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    Question: Will 19" wheels from 2011 Mustang fit?

    I have read the offset is +50mm. Tire size is 245/45/19. Trying to mount on my 2002 Explorer Sport 2wd. Will this work without issues? Anyone have a similar setup? Maybe some pics? The seller says they will fit Ranger but trying to research prior to purchase. Thank you.
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    2002 Explorer Sport turning over but not starting

    It's a brand new Delphi:dunno: Can the inertia switches go bad? It wasn't ever tripped.
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    2002 Explorer Sport turning over but not starting

    Original owner SOHC V6 240k miles. Wife drove to work and came back a couple hours later to truck just turning over. Had it towed home. Pulled three wires off plugs and all 3 sparked. Checked fuses and relays. Jumped fuel pump relay. Changed fuel filter. Checked Inertia switch. Dropped...
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    What years of the 8.8 will fit my...

    2002 2wd Sport ? Thank you in advance!
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    Apten chip, 100k, check engine help

    wow 32 looks and no replies. I went back to 93 perf setting and it went off. :dunno:
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    Apten chip, 100k, check engine help

    Recently (like monday) my 02 sport SOHC V6 rolled over 100k. At the time I was a the pump filling up on gas and decided it was time to switch my Apten 3 postition toggle to 87 mode cause I can no longer justify the price of 93. Well the next day (tuesday) it threw a code. I haven't had it...
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    5 speed shift problems....please help

    Thanks for the reply. Any suggestions on the bleeding process? I have read the write-ups but it sounds confusing. I haven't bled one before.
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    5 speed shift problems....please help

    The pedal is really low. I did find out the master was dry. I filled it up and it seems better. I might have to bleed. Not sure what would make it lose fluid. I guess I need to look for leaks. After doing a serch about bleeding, it looks like I am in for a headache. 88k on the truck
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    5 speed shift problems....please help

    I have a 2002 Ex sport with a 5 speed manual tranny. After a long trip the truck started to not go in gear. With the clutch all the way down, it would hang and not go in. 1st gear being the worst along with reverse. The rest of the gears hang less as you go up. It's intermittent as...
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    Need help with lug nut replacement...

    Thanks, I didn't know they made a tool to do it. I bought a new stud and as I was pulling it in with a nut I over tightened and it broke again. It was probably machined like crap and I just couldn't get it to bottom out. I forced it and it broke. I should have stopped and ran with it, it was a...
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    Need help with lug nut replacement...

    The lovely local tire shop that mounted my rims and tires decided to cross-thread one of my lug nut studs and it broke off. What's the secret to replacing these? Remove e-brake drum parts or pull the axel shaft?
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    kbabiak: Great vendor

    Absolutely great experience with Karl! Will do business again!! Thank you Karl
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    XplorerKid's 2wd Beast

    Sounds like you gotta plan. I wanna go SOA/high steer on my CJ in the future but I won't til I find a front d44 or upgrade to a d44front/d60rear combo. I just installed 4" SUA and 1" heavy duty shackles on it. Runnin 35's for now. Always a work in progress. So you got rid of your CJ, eh?
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    XplorerKid's 2wd Beast

    I like the work you put into that but don't like the wheels. Very skinny looking and top heavy rig. Go with 15x10's. Also, that much truck should be 4 wheel drive. Nice truck.
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    Alternate transportation due to gas prices??

    I hate to do it, but my wallet loves it. 1989 Honda CRX that was my wifes car before she got her 98 sport. Its been sittin in the yard so I got it all tuned up put a new main fuel relay and off we go. 36mpg.
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    gas prices

    2.99 for 87
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    Tint removal question

    yeah, I started to peel some of it and it looked like the purple was coming off and leaving the clear glue film behind. Thanks for the suggestions. What I am working with is my wife's old 89 CRX that we have started drving cause of the gas situation. Both of our x's are sitting for now.
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    Tint removal question

    I know it has been discussed on here before about heating up tint and using soap/water to remove, but what about very old, bubbly, cracked tint? Any suggestions. The tint I'm trying to remove is just breaking apart. Is there a solution or something that will help?
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    Photos show off your LOWERED truck

    These additions are hawt!
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    Do You Think Chappelle Show Will Come Back?

    That would be cool.
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    some new pics.. (56k should be ok)

    Very nice ex O2. You did a nice job.
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    How much do you pay to fill up now?

    $35.00 for premium fill-up
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    FL sales tax amnesty

    :eek: :eek: Do you(or anyone here) have a suggestion for wattage? My house is a small 2 bed, 2 bath about 1k sq ft. I would like to run the A/C on occasion to cool it down and pump for the well and a couple of appliances.
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    FL sales tax amnesty

    This is good news on the taxes. I WILL have a generator this year.
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    Bought a new trail rig!

    Is this a joke? :D :nono:
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    new cd player

    Dude relax, it was meant to be funny. I just thought nugget = pot/buds and 420 = partaking in the greens. I am obviously wrong about the nickname. Sorry.
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    Boomin's getting a sex change

    This is a big mistake but hey its not my truck. Have fun!
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    Photos show off your LOWERED truck

    I have to join this thread There are some hot a$$ trucks here!
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    ton_e_montana's 2002 sport

    Many thanks! one more as I'm getting better with the digi cam
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    My '01 Sport - a work in progress...

    Truck is coming along nicely. Great job!
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    ton_e_montana's 2002 sport

    Thanks for the compliment! I've actually been elite for a while but slacked on an offical thread for my truck. I am also posting this to get my post count off of 666. :D
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    new cd player

    Well I think the answer lies in your username :D :smoke:
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    ton_e_montana's 2002 sport

    Finally got pics to work. I will add more as I change things. Here is one more:
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    Problems uploading

    I can't seem to get my pics to upload under the managing attachments place in my elite registry thread. I have done it before with no problem and now it says "please wait...uploading files" for a few minutes then times out page can not be displayed. It doesn't say the files are the wrong size...
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    Lowered the front..PICS.

    Looks nice. Take it to a reputable shop for alignment. Should be about $90 if you install camber kit yourself.
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    ton_e_montana's 2002 sport

    - Bought this truck new in '02 - 2002 Explorer Sport 2wd - SOHC 4.0 V6 w/5 spd manual tranny - Charcoal grey cloth interior Mods: - Ventshades - Clear corners - PIAA extreme white driving lights - Ford Motorsports seat covers - KKM Tru Rev intake - Apten chip 87 & 93 oct performance...
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    Zaino Z-8

    I'm just wondering why they are so against day-to-day use.