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    Tan speaker covers??

    Speaker covers are welded to the inside of the door trim panel and not (easily) replaceable? When my driver's door speaker cover cracked, I just ended up replacing the whole panel.
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    4.0 sohc swap to 4.0 ohv

    Knock sensor? If I recall correctly, the OHV lacked one, unlike the SOHC.
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    Power Lock issues on 2000 XLT

    Shorted wiring in the driver's door?
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    4.0 ohv staring problems

    Check your IAC valve too; it could be fouled or have a bad gasket.
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    Valve cover replace. Any other things to get done?

    Ah, yes I remember finding acorns buried all in there. I've used carb cleaner sprayed into the EGR valve inlet/outlet (but not in the vacuum line hole for the diaphragm) once the gasket was off, and it seemed to work fine.
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    Valve cover replace. Any other things to get done?

    Valve covers have to come off if you're doing lower intake manifold gaskets. Might as well do those while you're at it, if they haven't been done already, especially if you have had even the slightest hint of coolant loss, oil loss, or other non-compression related symptoms similar to head...
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    Thank you

    Today I sold my Explorer, a vehicle which I have gotten to know and love quite well and which has provided amazing maneuverability for such a truck. I haven't been active much on this site lately, but I want to say thank you to all who have provided much-needed guidance and excellent...
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    Does an extension alter torque wrench reading?

    The effect is negligible. The actual torsion moment on the extension is extremely small. Play at the socket drive won't cause any effect on applied torque other than whatever infinitesimal elastic strain may be occurring in the contact area of the socket and drive (likewise, unless your tools...
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    2000 Explorer 15" wheels on a 2012 Escape???

    Would the factory 15" wheels (10-hole 10-slot style, if it makes a difference) from 2000 fit onto a 2012 Ford Escape (specifically 4-cyl 2WD) without the need for brake modifications or spacers? The 2012 Escapes came with 16" or 17" wheels and a slightly different offset, but the same bolt...
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    Suddenly, oil is fouling cylinder 1 plug - cats too?

    Cylinder 1: 155 psi after 5 cranks (137 psi after 3 cranks) - oil present in cylinder after cranking Cylinder 2: 145 psi Cylinder 3: 155 psi Cylinder 4: 145 psi Cylinder 5: 155 psi Cylinder 6: 155 psi
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    Suddenly, oil is fouling cylinder 1 plug - cats too?

    Thanks for the reply. Whether I've pulled the plug 15 minutes after shutdown or 2 days after, it would still appear oily with hard deposits underneath. Today I pulled the plugs in hopes of doing a compression test, but my Harbor Freight Tools compression tester of course only included fittings...
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    Suddenly, oil is fouling cylinder 1 plug - cats too?

    I don't really have time or space to tear the upper engine apart again just to experiment around, so hopefully you folks who are smarter than me can advise. Back in March I ran some Seafoam through the intake manifold. Then one day in April while driving on the highway I felt it start to...
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    96 explorer $350

    Nice find. Keep an eye on oil and coolant levels at first. lower intake manifold bolts are known to loosen up and the gaskets themselves to go bad. But besides the goofy set-up has coolant passages in the cast aluminum lower intake manifold, you can't really go wrong with the OHV 4.0L.
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    Broken Automatic Shifter (not just loose and sloppy)

    Just want to make sure I'm on the right track here . . . To make a long story short, over the past few months I had noticed the shifter become slightly sloppy; in fact a couple times I had it start to roll away in Park, which can be a bit nerve-racking (parking brake hasn't worked in years...
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    Deiiferential fluid

    The sticker inside your door that contains VIN, GVWR, and other DOT-relevant information will list the axle code. If you have a D2, D4, or L73 underneath the word AXLE then it's a Traction-Lok. There should also be a metallic tag on the differential housing itself that tells you to use only...
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    Deiiferential fluid

    75W140 with friction modifier if it's the limited slip Traction-Lok axle
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    While the intake manifold is off (late 4.0L OHV) . . . a few questions

    1. I am confused as to where/how to use RTV silicone. I've read to use it in each of the four corners, I've read that there are several notches that make it obvious to where it should go (not obvious to me though!), I've read that it should follow the coolant ports, and I've read that it...
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    4.0 OHV Maintenance Suggestions

    Be on the lookout for intake manifold gasket leaks. The upper gaskets would cause a vacuum leak and throw some lean codes at worst. But the lower gaskets can allow coolant to seep into the oil, since our engines have the thermostat housing concurrent with the lower intake manifold. Even the...
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    97 explorer sport

    Yep, hitting a bump that fast will do that.
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    MPG increase?

