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    New Clutch!

    Just got my Hays Super Truck heavy duty clutch installed! amazing clutch! i can actually chirp the tires on dry pavement from stand still! with the wheels straight! my old clutch couldnt do that, when this thing grabs, it grabs! turns out my slave cylinder was leaking too. just thought i would...
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    15 x 10 Rims on a first Gen? Need advice.

    hey dre, what does the skyjacker 6 inch lift kit come with to lift the rear? and did you have to make any driveline modifications? i love the way your 94 sport looks. i love the 15x10s too. lol.
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    mickey mouse cut out fender flares

    i want to put 10 inch (width) rims with 31x12.50s on my ex with a 4 inch lift. i know that this tire and rim combo will stick out about 3 inches farther than stock, so i want some pretty agressive good coverage fender flares. bushwacker makes the cut out fender flares but not for an explorer...
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    Short Throw Shifter

    whelp... found the answer to my own question, and the other guys... the hurst short throw shifter will not work with any type of body lift. i decided to take a trip to the official hurst website (actually its on and looked at the applications. there was an asterisk next to all...
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    Short Throw Shifter

    what happened to the b/l conversation?? the body lift conversation kind of died down.. im planning on putting a 3 inch body lift in my 94 sport, and i definetly want to buy that hurst short throw shifter some time in the future also. would it work or not? what exactly does the shifter extension...
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    Whats your favorite street tire (not offroading)

    BFGoodrich Radial T/A's. Yeah, that's right, max rim size availible 16 inches baby. I like the sport truck look before people started putting 20+ inch rims on there trucks.
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    Will my stock 235/75-15s fit on 15x8 inch rims?

    Will my stock 235/75-15s fit on 15x8 inch rims? im eventually going to upgrade to slightly wider tires.
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    Wiring Trailer Lights Help---GRRR

    hmmm.... that's odd. well do you atleast have the three black relay wires? im looking at my repair manual right now, and this is what it says: TO TRAILER LH STOP TURN LAMP: YELLOW TO TRAILER TAIL LAMPS: TAN/WHITE TO TRAILER RH STOP/TURN LAMP: DARK GREEN TO TRAILER GROUND: BLACK the...
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    Wiring Trailer Lights Help---GRRR

    haha, dont worry about the beer
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    Wiring Trailer Lights Help---GRRR

    you can actually buy a connector from ford that fits into the trucks connector under the bumper that ties all the relays and ground together, you maybe also find it at RV shops. but if you decide to do it the hard way like i did and just hack the connector of because you thought it would be a...
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    Prefer manual or automatic trans for wheelin'?

    hmm... yeah i'd say it would. haha.
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    Prefer manual or automatic trans for wheelin'?

    wow! :eek: 4 T-5s? what the heck you got in your mustang?
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    Prefer manual or automatic trans for wheelin'?

    you just have to learn to drive :burnout: automatic transmissions can overheat, and if you smash your auto tranny, you're all done. even if you smash your manual tranny and lose all the gear oil, you can still crawl back in first gear. and plus, you cant run 4.0:1 atlas t-case with an...
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    Prefer manual or automatic trans for wheelin'?

    personally, i prefer manual everything. manual trans, manual locking hubs, and manual shift t-case. just more reliable and simple. :D
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    Prefer manual or automatic trans for wheelin'?

    prefer manual or automatic trans for wheelin'?
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    Akcrogers' 92 X - Lots of Pics

    mint truck man, i say you keep the 33s, i love the look of a big lift with some wide meats and the tops of the tires almost level with the rocker panels! im thinking about doing something similar with my 94 sport. i wanna get the superlift 5.5" lift and 31x12.50(or even13.50) on 15x10s. i think...
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    trail worthy 94 sport

    im interested in converting my 94 Sport to a solid front axle. what axle would anyone recommend? i was thinking maybe a dana 35 out of a jeep or a dana 44, i still want to attain the stock width. im not looking for a major lift just enough to fit 33s with some decent wheel well room, i want to...
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    ranger and explorer tranny... same?

    does an 88-00 ranger have the same manual transmission as the first gen explorer eqiupped with a manual transmission? the reason i am curious, is because B&M makes a shifter for an 88-00 ranger with either a 4 or 6 cylinder, and i want one for my 94 sport!
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    Comment by 'FordKawaHauler' in media 'Clean Machine'

    is that with no lift? and what is the width of those tires?
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    Solved Lifts and Max tire sizes

    Would 29x11.50 inch tires mounted on 15x8 inch rims fit on a stock 94 Ford Explorer Sport?
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    what about 29x11.5s?

