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    Remove power 3rd row seating

    Anyone have instructions/method for removing the 3rd row, specifically a power 3rd row?
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    Warning Lights - ABS Brake "wrench" and slipping car all on

    Unless you have a special version - all 2006+ Ford Explorers/Mercury Mountaineers have ABS and roll stability control (rsc). Those aren't options, they're standard features.
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    Add ons for the Explorer

    I've been trying to find a grill guard as well. I have the Mercury Mountaineer so the grill/front bumper is a little different. I'd also like to get front tow hooks, but haven't had much luck finding an oem type solution. Anyone with ideas?
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    Extended Warranty Pricing

    Definitely check out several online resources for the official Ford ESP pricing. I did that and was able to talk my dealership down from $1600 for 6yrs/75k PremiumCare ($100 deductible) to $1000. Dealer cost on that plan is between $700-800 (I think). I found 3rd party warranties (not Ford)...
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    Has Anyone Added A Power Port?

    I installed one under the passenger seat - tapped into the existing power. There's plenty of room to pass wire were the center console meets the carpet, no cutting needed.