeter shorter than a 255/55/18 and about 1 centimeter narrower than the 255. here is an older pic with the old chrome bumper, you can se the tires a little better.
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    Photos show off your LOWERED truck

    245/55/18.....thanks for the compliment.
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    drop spindles?

    why would a company make parts for an explorer when they will only sell to a few when they can be making parts for s-10's, rangers, toyota's, various other mini trucks and full sizes and be selling those parts like hot cakes....... yeah....explorer parts will sell but not for long and not...
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    well i was changing my lower ball joints yesterday and noticed that my spindle was cracked, well needless to say i'm going to need a new one for the passenger side and dont know where to look.......would my best bet be the junkyard or what? 1996 2wd and i am also going to replace my upper...
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    1 WORD BURNOUT!!!!!!!

    pretty weak....
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    Dash illumination color

    the gauges themselves have to have the color in them because when i repaced my water temp gauge all the bulbs were clear.
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    haha this is the new dumbass of the year....

    how can such a dumbass afford an S2000?
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    Hydroxy is LOWERED!!!

    :thumbsup: looking good
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    2004 Pontiac GTO

    they aren't getting the vette transmissions .....the 97-up C5's have the transaxle that is in the rear of the car yeah, i believe that the GTO is just what Chevy needs right now. Its been a while since Chevy has created some what of a sleeper.
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    How To: Install Camshaft & Rocker Arms

    is that tin foil covering up your valley and intake ports on your heads?
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    Another Stupid "Who Would Win" Post!

    explorer should win.
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    best cheap speakers

    translation for garth: the square kicker solobaric is made for the loud "boom" instead of actually having good sound quality.
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    Bill Gates: $25 cars that get 1,000 mpg

    :D funny stuff......bill
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    Need Brakes. Sounds like a great time to Upgrade to EE's!!!

    how about a shot of the rotor with the wheels on...i bet it really does look a lot better.
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    Dash removal

    the lock position is when you take the key out of the ignition and turn the wheel until it know the locking thing for security.
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    Amazing what an airbrush will do

    look at the reflection of the photographer on her pupil.
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    Ford Lightning

    yes it will have somewhere around 500 hp, the neatest thing about the intercooler is that it will have some sort of storage compartment for air that is around 30 degress, you press the button and you can use that air for about 30 seconds and it will give you about 50 hp, kinda like a rechargable...
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    Ford Lightning

    the HD f-150's are pricey too, but they gotta be the best looking and comfortable truck out, basically i think ford took another approach to the lincoln blackwood and its proving to be a good idea.
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    Ford Lightning

    one thing to remember, the chevrolet SS was not designed to compete with the lightning, it is produced to compete with the Harley f-150's.....