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    95 Explorer dash lights inop

    I have a similar thread going with respect to dash lights not working. I got mine fixed. I got the wiring diagram from the Ford dealership. How would be the best way to get it to you? I'm still pretty new here and don't know the right way to do this.
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    Slow coolant leak.

    Its probably your heater core valve, I found that mine only leaked when you activated the valve. This is done by placing the climate control knob in the off position. At this point it was pretty easy for me to see a slow drip coming from the valve itself while the engine was running.
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    Looking for help with no dash and hvac lights

    I got the problem fixed. It ended up being the dimmer switch in the dash. I got a used one from the local salvage yard for 10 bucks. The dealership wanted 18 times that much for a new one. Thanks for everyone's input helping me along! I look forward to being an Explorer owner.
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    Looking for help with no dash and hvac lights

    I had time to determine that there are some good bulbs. I found that the bulbs for the temperature control and fan are good, but lacking power. I stopped by the Ford dealership today and they were kind enough to give me the complete illumination system schematic. Hopefully I will be able to...
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    Looking for help with no dash and hvac lights

    Quick Update: I had time this morning to change out the headlight switch and saw no change in the behavior of my problem, I will have to mess with it some more after work today.
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    Looking for help with no dash and hvac lights

    Hello all, I recently purchased a 1995 XLT Ford Explorer from a friend. The vehicle has a kink or two to work out, but the most important safety issue I have to address is the lack of dash lighting(including the hvac lighting). I searched through the old posts and found some tips for the gen...