    ok so you think that a 29x11.50 tire would fit fine with no rub on a 15x8 inch rim?
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    what about 29x11.5s?

    bad??? i think it would look mean, i would have an extra 3 inch of meat stickin out each side of my truck, and 10 inch deep dish rims, that thing would like P.I.M.P.! but anyways, you think it would work? has anyone had 10 inch rims on there explorer? i dont care what tire size, i just wanna...
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    what about 29x11.5s?

    yeah if you could send a pic of your truck, that would be great, (with the 30x10.50s)
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    what about 29x11.5s?

    ok so i read the tire fitment guide, and it said the max tire i can fit on a stock 94 explorer is 30x9.50, what about 29x11.50s? mickey thompson makes some, i think its the same as a 295-60-15 metric tire, oh yeah, i wanna mount it on a 10 inch rim too.. would that fit without fender trimming...
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    skyjacker 2 inch lift questions

    has anyone installed the skyjacker 2 inch lift on there 91-94 explorer? i was wondering if it screws with any front end alignment, also, who else makes a decent 2 inch lift for a the 91-94 explorer?
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    has anyone succesfully installed 295/50-15s on 15x10 inch rims on the front of a 91-94 explorer? i think it would look mean with 295/50s all around, im just not sure if they are too wide to clear the front wheel wells when you turn the wheel
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    front door speakers on a 94

    what size are the front door speakers on a 94 explorer?
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    I need a good place to mount an amp in my sport.

    hey thats a great idea to put it in the storage bin bay! you know what would look really cool thouhg? if you cut a peice of plexi-glass to fit over the opening... maybe mount a small fan inside there since there would be no air flow over the amp, i think that would like pretty mint though...
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    I need a good place to mount an amp in my sport.

    im thinking about buying a 4 channel alpine amp for my sport. i cant figure out out where to mount it.. im thinking my only options are underneath either the drivers or passenger side seats... im not sure how much i like that idea though.. if anyone else has a better idea i would love to hear it.
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    goin for the street look

    does anyone know from experience if a 295/50x15 tire mounted on a 15x10 would fit up front on a stock 94 explorer? or is that too wide?
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    dual voice coil subs

    I know this might be a dumb question but will the extra 20 watts rms power output hurt the sub?
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    questions on 15X10s

    "I run a 31x12.5 thornbird on 15x10 with a 3 inch lift. And the only trimming I did was about 1 inch oval on the front spoiler. And had no rubbing at all even at flex. So you should be fine with the set up you want. I like the wide stance too." What is the backspacing of your rims?
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    dual voice coil subs

    well the description of the sub says that it can handle 400 watts RMS. it is really no different than having 2 individual subs. so can you hook up 2 subs that can handle 200 watts each @ a 4 ohms, in parallel (which would present a 2 ohm load to the amp) to an amp that produces 400 watts RMS at...
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    dual voice coil subs

    i'm confused on how to properly wire dual voice coil subs... im looking at this DVC sub from Rockford Fosgate. it has 2 coils that can handle 200 watts rms @ 4 ohms each. obviously i could get a 2 channal amp the produces 200wx2 @ 4 ohms and wire each coil up to each channel... but im not sure...
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    questions on 15X10s

    i forgot to mention, i want to run 33x12.50 tires
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    questions on 15X10s

    i have a 94 sport and i really want to run 15X10s. i was considering getting the skyjacker 6 inch lift. i know that 8 inch rims would fit with no modifacations but i want a wide stance, and i want the 10s for the deep dish look. what modifications would i have to do to the truck to accomadate...
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    5.5" Superlift lift questions

    is there a 6 inch lift available for the 4x4 explorer from skyjacker? i saw one on but then i checked out the skyjacker website and apperently that wasnt the said it was only for the 2 wheel drive explorer... i know there is a 4 inch lift from them... any information on...
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    Comment by 'FordKawaHauler' in media 'New lift 2'

    that's a great lookin rig! i have the exact same model, same color and everything. i like the way your truck looks, did you consider buying the superlift 5.5" kit? and i if so, why did you go with the skyjacker 4"?
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    5.5" Superlift lift questions

    i was wondering exactly what will be involved installing the 5.5" lift from superlift on my explorer. will i have driveline problems? steering problems? will i be able to fit 33"s no problem? or will i have to trim? and what exactly does the 5.5" kit come with? any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    what size tires?

    im pretty sure this would work, but i thought i would ask before i had to find out the hard way... will 33 inch tires fit under a 94 sport with a 6 inch lift, without any modifications to the wheel wells? and will running 15x10 inch rims and 12.5-13.5 inch wide tires arouse any problems as far...