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    different generations

    Is there a link somewhere or can anyone explain the years involved in each "generation" of explorers? Also, are body parts, like fog lamps, running boards, etc., pretty much interchangable within the same generation?
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    99 AM/FM/Cass/CD

    MY new 99 has a am/fm/cass/cd system. Has anyone had problems playing burned cd's on one of these units? There might be something wrong with the unit itself, but just wanted to see if anyone else has had any problems, and what kind of problems...
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    XM On Board...sort of

    There is a setting on the Roady II that will adjust the output volume of the transmitter. You might have to change that to get more gain out of the transmitter itself. That's what I had to do in my wife's firebird...
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    OEM fog lights

    Is there a particular model or models in 94 that came with fog lights? I have sport 4x4 5spd and no fog lights. I'd like to pick some up at the salvage yard, but don't wanna be scouring all over looking for them. Also, where does the stock switch mount in the dash? The same side as the rear...
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    Lighted Shift Knob I received the above item as a christmas gift. It has 2 wires leading to a black box. One red, one white. The box says 12V. Would it be safe to assume that The white wire is ground and the red wire is hot, and...
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    Difference between premium and JBL audio?

    Conversion Plug for wiring I replaced my stock Ford premium sound HU today with a Kenwood MP-225. I thought there was going to be a problem with having to bypass the stock amp, etc...but I went to Walmart and found the mating connector I needed. It is a SCOSCHE FDK106. It has the power...
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    94 4WD Passed its first test

    some of it was....but I was also reading about rubber bushings going bad / deteriorating?
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    94 4WD Passed its first test

    I live in Southwest Tennessee, and we got like 3 inches of ice yesterday evening/last nite. I put the X in 4WD and motored right along. I understand that I still have to stop the vehicle, so yes, I was careful. It really is nice to pull off from a stop sign, red light, etc....and not worry...
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    Poping sound when stoping

    nice explanation, and nice pic!!!! is that your ride?
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    front end alignment

    I'm still getting used to my EX. I've noticed the front tires will lean in and out at the top, and the front left tire is shot (steel belts showing thru on outboard side of tire). I'm sure its in need of an alignment, and was wondering if there is an "average" cost of getting this done. I...
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    i have a 94 that's probably never seen any type of cleaner under the hood. I just bought the vehicle about 2 months ago. What do you guys recommend to get the majority of the "build-up" off the engine and engine compartment. Also, any precautions I might need to follow like leaving the engine...
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    Window tint

    I have a 94 4x4 X sport. The cargo area windows are tinted from the factory with a bronze/mirror tint. I'd like to go ahead and tint the rest of the windows (middle vents on back seats and doors). Is there somewhere I can get a tint that will match? I've seen others just put standard tint on...
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    Cassette Adapter on continuous loop

    you can also get one of the FM transmitters.... I got a cheap one @ best buy for about 20 bux....but they make more expensive ones as well... they broadcast on the lower end of the FM spectrum.
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    How should I get power for PIE adapter?

    from a Google search "Auxiliary input converters by PIE are designed to convert the CD changer port of the OEM radio (with CD changer controls) into an auxilary input. Devices such as XM radio, DVD, VCP, MP3 and game systems can be added tothe OEM radio without FM modulation.."
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    ok a question

    wishkah....i'll check on the shipping from my area and get back with ya.
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    ok a question

    nope....but I appreciate the reply. Any explorer above 94 will not fit. Its the single DIN radio that they put in the mustangs, explorers, t-birds.....
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    ok a question

    I see all you guys putting in new HUs... What are ya'll doing with the old radio's you're pulling out? I have a 94 explorer sport with premium sound am/fm/cassette, and the volume controls don't work. I'm on a limited income, and just had to drop $1500 into a new xfer case so that I...
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    Axle shaft thrashed/+stuck/+live entertainment

    and your point is? :) we would still like to see "more" of the mud wrestlin' babes
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    Car Alarm

    I have a 94 explorer sport 4x4, and was wanting to put an alarm on it before I start upgrading the audio, etc.. anyone have any recommendations for a good off the shelf alarm? and yes, money IS an object.... :)
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    Axle shaft thrashed/+stuck/+live entertainment

    looking @ the picture numbers....there are a few "missing numbers" from the sequence..... wonder what those could be?? :eek: :eek: :rolleyes: :eek: :eek:
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    Axle shaft thrashed/+stuck/+live entertainment

    really...if you're not gonna post em...i'd like to see them..
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    Gass guage is out of commision?? what could be wrong?

    Would fuel in the float cause it to not read all the way full? I can fill up, but it gets almost full but never there. It also tells me I'm empty about 4 1/2 to 5 gals too soon.... Thats good I guess, but would like it to read correctly. Thanks.
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    Fuel Mileage

    thanks for all the input guys...I'm new to the Explorer scene, trying to get the best out of my new ride.
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    Fuel Mileage

    I have a 1994 Explorer Sport 4x4 5 spd with the 4.0. If I'm easy on the clutch, I get about 16.5 MPG.... I've read peeps taglines talking about "swiss cheese" air boxes, would doing this mod improve fuel mileage? If so, anyone have plans / instructions on how to do it? What's the...
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    Anyone seen this body kit yet??

    That is too funny!!