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  1. J

    80,000 Mi TUNE UP

    As far as the oil change goes. I use a Purolator PureOne filter on my truck. I've done countless hours reading about comparisons on oil filters and IMHO this is the best oil filter currently on the market for a daily driven vehicle. I also reccomend using Walmart's house brand oil. I use...
  2. J

    Anybody replaced a clutch in a 5-spd trans

    Just wondering, but have you looked into a clutch kit for a Ranger with the 4.0 motor?
  3. J

    Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF in Transfer Case

    I would reccomend using the friction modifier regardless of what the bottle says. Also, I reccomend using the 75W90 gear oil for the front diff, but to each his own.
  4. J

    Power Inverter Install Question

    Here you go.
  5. J

    Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF in Transfer Case

    Full-time professional dealership mechanic here, my personal truck is a 2002 Explorer XLT 4.6L V8 here. Switched front and rear diffs to Mobil One gear oil and T/C to Mobil One Mercon ATF all at the same time. Probably 20-25k miles since changing the fluids. Absolutely no problems at all. Go...
  6. J

    Exhaust Flange nut help (seized)

    As a full-time professional mechanic at a large dealership. Try using an oxy-acetylene torch to heat up just the nut and then spin it off. Otherwise just cut and replace with a nut and bolt. Done this dozens of times with not a single problem. Post if you need more help.
  7. J

    Bolt pattern?

    Careful with those! I'm pretty sure that 15" wheels will not fit on 2002-2005 explorers. If I do recall, they will not fit over the calipers or something along those lines. I could be wrong, but I don't believe so.
  8. J

    best flowmaster for 04 explorer

    I've got a 2002 with the 4.6 liter. Earlier this year I put a 40 series on there with the rest of the exhaust bone stock. Sounds great. Not too loud, but gives a nice throaty deep sound. Very good sound, made a nice improvement in throttle response and a little bit of seat-of-the-pants gain. No...
  9. J

    Another tire question... (or 2)

    While it is true that your ABS and Traction Control systems utilize wheel speed to monitor and take apropriate actions, upgrading to a larger size tire will have virtually no effect, especially given the very minor change in size being referenced here. For most manufaturers, and more importantly...
  10. J


    I just put them on my truck about 2 weeks ago. They fit great.
  11. J

    Power Inverter Install How-To

    Sorry, not really sure what you mean by this? I dont understand why you dont think the 100amp breaker is enough. Maybe I am just confused, could you explain this for me?
  12. J

    3rd Row Seat Delete

    I wouldnt call it a secret. Just unbolted the rear seats, laid some carpet down where the jack and supplies used to be. took a piece of wood, cut it to size, then covered it with carpet. Had the wood sitting at home and got a big piece of marine grade carpet for $5. Sprayed the one side with 3M...
  13. J

    EXHAUST... X is up in the air !!!!

    I know its off topic, but I cant seem to find an exhaust clip for a 4.6 with a 50 series muffler. Can anyone post a link?
  14. J

    Magnaflow 14" 4"x9" body exhaust clip

    Sounds decent. Still think a flowmaster wins out by a hair though. To each his own anyways; as long as your happy it doesnt matter.
  15. J

    3rd Row Seat Delete

    Decided that the 3rd row seats were taking up space and had no value for me. Heres a pic of what it looks like now. Im really happy with it. Let me get your opinions, maybe I will do a quick how to write-up depending on the feedback.
  16. J

    Power Inverter Install How-To

    I thought about it initially; however I decided against it to keep it removable if necessary. It's easy enough to access it, so I didn't think it would be very advantageous.
  17. J

    Power Inverter Install How-To

    Some side notes on this install. I did this after my 3rd seat delete, so if you're still using the 3rd row seating, you may have to come up with some different mounting places. Second, I way oversized the wiring for this to give me better performance, and more room to upgrade for a larger...
  18. J

    Power Inverter Install How-To

    Decided to install a power inverter in my truck for camping and whatever else I might need it for. I decided to go with an 800 watt continuous and 1500 peak model. Parts Needed: Inverter 18' Black 4AWG Wire...
  19. J

    Magnaflow 14" 4"x9" body exhaust clip

    Yup, linky no worky for me either.
  20. J

    86EXPLORER86's 04 Explorer

    "Cocaine White" Explorer? C'mon man. How old are we? You need to work in this pig or get a different vehicle.
  21. J

    Tow hooks fit with bull bar?

