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    Lift Gate Door Ajar / Door Ajar

    They did put a sensor in for the glass and the gate itself on the Explorers. My moms 03 had the same problem had to replace both. I am not sure if you test the sensor or not.
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    05 Explorer Throttle issue?

    Ford had that problem it is the delay of the electronics on almost all off the cars and trucks that used system for about the first couple of years. Ford did come out with a software updated that helped respond quicker but there was still going to be a little delay. You will have some type of...
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    Additives To Quieten Rear End Whine

    Yes and no they still had some problems but not nearly as many as 02-04. 04 was less but the TSB didn't come out till 04 or 05. I have not had any issues with my 05.
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    '04+ owners: Want better throttle response?

    The lag is something that will be there. Ford had an update, it shortened it very little.
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    Explore Spindles On Ebay Fit Sport Trac?

    The hubs and brakes are different between 94 and 95. It shows the hubs and brakes the same between 95/97 and then I think they might change again in 98. I am going research that a little more. This is according to Fords online catalog. I am going to edit my post to.
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    Abs problem???

    Ford part number is F85Z-2L373-AB I believe. This is a slight chance but I have the HCU and or the ECU go bad to. But chances are it's the diff sensor.
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    1999 Ford Explorer XLT Will NOT START! :(

    If you do have to replace the pump also replace the filter at the same time. I agree I doubt all 6 injectors went a once.
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    Explore Spindles On Ebay Fit Sport Trac?

    01 - 05 Ranger, Explorer Sport, and Sport Trac use the same spindle's just match 2wd and 4wd. 95-2001 Explorer 4dr 95-2000 Explorer Sport 95-2000 Ranger These use the same spindles. The Explorer Sport and Ranger were updated to the same stuff as the Explorer Sport Trac in 01.
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    1999 Ford Explorer XLT Will NOT START! :(

    They did have some fuel pump problems during that time. Does the fuel pump turn on when you the key to the on position?
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    Latest part number and replacement for PCV hose

    I believe you have 3 of them on that truck and yes depending on which one it could that pricey.
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    Was the OHV V6 avail with the 5 speed auto?

    97 and up Ranger and Explorer came with 5 speeds regardless of engine except for 5.0L V8 Explorers and Mountaineers for awhile they were 4R70W. Both V6's came with 5 speeds.
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    Additives To Quieten Rear End Whine

    I would change the diff fluid to XY-75w140-QL synthetic and add XL-3 friction modifier. Check the tag on the diff if it says 80w90 get a new tag F3TZ-4121-AA, I think that is the number which says 75w140 on it. Originally from the factory they came with 80w90 non synthetic fluid. When they...
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    clunking noise in front end while driving/turning

    Sway bar bushings are very common and links. Also ckeck the hub it could be the hub has a vacuum leak on that side and the 1 wheel is locked in 4x4. that was also a very common problem. Mine did that so I would turn you would get a clunk because the front wheels were not turning at the same...
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    dash problem........

    You could try to reflash the computer or their is a software update that needs to be done. You could also have a bad cluster or computer. From 2002 and up everything runs through the clusters on Explorer's and same with alot of the Ford products. So when the cluster goes bad it makes alot of...
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    Latest part number and replacement for PCV hose

    6A664 (KCV-149) PCV Valve Hose 4.0L V6 12V Single Over Head Cam EFI 6758 Ford only no motorcraft number available. PCV Valve Hose 4.0L V6 12V Single Over Head Cam EFI 6853 Ford only no motorcraft version available. is another hose on the 4.0L sohc motors...
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    2004 4.6L Transmission vs 4.0L Transmission

    No the trans are completely different. F-150's had a 4 speed and the newer ones are 6 speeds. Explorer's 2006 are 6 speeds.
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    2004 4.6L Transmission vs 4.0L Transmission

    The Ford parts catalog lists 3.
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    Where is Expansion valve and Orifice tube?

