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  1. rebuild


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    ARB Safari Snorkel

    im sorry i dont check here often as the x is gone. i still have it, feel free to txt me! name is jake 801.699.3798 currently im in florida but its at my sisters place in utah one thing to note, is its a 3" diameter, most people on here run 2.5" it will fit under the fenter still but...
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    Show off your LIFTED 2nd GEN

    i definitely wouldnt have sold the centerlines for those haha.. mine were super beat up, but it was a tough wheel.
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    ARB Safari Snorkel

    yea, they look good.
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    ARB Safari Snorkel

    i have a potential buyer. wanted to also say i havent been on here much, so please email me if you have any questions. rawkus909 @ jake
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    Utah Explorers

    i wish i was still around to wheel. i miss goin up provo canyon. i need to get a truck too.. been looking at 4 runners
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    ARB Safari Snorkel

    I have an arb safari snorkel for sale. It's just the top part, but it'll fit onto some pipe no problem. There are plenty of write ups or you can look at my elite registry (franken sploder). I think I paid 100$ for this new, make me an offer.
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    Franken Sploder (Premier)

    Dropped the explorer at the scrap yard today. It's country auto salvage in aurora Utah. I'm sure you can look them up and call them if you want anything off the truck (lift/lockers/gears/rims etc)
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    Franken Sploder (Premier)

    i thought i'd bump this up, and see if anyone wants to buy this. im going to put an add in the paper, and if it doesnt sell, its going to the scrap yard. im 2k miles away from it and no way i could part it out, so superlift, gears and lockers will end up in the scrap yard.
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    An EF tragedy... John Rock passed away

    heath let me know what happened. i talked to johnstone quite a few times over the years.. about family, finances, and life in general. i just read this thread and it really makes me wish i got to hang out with him. i'll miss you john, and the journey is just beginning. i donated, and hope...
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    What To Do With This Sport ?

    you can buy my truck, and swap everything over to yours.. including manual tranny/t-case, lockers, and superlift :D or just do a tt and body lift, and throw some 33's on
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    Los Angeles/north of Los Angeles

    lol, you guys are funny :p the s4 costs too much to maintain, for me to purchase one right now. im looking at a vw r32. i actually have a friend visiting la, and he said he could meet the guy tomorrow(posted the same q on my facebook). if for some reason it doesnt work out, i'll re post...
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    Los Angeles/north of Los Angeles

    anyone in LA or just north of LA want to do me a favor :) i trust most the people on here, and im looking at a vehicle to buy and would like to have someone peek at it :)
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    ahh.. only made it to here and was like wtf.. so i posted the carfax question. i pm'ed blee but then noticed he was offline so i posted this thread. tell who ever deleted the original they are a hater lol ;)
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    i looked here and didnt see anything. btw the links should be fixed, because none of them from the post i posted take me to that page when you delete a thread i would recommend pm'ing the person and letting them know the reason.
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    where did my thread go? mods...
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    JTX's Re-Registry

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    JTX's Re-Registry

    why is your name in yellow?
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    "TURDLE" or " How to mess up a perfectly good truck"

    can you put some heat wrap on the headers?
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    Canadian Backroads

    sick country
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    show off your LIFTED truck - photo thread

    you need new tires.. bad lol :)
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    Interchangeable years for factory cd player.

    you sir, are my hero.. thanks! is what the doctor ordered
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    Interchangeable years for factory cd player.

    i just got the deck out of a 01-03 sport, and it isnt plug and play with my 96.
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    99ex22's Elite Registry!

    i like the vehicross but they have blind spots too
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    99ex22's Elite Registry!

    i wouldnt blame you.. i have looked at them. with a 5.5" lift and 35's they are pretty bad ass.
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    12 point vs 6 point sockets

    if he is a mechanic, then sometimes cheaper tools arent worth the hassle
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    New rollover posse member announcement

    glad your ok.. been there done that, and it sucks!
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    Ranger Owners: Show Off Your Truck

    im really not a fan of lowered trucks.. but i would drive the **** out of that! nice!
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    What's your Explorer's name?

    i wonder if i have spent more on mine than yours lol.. black holes.. definately
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    Captain Morgan, '95 D44 Sas

    wish my truck looked like that :( will you put a d44 under mine? lol
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    Official Colorado Colors Run 09 - Ouray: Sept 4-7th, 2009

    i always carry spare cv's but im locked in the front.. you dont need spare rears imo. go to for the 'list' of what you should bring.
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    maybe because they wanted to say how they felt, without being censored? :censored:
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    Limited Rebuild is Here

    been alright. just work a lot and go to the gym. pretty much story of my life
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    Would your truck be an Autobot.. or a Decepticon?

    deceptacon for sure.. i cant picture it any other way.
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    Limited Rebuild is Here

    happy birthday bud
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    Warrior 153 shackles install with pics

    isnt that what i posted? :wtf:
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    Best Snow Tire

    if you want a dedicated snow tire, get blizzaks
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    Holes on side of truck

    here are some pics, you can see the little bumps. without herc
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    Holes on side of truck

    after you take the body molding off? i got those little black push plugs and stuck them in there.. then herculined over it :)