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    4.10 or 4.56 with 33" tires?

    I'm going to order the superlift 5.5 for my truck maybe this week. I want to put 33 inches tires on it with the susp. I made some calculations and since I have 3.27 gears on my truck wit 28" tires the best ratio for 33" would be 4.10...I think... I do 90%(off-road on week-ends) of street and...
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    B&M Shift Improver Kit

    Never forget that the A4LD tranny is a very sensitive and weak tranny... Firmer shift---> Good on the clutches but bad on hard part... Smooth shift---> Better on the hard parts wich I said were weak in the A4LD...and rougher on the clutches.... But remember clutches are cheaper to...
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    Cat-Back for 2 doors...or dual straight pipes

    Hey for those two doors owner... I just had a reply from explorer express who said that they have 2 Dynomax cat back systems for the 2 doors 91-94 explorer in stock.... Just a tought... ------------------ Francis 92 Sport 4X4 88 Bronco II 4X4
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    Cat-Back for 2 doors...or dual straight pipes

    Thanx guys, I'm pretty decided about the dual pipes setup... I'm going to ask in a muffler shop what they think. I just saw a friend yesterday who own a metalshop and he said he has the machine to bend the pipes so I could do it myself...just bought a brand new welding machine this...
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    Cat-Back for 2 doors...or dual straight pipes

    Hi,,, I want to give my truck a better exhaust system and a nice sound!!! Since cat-back systems for the sport 2 doors seems to have disapeared: Borla-discontinuated...Dynomax-disc. etc... I wonder if anyone know about cat-back for a two doors... My other tought was to install headers and put...
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    Fender flares for my truck...

    Hey rockylaurence, What year explorer do you have and is it a 2-4 doors?... What kind of flares do you have...stock...aftermarker...? I suppose the tires rub on the swaybars... how is it bad? Thanx ------------------ Francis 92 Sport 4X4 88 Bronco II 4X4
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    O2 sensor

    You should buy the Haynes book for the Explorer 10$...It explains how to test the O2 sensor. It easy just need a digital multimeter... The Ford original part is about 99 Canadian $$.... So it a good idea to test it before... ------------------ Francis 92 Sport 4X4 88 Bronco II 4X4
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    Fender flares for my truck...

    Thanks for the reply, Ill check for the flare... As for the wheel I wanted to go for 8" so my decision is now made.. Thanx...
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    Fender flares for my truck...

    Thanks for the reply, Ill check for the flare... As for the wheel I wanted to go for 8" so my decision is now made.. Thanx... ------------------ Francis 92 Sport 4X4 88 Bronco II 4X4
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    Fender flares for my truck...

    Hi, I'm going to lift my truck soon 6" and put 33x12 tires the thing is that I don't know what size wheel I will need 15x10 or 15x8 to avoid rubbing. Here in montreal, its not a good idea to have tires that sticks out of the fender...the cops are hungry!!! I have an 92 2 doors explorer and...
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    Stange smell in the cab!

    Thank you, I'll check for leaks under my hood. Since yesterday the smell seems to have disapered. I have a more urgent problem... I need to find why my truck is taking sooooooo muuuch fuel... I'm testing everything... I will replace the o2s cause I just tested it and it wasn't good... The...
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    Stange smell in the cab!

    Since this morning when I turn the heater on...the air that comes out is having a weird if I was sniffing inside the hood.... What could this be...? I cant't tell if it's smelling coolant... Please Help, ------------------ Francis 92 Sport 4X4 88 Bronco II 4X4
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    Transmission Leak

    The problem could be a seal between the oil pump of the tranny and the torque converter. I hade this problem with my Bronco II(A4LD. The oil leaks when entering or exiting the torque converter(especially on hills where the torque conv. tend to empty itself in the tranny) and goes into the bell...
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    Ball joints

    Get some aftermarket ball joints.. About everyones have grease-fitting... I don't remenber the brand but get info at an autoparts... ------------------ Francis 92 Sport 4X4 88 Bronco II 4X4
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    Plugs and Brakes

    Hey Keach, Enough talk about plugs... Lets see for the brakes... I think that Performance products offers two kind of rotors:slotted and punched. I don't think the performance pads are a good buy since they wear quickly and cost big bucks...I don't you need themn unles you race your truck on...
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    help with code scanner

    Since you have a '93, it should be the same as in my 1992. When you face the hood, it should be on the left side, near the fender, beside the airbox. It a little black box attached to the fuses box. It reads ecc or eec on it. It's not a box but actually a cap where the plugs are... Hope...
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    Fuel mileage and Codes

    Oxygenated fuel??? Never eard of this before... We don't have this in Quebec(Montreal). Thanks tough! ------------------ Francis 92 Sport 4X4 88 Bronco II 4X4
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    91 explorer transfer case and push button control

    Let's see... To engage the 4Lo you must be in park or neutral or on the clutch with a manual tranny. If you are not in park or neutral and push the 4lo button the light will flash until you get into park/neutral. there is a change that your Neutral start switch is dead. This is the switch in...
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    Fuel mileage and Codes

    Since 2 weeks, I have been checking for a leak in my fuel system but nothing, no smell... IM going to take a shot at the O2S. I have cycling temp problems but I don't think it could bring my MPG down from 18-20 to 12... I keep trying.... ------------------ Francis 92 Sport 4X4 88 Bronco II 4X4
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    Rager and Explorer Bumpers??

    Ok, Let see this. 1983-1988 Bronco II, Rangers where the same setup. in 1989 ford changed the front fenders and bumber to a wrap around desing(bumber curving arond the fender...) 1989-90 ranger, BII, explorer: Same 91-92(I think) Ranger, Explorer:same. Hope this helps...!
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    Fuel mileage and Codes

    Now...I really don't know wath to do!! My truck is doing 12 MPG (highway or town). I have changed the fuel pressure regulator(99 CDN $$) and made a complete tune up.(Filters, plugs... everything.). I tough of the O2 sensor but haven't had no codes for it. Talking about codes, I had a code...
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    Strange Codes....

    Hey, Just looked at my truck's code yesterday and had a code 33 too. EGR problem. Couldn't figure out the problem but still searching... Dead Link Removed If I found anything I'll let you know. ------------------ Francis 92 Sport 4X4 88 Bronco II 4X4
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    Skyjacker 6" or Superlift 5.5"???

    I have a 1992 sport 2doors. I want to lift it high (6" seems the highest lift). I wonder wich one should I choose: Superlift or Skyjacker... Thanks! ------------------ Francis 92 Sport 4X4
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    Lockers For my Explorer

    Hi, Since A lot of you have already lockers installed in their truck. I would like to have help. I want to put lockers in my truck (Front and rear) but I really don't know wich type and brand. I tough of a auto-lok system like Powertrax performance lockers or lock-Right cause ARB are out of...