    I am not sure if you can just replace the office tube. I am pretty it only comes with the tube. I know the older trucks but the newer ones you have to get the tube. Check the high and lower side pressure swithes the should be 2 of them. There is also a AC cycling switch. Base number on the...
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    engine now cranks, then stops after a revolution

    Can you put up pictures if that so we could possibly exactly what you are hitting.
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    2004 4.6L Transmission vs 4.0L Transmission

    There are three types of transmission Ford used. One trans for 2wd, 1 is used for 1 speed transfer case non control trac, the other is 2 speed transfer case with control trac. Does not matter on engine just options you have. I believe this is how it goes: 5R55E - 2wd 5R55S - 4x4 or Awd 1...
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    2004 4.6 ABS light on and 4x4 flashing, Cruise still works

    I would look at replacintg the front hubs. It could be the abs sensor on the hubs and grinding is probably the bearing inside the hub. The 4x4 flashing is probably tied to the hubs and it registering a vacuum leak which is causing a air leak which has frozen the 4x4 system. The grinding could...
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    Overheating 2004 Limited; 4.6l V-8

    If you are referring to green stuff as green coolant, it is actually suppossed to be gold coolant not green. Gold is considered long life where green is not. I would not be suprised if was the intake. They have had issue's with the plastic intakes.
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    Rear ABS codes, weird

    It could be the abs sensor in the diff messed up so its not getting a signal to the 2 on the wheel.
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    P0455 EVAP system

    I have seen some without the code but it does tend to throw a code. I am also wondering if it the hoses on the filler neck especially the vent hose. That was common on the Explorer's also.
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    rough idle on 2003 Mountaineer

    On most of these PCV hoses you can't get the rubber elbows without getting the entire assembly. There are certain hoses that you can get the elbow sererate but they are very few. I think you got the wrong one. I am not sure if you saw this in an earlier question posted in this forum. What is...
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    Another rough idle P1131 and P1151 only codes

    sorry forgot one other possibility check the coil pack itself you could have problems their also.
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    Another rough idle P1131 and P1151 only codes

    Sometimes cleaning a MAF or IAC will not help it run better or smoother. Could also be the O2 sensors and cat sensors. If any of those get fouled up you get 2 of them running lean or rich which could be telling the computer to change the fuel pressure. They sometimes don't send a code either...
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    P0455 EVAP system

    I am wondering if it the PCV hose on those. It was a very common problem. It is a big hose and looks like a big L. Alot of times you might get a small crack in the 90 degree rubber elbows. Here is a picture of what it looks like...
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    bye bye sport trac

    Sorry to hear your Sport Trac is being sold. Stay Safe over their!! Thank You For Service!!!!
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    Best Michelin Tire For 2004 Limited 2WD

    You might be thinking of the AT's which now are the AT2's
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    Best Michelin Tire For 2004 Limited 2WD

    I have the LTX MS on my wife's Sport Trac and they are really good tires. I also like the Cross Terrains also. I would have put the LTX's on my Explorer but they did not come in raised white letters so I put on General Grabber HTS and I love that tire.
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    Weird Instrument Cluster/Gauges problem - Frozen/Stuck

    You might not get codes if the cluster is bad. I would think codes would come up if it was your computer plus the scanner might not be able to read the computer if it was bad. The only way you can check the wiring is to pull the cluster out and look behind it. Also the cluster has printed...
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    04 NBX v8 w/Transmission problems newbe needs help

    It could be the torque convertor. I am also wondering if it the friction and steel plates inside the transmission are messed up, but I would think you would find metal then. The other thing I am wondering is if the input shaft in the trans is bent. Also I thinking it could be the trans range...
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    Weird Instrument Cluster/Gauges problem - Frozen/Stuck

    It sounds like you need a new cluster and unless their is a bad connection. I am leaning toward a cluster though.
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    Looking at 02 explorer

    I agree about the Awd in snow. I like the Awd in rain though. I use 4wd in snow because the Explorer's are not a true Awd. When it does not need the Awd it turns off. That's why I like the 4wd.
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    Transmission Flush

    I changed it to an adaptor instead of tool. I agree that they say this to keep DIY's from doing it themselves. I would think you change the oil and filter because with having a dipstick you have a better chance of getting airborne dust plus the engine has more moving parts then a trans does...
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    2003 V6 Explorer XLT Speedometer Not Working

    You also could need a software update also. I know mine did that and it was a software update. But like cityworker said it could be a new cluster needed.