    Sorry, seems like a bit of a language difference. I am referring to what your calling a "nudge bar". More specifically one of the westin one's with the stainless lower grille.
  22. J

    rear body panel crack? who has it!!

    I have two cracks in that rear panel, one comes down from the top to about an inch off-center of the emblem and stops. Then theres one about two inches to the right of the emblem that goes clear from top to bottom of that panel. Annoys the piss out of me... Has anyone gotten Ford to pay for a...
  23. J

    Tow hooks fit with bull bar?

    Sorry, I fully understand the functionality of the search feature, however that particular forum seemed to pertain to a grill guard and not a bull bar. Different animals, and Im also a bit rushed so I figured I would toss out a quick thread and would be able to get the information quickly.
  24. J

    Tow hooks fit with bull bar?

    Will tow hooks fit with the bull bar on an 02 Explorer?
  25. J

    Single Sub Wiring

    According to the manual that came with the sub, the Comp C12 can be either 4 or 8 amp. I believe this means it can be "bridged", right?
  26. J

    Single Sub Wiring

    My sub is rated for either 4 or 8 ohms. I know that this isnt the greatest quality but Im just looking for a little extra without breaking the bank.
  27. J

    new toy for the mountaineer opinion

    Just as a little note. A few weeks ago I ordered that same bull bar from them except in black powdercoat. They dont have any more of the black ones and they dont expect to be making them anymore. If you want one, get it now. I think they look sharp and I might even buy one of the polished ones...
  28. J

    Single Sub Wiring

    Hey there guys, with Circuit City going out of business, I just picked up a Kicker Comp C12 and a sealed box for $100 all together. Looking first off for which amp you guys reccomend. Im not looking to break the bank, but I dont want ****ty qualuty. I do know that this sub is 300W peak with...
  29. J

    Single Sub Wiring

    Hey there guys, with Circuit City going out of business, I just picked up a Kicker Comp C12 and a sealed box for $100 all together. Looking first off for which amp you guys reccomend. Im not looking to break the bank, but I dont want ****ty qualuty. I do know that this sub is 300W peak with...
  30. J

    How to: Tow hook installation procedure.

    Are you actually gaining anything by using this mounting plate other than "ease" of install?
  31. J

    Headlight Upgrade

    I just found the Silverstars for the fogs. They are labeled as 9145 S/T.
  32. J

    Headlight Upgrade

    Ive recently just installed both 9005 and 9006 for my truck last week. I went with the Silverstar Ultra's and IMHO theyre excellent. Complete difference between these and the stock ones. They are much brighter and theyre an extremely white light. Definately worth the money to me. I have seen a...
  33. J

    Road Bully Lift REVIEW!!

    Hey everybody, I understand that some of you have not been happy with everything but keep in mind that Ben has gone out of his way to accomodate all of us on this board. The pure fact that he is custom making these spacers per each request and isnt charging twice as much money should be a...
  34. J

    Painted Body Molding?

    Question to all of you who used the Krylon Fusion to paint the moldings on your X, what sheen level did you use? Flat, Satin, or Gloss? Please post a picture and which one you used. Thanks in advance.
  35. J

    Opinions Please.....

    DAMN!!!! I thought I was going to be real slick and be the first one to pop up with a set of them on a 3rd Gen. So much for that... Sucks to be a poor college kid.
  36. J

    285's wont fit? are you sure?

    Did anyone actually determine if 285's would fit with a set of 2" spacers?
  37. J

    Opinions Please.....

    Youre not allowed to do the AR Mojaves in black because thats what Im going to get this summer.
  38. J

    Finally some pics from my expedition in Mexico!

    How about a pic of that F150 emblem?
  39. J


    Ahhhhhh!!!! Thats absolutely hideous. What goes through some peoples heads?
  40. J

    Explorer/Mountaineer or Hummer H3

    Well guys, I would like to put this debate to an end. I have both perspectives on this seeing as though I own an '02 Explorer and for my profession I am a mechanic for a Cadillac and Hummer dealer. Ive worked on both trucks and to be honest theyre completely different, youre comparing apples to...