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  2. J

    Erratic Speedometer and flashing O/D light

    Inspect the VSS for loose or frayed wires. You may also want to remove it to check the gear teeth at the end. If you don't see anything wrong, replace it. It's most likely not the transmission itself.
  3. J

    shipping to Germany / new transmission

    The transmission is fine, don't touch it. V8 explorers have a much stronger, more reilable transmission.
  4. J

    b.f goodrich?

    Are you aware that your own explorer could have been made in mexico? Many are.
  5. J

    Is it just the tires?

    Tire pressure can make a huge difference.
  6. J

    Why all the filters?

    Here's what I know. The SOHC uses the same oil filter as the OHV. The motorcraft part number is FL-1A. So if you go with the motorcraft you should have no problems. BTW, the motorcraft filter is as good (or better) than any other oil filter. Good luck.
  7. J

    Tranny Slips so bad I can't get the Ex out of the driveway!!

    Is the filter seated correctly? Did you use the o-rings that came with the filter? If any of these are wrong, air will be sucked past the filter causing the trans to slip.
  8. J

    LAN/Internet Problem...

    Windows will automatically do it for you, but with some OS's you may need a subnet calculator. Also check to make sure that the DNS entry is correct for your network. Can you ping his IP address? If you can, and he still can't access web pages, then that's a sure sign his DNS is setup wrong.
  9. J

    would high trans temp cause O/D light to flash?

    It doesn't matter. Generally when your off-road (unless your into the high-speed stuff) your not going fast enough for the the computer to shift into O/D anyway.
  10. J

    Sport Trac Questions?

    There is no way the 5.0L V8 makes 238 ft/lbs of torque. It makes at least 288 if not higher.
  11. J

    Sport Trac Questions?

    You will miss the V8 and the ride will probably be worse.
  12. J

    TrckmagiK and Broke B step outside the box!

    Is that a 2000 cobra R in the picture?
  13. J

    T-Case used to clunk when going into 4x4 low now does not.

    Are you absolutely sure it's going into 4-low? You should definitely get a clunk or noise of some kind.
  14. J

    Overheating...after walmart oil change!

    The water probably gurgled because it got too hot. If the coolant level isn't low, 99% chance it's your thermostat. A loose sensor is very unlikely considering a different sensor drives both the gauge and the computer reading, and it appears that both sensors are agreeing with each other if...
  15. J

    Overdrive shifting in at to high of a speed!

    NOTAJP is right. When it shifts into O/D at a lower speed, there is more of a chance of it shifting into 3rd and/or unlocking the torque converter for more power which will put uncecessary wear on the transmission.
  16. J

    First PDA Post Ever?

    I connect wirelessly with my Asus A620 here and back home. What browser are you pocket pc guys using? I'm using Netfront right now with windows mobile 2003.
  17. J

    engine sounds forced

    It sounds like the fan clutch is bad and causing the fan to turn at engine speed. That would explain the low mileage and poor performance.
  18. J

    steering colum popped

    How did the ball joint come out of place? Did they replace it?
  19. J

    When to use what gear?

    Any loose surface like gravel is fine for testing the 4x4. Also you should make sure to engage 4-low atleast once a month. You probably had problems getting out of 4-low last time because it was not used often enough.
  20. J

    Sport Trac Rear Axle

    The explorer 8.8 (95+) has discs and is 31 spline.. All ranger 8.8's have drums and are 28 spline with the exception of the FX4. 01-02 sport tracs have 31 spline 8.8's with drum brakes. 03+ sport tracs have 8.8's with discs. Also, I think there may be some minor differences between the sport...
  21. J

    Standard Motor

    In 2001 the OHV was dropped on explorers and rangers. In '02, the 4.6L V8 became an option.
  22. J

    4.0L SOHC VS. 5.0L V8

    The '05 Mustang V6 is getting the SOHC, as well as the '05 Land Rover Discovery.
  23. J


    I've been using Mobil 1 synthetic oil and motorcraft filters for years now and every time I change the oil on my explorer (every 5-6K miles) the oil is very black and dirty, so the color of the oil probably is not a factor.
  24. J

    is tranny bad?

    Bad is a relative term. Sounds like the front pump seal could do to be replaced and the low/reverse servo cover repaired which is likely causing your delayed engagement problem.
  25. J

    Time for new video card

    I agree the 9800 XT is the best, but I think best buy has a sale on the 9600 XT. $200 with a $50 rebate. Of course, you can get a better deal on ebay. Also, the performance gain from having 256 MB of video ram as opposed to 128 MB are negligible.
  26. J

    What are my options for new engines?

    It's not the same auto for both. The explorer 5.0 uses the 4R70W. The explorer 4.0 (for your year) uses the A4LD.
  27. J

    What are my options for new engines?

    The 302 will not fit either the M5R1 or the A4LD. If you want to do a V8 swap, you will need a tranny that fits too.
  28. J

    Rear axle ratio - what is 'standard' ?

    There is no "standard" gear ratio. You could have 3.27, 3.55, 373, or 4.10. I would definitely not regear to a higher ratio. 4.10 gears benefit your truck more than just giving it increased take-off power.
  29. J

    Tranny shutter?

    Change the fluid and retighten the valve body bolts.
  30. J

    queston about the v8

    11K miles? It's a steal.
  31. J

    4.0 Sohc Switch from 5w30 to 10w30 at 80k

    What specific tolerances are you talking about? Are you having some sort of problem? 5W30 is what Ford recommends no matter the mileage.
  32. J

    Whats my problem??

    Check for vacuum leaks. Make sure no lines or caps have popped off the vacuum "T". If they're ok, might wanna try the propane method around the intake. Have you pulled the codes? What happens when you try to start it while pressing the accelerator to the floor?
  33. J

    transmission help

    Not possible.
  34. J

    possible rear leaf spring issue

    Yes it's possible. The stock springs are really bad about going flat. You could get new stock springs, do an add-a-leaf or get an aftermarket leaf pack.
  35. J

    Engine temperature

    I had the same problem. My temp gauge was pegged all the way as low as it could go. It was not due to a loose connection though. It was a problem with the gauge itself and the only way I could fix it was to replace the left side of the gauge cluster. Yes, there are three wiring cables that...
  36. J

    Tranny slips only when it snows?

    First off, a 98 explorer doesn't have a 2 wheel drive option at all. You are in 4wd all the time. It could be that when there's snow/ice on the road and the transfer case senses slipping, it more aggressively pulses the 4x4, thus the perceived "clunking".
  37. J

    95 4x4 probs

    How old is the transfer case fluid? Is it at the proper level? It's not possible to make 4-auto into 4-high.
  38. J

    Any way to get CD-RWs to play on factory CD player?

    I don't think there's anyway to get them to work. CD-R's should work fine though.
  39. J

    Idle Problem. Need help!

    The best way to check for vacuum leaks is propane (unlit). It won't leave residue on your engine and it's a little safer.