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    I havethe -RARE- 2003 Sport. It is a PITA to find documentation on, since the 4-door Explorers are 3rd gen...but the 2-door is still 2nd gen. Found Ford factory service & wiring manuals for the Sport (and Sport-Trac) and snapped them up for $75. No other manual can come close.
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    Looked at 01 sport

    There are plenty of You-Tube videos on how to replace those chain guide cassettes. If you're lucky, it'll be the driver's side cassette which can be replaced without yanking the engine.;
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    SOHC V6 Power

    You sir are correct. I was looking at the OHV data. Oops!! The correct data shows 207hp for the SOHC-4.0. OK then, lets bump it up to 250hp. I would like to feel the HP of wife's Honda Pilot. That is a 3.5L V-Tec with DOHC and variable valve timing, producing 235hp.. Since the...
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    SOHC V6 Power

    Good idea....but that means I would need to change the front diff too. I think I am running a 3.55 but not positive.
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    SOHC V6 Power

    Show me ONE Explorer Sport (ya know -the 2-door kind) that is equipped with a V8. I know of none but I could be wrong....
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    SOHC V6 Power

    I am on my THIRD Explorer. I have had a '92 XLT (OHV) and a '98 XLT (SOHC). ...YES, I buy OLDER Explorers, for they fot me very well. I now have an '03 Sport-XLT which is totally stock, which I bought last May with 96K on the odo. One year later, I am at 147k. Yes, I put a lot of hwy miles...