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    Straight pipes

    if you run it straight and stick i big enough tip on it (echo cans as we call them here ) you may be able to get a good deep sound:salute: :salute:
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    tire help needed

    :roll: trashed my toyota project this weekend and i have 15-32x11.50 kelly saffari tires that have only 500 trail miles on them :thumbsup: . my question is will they fit my 99 sport if i do a shackel and twist or should i just wait and do the body lift:thumbsup: :thumbdwn: :salute:
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    winch options

    i was not sure if it would be big enough and i got it for under 250 from the guy and im in the process of deciding if i want to permant mount it put it on my receiver hitch. i think i few snatch blocks could do but latley the amount of wheeling i have been doing is in a cornfield now and then to...
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    winch options

    i have a 6000lb winch i picked up at one of those tool sales that they have at the armory around here and was wondering if anybody thought it would be big enough to pluck my sport out of a hole or not.:roll:
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    Question about CV Joints n' Ball Joints

    :salute: mine is doing the same thing and it is my uperr and lower ball joints. you need to get a special tool to press the balls in and to take them out. and contray to what some of the others say spend the money for the moogs. in other words you get what you pay for as i found out for the 2nd...
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    confusion on pa 883

    is it the pa 833 body lift that works on my 99 sport or something else:salute:
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    where the ground be

    im tryin to put my system back in my sport and cant find a decent spot to ground my amp. i will be putting in 2 12 rockford p12s on an older 1500 amp also does anybody make a box that would hide these in the factory plastic:salute:
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    cb radio suggestions

    i went to wally mart and got their cobra 19 ultra 3 cb and it fits in my arm rest with almost little modifcation . wouldnt be a bad ida to get a good antenna for max range. if you want a pic let me know:salute:
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    heater blows hotter

    anyone ever used this stuff called heater blows hotter (seriously thats the name) you are supose to dump this stuff in with your antifrezze to make your heater and defrost heat up faster . so ya or na:salute:
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    4wd front lift with noise problem

    :salute: does it sound like a chain dragging behind you .if thats the sound it may be your ball joints cause mine does the same thing at this time
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    lift for my crusier

    :salute: wanting to know if sombody out there can tell me how to lift my sport with out breaking the bank.