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    06 Explorer gear shift light bulb out

    The first part of that link involves the gearshift as you have to go through quite the process of getting to the radio. Unfortunately the pictures appear to no longer be working but that is the proper link.
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    HHO: Is it alchemy? Or will it improve gas mileage on a ’99 4.0 SOHC Explorer?

    I hear ya, my 93's steering got pretty bad and I definitely did not feel safe driving it but it just wasnt worth fixing.
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    Light sensor

    If its that much of a bother why not just switch it to off instead of auto. Doesn't seem worth paying the $50 for unless you need something else done while theyre in there.
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    What is the corporate email for gripes? scroll to the bottom click contact us and on the next page click on Ford, select you email topic and type away.
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    2006 no crank after one hour drive

    Do any interior lights come on when you insert the key? i.e. odomoeter, radio, etc.
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    Battery Discharge Rate

    I have a metal hood on my 2006 XLT. Anyways..... I had to replace my battery, it was just worn out after 3 years and my new battery works great. Although its not a Motorcraft it is made by the same company, Johnson Controls, who also makes Die Hards as well as some "lesser" brands. May just...
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    truck trend,,, showing the new explorer

    Here's a link to the SEMA spy shots. Doesn't show too much as it looks like a Taurus X with a new Explorer front end.
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    slow fuel filling

    Have you tried backing the nozzle out slightly when fueling? What about letting some of the pressure release before inserting the nozzle.
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    2007 Explorer XLT OBD II connector

    Should be the same for all 2006+
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    V6 vs. V8: MPG

    No, its not.
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    Where to buy front wheel bearings

    Thanks for the asnwers, the bearings were for sale on advance auto parts website but they disspeared when they updated there website. I will have to keep looking.
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    Where to buy front wheel bearings

    Does anyone know of a store that sells the front wheel bearings without having to buy a new hub assembly?
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    front wheel bearing help

    Well, old post but if you seriously believe $180 is a fair price for a bearing....well.... A hub assy yes.... wow
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    Airconditioner with a delay

    Well I have manual air conditioning on my XLT but I would guess its normal if you have the electric. I have seen it on other cars were it will delay it so that it doesnt blow hot air on you.
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    PULSTAR spark plugs ?

    $25 a piece? I don't know about that man.
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    Rear led light bar

    They make them in a few different sizes, should definitely be able to get on that fits.
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    2006 Puddle Lamp bulb spec?
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    Ford or Mercury?

    Reliabilty will be virtually identical as they are basically the same vehicle with cosmetic differences. If you like the looks of the Mercury better get it. It doesn't really sound like you will need 4L much, but you might end up needing it that one time in the snow so thats something to think...
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    Daytime Running Lights

    I believe you can enable the drl's at the dealership. They should be able to hook it up to the computer and turn it on for you.
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    Automatic Headlights

    The switch for the automatic headlights simply has another position, to the left of the off position is automatic. So you will need a switch and a light sensor, not sure about anything else.
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    Lurching on downshift (at almost stopped speed)

    Yes, the V8s 6 speed is notorious for having problems. The V6s 5 speed has some complaints but I would bet 99% of those would be fixed with the transmission update for the computer. lol, here is a quote from somebody on that site. Sounds like driver error to me. Even if something did go...
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    Lurching on downshift (at almost stopped speed)

    Since you're still under warranty no harm in taking it to the dealership and seeing if there is a new computer update for the transmission.
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    Who here has a flex-fuel Explorer?

    The price spread is usually greater than 30 cents. xvprflyboivx in PA the cheapest e85 is $2.95, if you can find gas for $3.25 there you must have some hidden oil that you are not sharing with the rest of us. Gas here is at about $3.95.
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    V6 or V8 for 06 Eddie Bauer

    The V8 is known to have some tranny issues and the earlier V6s are know to have radiator issues.
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    Explorer sales down 52% for June!

    Wow, so Ford actually did better than Toyota and GM overall! Amazing!
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    K&N Intake for 04-05 v6

    Request sent.
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    Explorer sales down 52% for June!

    I agree! The technology is too new. I wouldn't even think about buying a hybrid right now. I keep cars for way too long and if that battery needed replaced outside of warranty that car would quickly become a lawn ornament!
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    Explorer sales down 52% for June!

    Ok, well I did some more research and a Fusion Hybrid is going into production. Year to date sales are down 12.9% Total Ford Motor Company sales are down 14.3% Retail sales fell for SUVs (down 40%) and trucks and vans (down 31%). Retail sales for cars were up 3% versus a year ago and...
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    Explorer sales down 52% for June!

    Wow, will be interesting to compare that to the other automakers. Toyota has 3 hybrid vehicles, Honda has 1 hybrid, 1 natural gas and now 1 hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, although very limited and very expensive. And Chevy has what now, 2? The Malibu and the Tahoe? The Tahoe Hybrid is pretty...
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    How come there is no intakes for the 05?

    hmmm wonder if the k&n for 04 works in the 06-08s if the KKM is for 04-08
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    08 Mountaineer Gas Cap

    I don't think its an issue of losing gas caps. The system makes it harder to a) steal gas from the vehicle b) inserting a diesel nozzle (only unleaded will fit) c) keeps vapors from escaping and most likely d) saves Ford a dollar or two per vehicle since they no longer need caps. Ford was...
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    What kind of milage should I expect, and what do you get?

    I havent done a lot of research on it, but zMax can't be that bad for your engine if there willing to offer a warranty, for the engines internal lubricated parts. It seems to be they offer the warranty for 6,000 miles every time you use it as long as you send in the registration card for up to...
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    Navigation System

    Check out the Pioneer AVIC-F900BT you can order it off crutchfield for $1099 and it comes with a free backup camera right now. It has MSN Direct, stores map data in flash memory, text to speech, bluetooth for hands free calling, and is compatible with steering wheel controls.
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    side steps

    Ford Part No. 1L2Z-16450-JA for the OE running boards that will just bolt right on, about $400 US. Where is Perth? Australia or Canada?
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    New tail lenses?

    Look on ebay, item number 370062582835 and 370062641963 Don't know about finding clears, I actually highly doubt you will find any clears that will be a direct fit. But here are some aftermarket tails.
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    Ford profits zoom to $100 Million

    Not bashing you but I highly doubt they will get rid of the Focus. Especially not with gas prices being what they are. There are tons of new Focus' on the road here already and the dealers can't keep them on the lot hardly.
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    2010 Ford Mustang to look smaller

    That's a concept not even designed by Ford, they're not gonna make it so calm down. They are supposed to be doing the glass roof in the 2009's though.
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    F-100 & Ford Eurocars coming to America?

    I think the F-100 would be a welcome addition to the Ford Truck lineup. The ranger hasn't changed in forever and you can't get a real second row in it. And some cars with better fuel economy should definitely help for get back some sales from Toyota and Honda. Perhaps they are using the money...