    Do you have your roof rack cross-bars still on? Removing those would help aerodynamics a bit.
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    What is this part called?

    Believe it or not, that whole cast aluminum assembly is the lower intake manifold. Unless, you mean what is behind & underneath that, in which case I would agree with koda2000.
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    Because I apparently cannot find it.. Things to check on Explorer.

    Transmission shifting nice and smoothly, and the fluid doesn't smell/look burnt? (Same on the power steering fluid)
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    throttle body question

    No, Fel-Pro and Victor Reinz TB gaskets are readily available.
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    throttle body question

    Well, if you want to be thorough, you might as well remove it. You'd be surprised how much gunk can build up from the air intake all the way to the intake valves, throughout the intake manifold. Carburetor cleaner, throttle body cleaner, it's all the same stuff. Just don't spray on any MAF or...
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    What size are the Tension Clamps on hoses?

    Personally I don't like those plier-type hose clamps, so I use CT clamps. Yes they're worm-drive but constant-torque governed by Belleville washers or spring. For the radiator hoses I'm using size 28s (33-57mm) and they fit perfectly -- could be wrong but I think it's Breeze CTS-28. For the...
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    corrosion inhibitors without anti-freeze

    Have you considered using a propylene glycol coolant? Heck, look what's on the front of the jug:
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    Electric Fan install 1997 ford eplorer 4.0 OHV

    Maybe wired up to the oil pressure switch (with a relay of course)?
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    Highest original parts mileage

    Just shy of 204,000 miles: Original engine (4.0L OHV), transmission (5R55E), transfer case, differentials, A/C compressor, water pump, power steering pump & rack ..... and alternator until the charging bolt sheared off when I tried removing it. Did add an inline transmission filter and auxiliary...
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    Broken stud - Do I need a new alternator?

    When I was removing the alternator (probably the first time it has ever been removed) to get the intake manifold off, the stud for the charge cable sheared off. Is it replaceable? I haven't completely cracked open the alternator yet. Also, I forget, what is this sensor at the back...
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    what gasoline?

    Any major brand (Shell, Chevron, Mobil, Texaco, Exxon, etc.) 87 octane will be fine. I prefer Chevron myself (seems to be the best cleaning additives), but there are no Chevrons anywhere near where I live. Nor are there any nearby ethanol-free gas stations (that is something worth paying extra...
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    Exhaust manifold, EGR pipe replacement

    I wouldn't be surprised if the scorched spark plug wires were caused by hot exhaust gas leaking onto them, especially if the left rear cylinders (5 and 6) were the worst. If money is really tight, maybe put a heat-shield wrap over the affected spark plug wires? Try to get your hands on the...
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    Leaking Coolant? No...

    A/C compressor shouldn't affect that .... but I'm curious what you mean by "completely missing" If it's actually not present with no dummy bypass pulley and the no-A/C belt is used, the pulleys will be spinning at the wrong speeds, which could trip the battery charge warning light.
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    Leaking Coolant? No...

    Consider getting a used oil analysis the next couple times you change the engine oil, and look for high potassium and sodium levels. Quite possibly, the coolant is going into the oil. It might not be the heads or head gasket, more likely actually through the intake manifold gaskets, which a...
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    replacing the egr

    And "keeping the engine warmer" isn't necessarily a good thing. The ECM is calibrated such that the engine runs at optimal temperature with EGR functioning properly. I remember when my DPFE melted and I had hot exhaust gas blowing around the engine. Actually drove about 150 highway miles like...
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    How many miles on your 2ND GEN EX?

    This April 2000 4.0L OHV has joined the 200,000 club last night. No plans to sell or replace.
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    This is what the original plug from 1998 looks like

    Looks better than the spark plug in my lawn mower after one season (~25 hours) of use. Comparing apples to oranges maybe, but still.
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    Castrol Edge 0w40

    At "cold" temperatures, a 0W will invariably be a bit less viscous than a 5W. Slightly faster flow to the top of the engine when starting is a good thing.
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    Castrol Edge 0w40

    Not a fan of Castrol myself, but I've used Mobil 1 0W-40 without problem. Valvetrain actually sounded a bit quieter for the first couple thousand miles.
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    Anyone else install an hourmeter?

    Yes, the odometer doesn't tell the whole story. Almost all heavy equipment and class 4-8 trucks keep track of hours; even P71-equipped Crown Vics do.
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    Anyone else install an hourmeter?

    Not a fleet vehicle, I'd just be interested in knowing the actual exact run time on the engine, at least from this point forward. Starting to have second thoughts now as to whether it would be worth the trouble.